Nourish All Your Bodies

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 How many bodies do we have? 2 Nourish the mind or nourish the soul? 3 What does the ego use to enslave you? 4 How does the nutrition of each body influence? 5 Balance is the key 6 Act nutritiously from the right balance 7 Balance between physical, mental and spiritual nutrition 8 Find the balance point of each moment

With Consciousness, Balance and Tolerance

How many bodies do we have?

In a simple way we can determine that we are governed by three main bodies: the spiritual, which is the basis of being where the soul resides; the mental, which governs and directs thought and drives action in matter; and the physicist, who receives, emits and expresses what comes from the mind.

The balance between the three bodies will provide the best possible state of well-being in the process of material experimentation. The best nutritional process is based on listening to the spiritual body, acting with the mental body and executing with the physical body. When the spiritual body is disconnected and only all action is initiated from the mental body, the process is incomplete and the experimental result will also be when an imbalance occurs.

Repeatedly breaching dietary guidelines designed to nourish the physical body will lead to it suffering its consequences. The mental body governs the physical body and as a consequence the mental actions will be embodied in the physical and this will also have to carry these consequences. The physical body is nourished directly from food and through the mind of thoughts, both affect or benefit you, depending on whether you only feed it to silence your sensations or nourish it properly. In the same way, disconnection with the spiritual body will affect the mental and the physical. Therefore, the conditions or diseases that are embodied in the physical body can come from one or all three bodies independently.

If the mind is allowed to act by its own decision, governed by the ego, these actions will be consolidated in a habit and this will be established solidly in the deepest part of the mind, which will mean that it will be very easy for you to act from that unbalanced aspect and much more difficult to act from the nutritiously healthy. Both healthy and unhealthy habits are deeply rooted in the mind, and to change it you must practice the opposite, activating it with willpower for a period of up to seven years to establish the opposite habit and for the mind to act completely in that new line .

This mental force that permeates an acquired habit is what will set the tone for executing the actions you carry out. Hence, for each specific moment you need a balance of that order and from it, you can change consciousness with the spiritual body to undo that habit and implement another with which your conscience It feels better. But, without accepting that at every moment you are in, you require a concrete balance and you are in an imbalance, radicalizing yourself at one end or another, it will be much harder for you to start the awareness process that will provide you with any beginning of change.

Being in the balance that corresponds to each moment will make it easier for you to become aware to initiate any changes you need, and to be tolerant with that moment you live will allow you to place yourself in that balance at the same time.

Nourish the mind or nourish the soul?

Every word emitted by the mouth comes either from a mental thought or from the deep connection with your real being. It will depend on it if you simply feed the mind or really nourish it, and with that action one or the other reaction will occur.

To feed the mind, it is enough to let the immense sea of ​​thoughts that the rector who intends to direct your experimentation in matter, the ego, flow. The finite and perishable ego wants to take you on the path of purely material experimentation, without any connection to your true being, the soul. Humility governs the creation from the source that creates and sustains everything, and this humility is impregnated as a consequence in the soul that dwells in each physical body, so the soul will never be imposed on the limited ego unless by the granting of the free will you decide so be it. As the expression of the soul flows, a moment of inflection is created, which, together with the powerful willpower, can change the basic mental nourishment for the gratifying mental nutrition.

The soul communicates in the physical through intuition that is exempt from complicated mental processes. The true intuitive actions that you carry out, always and without exception will lead you along the path or solution most appropriate to each moment of your material experimentation. It may be that at that moment your understanding lacks the necessary understanding regarding that intuitive action that you carry out, but be sure that what comes from that source will always be the most appropriate for you and for that moment, and the moment will come day you suddenly understand why you executed that intuitive action in that way or way.

If you feed the mind simply by the mental process directed by the ego, sooner or later it will guide you along the path of suffering or, at best, by some apparent happiness, coming from the emotional states and senses that your mind will use. ego to sustain it, but when that state that is truly perishable ends, it will culminate in sorrow or pain, since these states, being illusory, always have a beginning and an end.

True intuition comes from the deepest and is obtained and increased only through spiritual work that transcends beyond the body and mind. The ego tries to imitate it to confuse with emotional reactions, against the feeling that is the result of true intuition. The practice of meditation, being always attentive and living the present will develop it.

What does the ego use to enslave you?

The great attraction that matter produces, leads us to think that the only body and existence there is is the physical one, you only recognize what you can touch, taste, see, smell and hear. But these five senses are limited and used to feel the sensations and pleasure of the physical body transmitted by the mental body. But beyond the subtle-spiritual body are the feelings, these are the physical expression of the satisfaction of listening and acting according to your guide.

The ego uses the power of the senses to dominate the physical body and uses emotions to create the mental states that enslave it, by creating solid habits with them. All this in order to placate the sweet voice of the humble soul that dwells in the subtle body and tries to express itself through intuition.

The tool of expression of the soul is intuition and its expression in the physical is produced through feeling. The feeling prints a balanced but very deep feeling of satisfaction after performing that intuitive action. It is a state of calm peace consistent with having done the best and most suitable for that moment and occasion.

Any alteration, whether euphoric, excessive, nervous ... creates a state of certain perishable happiness, because it comes from the emotional sensation that the ego uses to give a false sense of well-being and thus attract your attention so that you continue to feed it. On the other hand, when you nourish and nourish the soul, nothing demands or conditions, it simply expresses the true reality, the pure, inexhaustible, renewable and infinite state of joy that we really are.

“Knowing how to use the ego, with its emotions and senses, implies true freedom. It is you who directs the helm of the ship with which you navigate on the material plane. ”

How does the nutrition of each body influence?

The physical body is the last expression of matter, so it is the well that receives the consequences that the mental-emotional body or the subtle-spiritual express in each moment. The healing consequences of proper mental or unhealthy nutrition will be reflected in the physical body if you let the mind feed your body like this.

The mental body governs and expresses itself in the physical body, so thoughts will affect you by transmitting that specific information to all your cells and emotional states will affect you at the chemical level that is the channel you use to be physically felt.

The physical body receives the consequences of the mental, but the physical itself can generate unhealthy consequences that will affect you and generate ailments or diseases, if it is nourished with incorrect or inadequate physical foods to its design. A physical body the more altered, overloaded or intoxicated it is, the more it will condition the mental body, preventing it from reasoning or placing itself at the point of equilibrium or undertaking changes of consciousness to reach it, forming an endless wheel that will feed back from the ego. .

The subtle-spiritual body is excluded from these conditions that are purely physical, but that enormous density causes it to be wrapped in layers and cut or hinder the communication that would produce the harmonious nutrition between the three bodies, without being able to express the true needs .

“Through a first physical and then mental detoxification, the correct communication between the three bodies will be reestablished, being able to fully enjoy an experimentation in the matter in balance and harmony free of regret and full of well-being. Live life fully. ”

Balance is the key

In the right position, the result of the average of two opposite poles, where the balance is found. When all the participants in a harmonic ensemble interacted with each other, each in its proper measure, there is the balance. Finding the balance of each moment is the key to achieving a harmonious and healthy set.

Matter is duality, each concrete aspect has its opposite. It is the form that the Universe has determined to be able to experience in the cosmic game of matter. When you stand independently at one of its poles, you live and suffer intensely the consequences of that extreme. When you are already saturated with the consequences of one of the extremes, the dual effect transports you to its opposite pole, so that you experience the opposite. Normally the first tendency is to place oneself in the part that produces suffering and then in which it produces, supposedly, satisfaction.

Is that satisfaction the one that will really nourish you?

We know very well that sorrow, anguish, fear, suffering are the most unwanted states for the human being, even if he repeatedly falls into it. But furthermore, we mistakenly believe that happiness, euphoria, pleasure, which are certainly your opposites, will provide us with full satisfaction and fulfillment. Well, the latter are simply the opposites of the former and therefore they are also out of balance, simply because they have an expiration date, their duration or support is limited and when they are finished they return to the opposite state, and so I start over in an endless wheel full of ups and downs. This is so because they are simply mental states sustained by something perishable that is the mind and the physical.

Finally, after several trips you desperately look for the point of equilibrium that will allow you to continue climbing towards your full realization. It is the states that come from deep feeling, which will provide stability and this in turn will provide inner peace in oneself, which is the starting point for well-being and a joyful existence to emerge. That is where we will find the maximum balance.

Is the ego bad?

On the contrary, thanks to him we can interact with the physical in matter, otherwise we would remain in a physical and mental body inert and insensitive to matter.

What is the problem?

It is simply to let the ego act as if it were something real, as if it were our essence, acting without taking into account that the really imperishable is the essence of the subtle soul, the duration of the ego will be limited to what the body lasts physical and mental. It is like a tool that allows interaction between the real being (the soul) and the matter (the unreal). The attraction of matter or the so-called maya leads to erroneously identify with the ego and the physical body.

What to do?

Simply give it the fair and balanced treatment it requires, neither more nor less. Giving the helm of your experience on earth to the ego will inevitably lead you to suffering, and wanting to cancel all your activity will degrade you from the path of experimentation.

"Directing the ego from intuition and feeling that comes from deep inside, will keep you balanced and allow you to balance anything or state you experience."


Your state of consciousness at every moment of your passage on earth is the one that will mark your fair balance point and this point will prevent the anxious ego from exclusively starring material experimentation, you will simply allow it to do so in its just measure.

If your spiritual evolution of return to the source from which you come, is in its final phase of experimentation, the ego will be practically situated in its total disconnection and your balance point will be found more in the subtle body than in the physical one. Otherwise if you still have material experimentation, the balance will be closer to allowing the ego to act and you will have to be more attentive to decide who governs your life on earth.

"Live the experiences on earth from the awareness of who you really are and use what is unreal and temporary in its rightful measure and especially under your absolute and real direction."

Act nutritiously from the right balance

Currently many food currents extend and within them you can place yourself at one of its extremes or look for that balance point that each one contains. Every diet has its own particular truth and within it there will be more accurate parts and others less. To get the most nutritional benefit from the line you choose, you will have to find the balance point that its polarities contain. Placing yourself in it, it will facilitate the possibility of taking another step and accessing other major truths that will allow you to make the leap to seek greater equilibrium.

What is the best balance point?

Actually there will always be a superior one until reaching the nutritional reality of the physical body that the creation has designed to interact healthily with the rest of the bodies. If parts of the food line standardized by minds, you can continue to discover new aspects that will allow you to continue evolving if you wish, but if you place yourself at one end of that current or any other, it will be difficult for you to keep going. The important thing is to take the balance of the current in which you are in that moment and your conscience allows you, than in the current itself. The change of consciousness is what allows you to continue solidly and safely towards maximum balance. The key is to enjoy each stage, step by step, without haste, but without pause, be tolerant of yourself and respectful of others, without extreme radicalism and therefore unbalanced.

What maximum balance can you aspire to?

It is obvious and it has been shown that the design of the human being in terms of his digestive system is that of a fruit grower. This is a fact corroborated by paleontology, anthropology and especially by comparative anatomy with the nearest kingdom, the animal. The human being has the same digestive system as that of a frugivorous animal and in no way resembles that of carnivorous, herbivorous, granivorous animals ..., even today, despite the great nutritional changes it has made. The ancient writings of the oldest cultures or those of the most widespread religions, all speak in their own way of this fact. Foods designed to nourish the human being are fruits, fruits and seeds that can be digested by taking them raw, that is: they are those that are nourished by the earth, watered by pure water, expanded by air and cooked by the Sun. With this type of food, the balance of everything created to interact in the matter is fully respected, that is, to the rest of the brother kingdoms, the animal, the vegetable and the mineral.

Each kingdom has and provides a concrete service designed by Creation to maintain a natural balance on earth. Trees and plants offer their fruits to feed the physical body with energy and nutrients in a simple and non-residual format, its pure and physiological water recharges internal fluids and its energy nourishes the mental state and opens the subtle channel to the soul . When you take a ripened fruit or fruit on a tree or plant, it is already disconnected from the fluid that created and sustained it. When you take its pulp, you release the seeds that it carries inside and it is turned into the earth will continue its germination path if it is its purpose, so that it engenders its offspring and can follow the productive cycle. This is the purest state, the so-called paradise and its fruits.

As man has been incorporating other ways of feeding himself, belonging to the nutrition of the animal kingdom as whole plants and even to the animals themselves, he has densified his nutrition and that density accumulated by time in his bodies, has contributed to the disconnection between them, clouding awareness and emerging all kinds of diseases, until reaching the current high with the development and incorporation of toxic and poisons in what is considered as a food. The balance and harmony between the three bodies is broken and as a consequence all communication between them. Diseases are increasing both in quantity and variety and intensity and to alleviate them we bombard the physical body with powerful bombs that inevitably damage it, instead of acting with the simple logic that opens the way for the solution:

"If something happens to you and you are dissatisfied with it, something you will have to stop doing and change, to stop feeding the original cause that has produced it, and everything will return to its original place."

The consequences of constantly breaking the balance are clear and go beyond the affections to the bodies. If we observe throughout the times what has been happening with the human being and its surroundings, we see the exaggerated levels of destruction of the nature that is to enjoy, accompany, nourish and balance the human being.

In order to justify the actions undertaken, there are even inconsistencies such as the fact that certain animals can be eaten and others are considered company and inedible. But even goes further, in turn these animals considered companion in other areas are considered as food, an absolute incoherence, which is justified by the great capacity that human beings have developed to justify the unjustifiable.

"To achieve maximum balance, we will have to go back step by step to the food originally designed to nourish the human being with everything he needs."

How to return to this original nutrition?

Man has moved away from his natural habitat and with it from his original diet. The massification and high human concentration has meant that from the intellect ingenious solutions have been designed, but little wise, that is to say they have been lucubrated, elaborated, researched and built from the pure physical intellect and This only resides in the limited mind. On the other hand, when illustrious characters have executed their investigations from the wisdom that comes from the deep interior connected to the Creator source through intuition, the results have been very different from those merely intellectual and have emerged respectful and balanced solutions .

For years and lives the laws designed for the healthy material functioning on earth and that of their beings who experience it have been transgressed, thereby trying to return to the original equilibrium at once, it will certainly be complex, but, if each being takes the personal step with his example and seeks within that altered ocean, the balance of his moment, the way back will be traced without hesitation, and nothing and nobody can stop it, it will simply require a sufficient amount of beings to undertake it and the time necessary to reverse it. The processes that have been changed in hundreds or thousands of years, will need the natural time of their corresponding time.

At the digestive level the human body is the same as when it was designed, without having undergone any evolution, simply what it has done is adapt to the nutritional circumstances that have been changed and that internal homeostasis is He has been in charge of trying to balance, but without being able to avoid the consequences of an unbalanced and dense nutrition, unnatural to the human being. Hence, a specific process is required to retrofit the organism towards its origin. It takes time to reverse what has been altered for many years and even lives. Going step by step in a balanced way will allow you to recover as much as possible any dysfunction or condition. From there, the rebalancing itself and homeostasis will begin to work towards the healthiest state and diseases begin to dissolve, and only the karmic tolls generated can be present, these must be Treat them with spiritual nutrition.

If you eat food that is dead or comes from death and suffering, it will mortify you and if you eat live, fresh and natural food, it will give you life.

The most important thing to follow the equilibrium guidelines of each moment and situation, is that that right path will fill you with satisfaction and when this is increasing, time does not matter that is required to carry out any action.

Is it necessary to eat only fruits, fruits and seeds?

These are the foods that will nourish the human-chemical design healthily, without leaving toxic residues or morbidity. But keep in mind that the feeding changes that have been carried out for years and even lives have permeated the body with a certain adaptation, basically chemical-bacteriol Gica, which must also be redirected to its original design, and for that it will require a certain time and manner. Perform it respecting each balance, step by step and progressively, using transitional foods and natural supplements that will help speed up the process, in time, quantity and variety of foods, to naturally reduce everything Dense or inappropriate, it will be the healthiest.

Another aspect to consider in the return to the original foods, is that the human being, apart from having left the place where the fruits abound, has altered the cycles and productive varieties that Nature designed to obtain a perfect Nutrition Therefore, placing yourself in an extreme position without assessing or making an adequate transition, will cause imbalance and this will lead to deficiencies, unless you have the necessary awareness that allows you to activate mental power with your powerful will.

"In the wise balance of every moment you are in, there is the key to your response and that balance will vary as you progress with your conscience."

Will the original nutrition ward off all disease in your bodies?

The first Universal law and common to everything you do, say and think, is the law of karma, you receive for what you do, your actions of all kinds and conditions revert sooner or later at the same mere intensity, both for good as to weight. The experimentation with the physical and mental bodies in the matter are those physically affected by this law and according to their intensity they generate diseases or sufferings to counteract that karmic toll and that oneself has generated.

The healthier and closer to the original the food, you will exponentially reduce the occurrence of internal dysfunctions that lead to physical illness or disease. From that moment you will only have the karmic toll that each one carries with them and that you have created, and you can only dilute it with the right actions, mitigate it through the process of identification and recognition, or even cancel it with an intense work spiritual.

"The simple mental-physical work will free you from most of your ills. If you complete it with your personal spiritual work, you will be free from all conditions."

Balance between physical, mental and spiritual nutrition

If you stop feeding on animals and their derivatives and even on the products that derive from them such as milk, eggs, honey ..., you will be contributing to avoid the suffering caused by the imbalances that Nature created for the animal kingdom. If you stop feeding yourself with processed, elaborated, additive ..., you will be contributing to avoid the imbalance of the mineral kingdom. If you also stop feeding on plants, you will respect the vegetable kingdom and if you take the fruits that it generously offers you, or a part of them to feed you, you will respect yourself and the kingdom to which you belong: the human. This is the maximum balance that the human being can achieve in the matter at the physical level and all this will benefit you nutritionally preventing great evils.

Unless you have a strong will and your full conviction has suddenly changed your consciousness, you will have to start from the beginning, step by step; and during the approach process, which will last what is required, look for the balance of each stage, without radicalization or extremism, since, otherwise, your process will be mentally clouded and it will be difficult for you to climb one more step. It always begins with a change of consciousness that allows you to find the balance that touches and all harmonized by tolerance.

Observing how you behave and where you stand when nourishing your physical body, will give you the clue of your balance in terms of mental reasoning. If you feed mostly on the vegetable substitutes of bacon, sobrasada, sausages, hamburgers, sausages, the texture of meat, fish ..., it is because that flavor, that memory, that information is latent . Finding the equilibrium point of that moment between these substitutes and the simplest and healthiest foods, will prevent you from being at one extreme and from that balance you can continue moving towards a nutrition more in line with the human being, looking at each step that you climb the new balance of that moment, so you will follow in a solid way the path to full health.

It is part of the way to use transition foods to move towards healthy nutrition, the original human food. Depending on your moment of consciousness and with it your physical-mental rehabilitation, it will be your point of balance. Each balance point will allow you to avoid staying in an eternal transition and continue step by step. The imbalance leads to radicalization and this involves criticizing that they eat for example derived from animals with good treatment and instead feed by substitutes that remember their flavors and textures.

As you readjust your physical and mental part, your awareness, balance and tolerance will reach a point where feeding yourself with vegetables will give you the feeling that you eat directly to the creators who provide you with your original food, the fruits that these produce and offer you .

It is fully demonstrated that the vegetable kingdom when it is cut, torn, crushed, boiled ... feels and suffers, although in a different way from that of the animal kingdom and that of the human kingdom. This is because in each kingdom there is an individual life inside, it only changes that its state of experimentation and evolution follow different processes. Hence the more awareness the more respect and feeling that will be projected towards the other kingdoms. It is a scale of values, where you are, it will be fine, just let yourself go through the right process from balance and tolerance, and that is when the other kingdoms and Creation are delivered and delivered without creating any regret or affection, so you can nourish yourself in that moment of your experimentation and so you can continue advancing your evolutionary path, this is the gift that Creation offers you when you wake up.

Therefore, the radicalization, the lack of tolerance, the lack of understanding of the moment of consciousness that each one lives and, above all, the lack of respect, will mean that your mental nutrition is deficient and this will have an impact on that state and its effects will be reflected. in your physical body The act of accepting that each one is at his point of balance that corresponds to his state of consciousness, is the best nutrition for your mental and spiritual body. Focus on how your point is at this time and consider moving forward, without questioning the situation that others are living or showing by their example and that you also value without prior knowledge of the experimentation and karma that this or those beings live. Esta será la mejor forma de nutrir tu mente, con los más puros alimentos que te corresponden y esta nutrición también lo será para el alma que reside en tu cuerpo espiritual, esperando a ser alimentada con la tolerancia, la comprensión y la aceptación. La mejor técnica para nutrir a tu alma que reside en el cuerpo espiritual es la profunda y diaria meditación, la mejor forma de progresar con tu conciencia.

“Actuar desde la sabia intuición que procede de lo más profundo del alma, nutrirá tu pleno estado de bienestar, y sabrás que as actuado así porque te sentirás lleno de un estado neutro de paz creciente y constante. Será el primer paso para sentir el principio del gozo, la esencia que eres.”

Encuentra el punto de equilibrio de cada momento

El estado de conciencia en que te encuentres en ese preciso momento, es el que te proporcionará el punto de equilibrio, y será, ni peor ni mejor, simplemente distinto. Buscar el punto de equilibrio de algo que todavía está sin comprender o siquiera entender, comportará desequilibrio para ese momento específico de conciencia. Conforme esta cambie, ese punto de equilibrio cambiará y se situará en su justa y precisa medida.

Por todo ello la tolerancia en todos sus aspectos, juega un transcendental papel. Pretender por ejemplo que otros acepten el punto de equilibrio que proporciona el haber tomado plena conciencia de que matar o hacer sufrir a los animales por diversi no por placer, ser misi n imposible salvo que se inicie el proceso de cambio hacia esa conciencia.

A cada uno de los estadios alimenticios en el que est s situado, le acompa a un estado de conciencia distinto y dentro de esos estadios tambi n se encuentra un equilibrio espec fico. Los estadios alimenticios pueden ir desde aceptar el matar a los animales simplemente por motivos de alimentaci n, el de disfrutar caz ndolos, el que distingue entre animales para alimentarse y animales de compa a, el que dejas de alimentarte con animales, o de sus derivados, o de sus sustitutos, el que utiliza alimentos de transici n, el que usa vegetales enteros, hasta el que induce a alimentarse de frutas, frutos y semillas.

Cuanto m s alto llegues en la escala de valor, por tanto, de conciencia, m s tolerancia se expresar hacia el resto de seres que su punto esta con otro valor y que a su momento adecuado tambi n cambiar .

Tolerancia y comprensi n con cada momento de experimentaci n de cada ser y respeto por la posici n de equilibrio en que cada uno se hall situado. La cr tica, el recriminar y el menospreciar, s lo llevar n hacia la radicalizaci n, en cambio la pr ctica con el ejemplo propio sin cuestionar el de los dem s, les sembrar una semilla muy f rtil y ello llevar hacia grandes cambios en la sociedad, solamente se precisa de paciencia para que esa semilla germine y lo har cuando se den las condiciones de conciencia adecuada. Cuando se produce ese despertar hacia otra comprensi n sobre la nutrici n, estar presente toda la ayuda para que la germinaci n de la semilla llegue a buen puerto.

La clave de todo cambio est en la toma de conciencia, que te permitir buscar el equilibrio que precisa en ese momento desde la tolerancia.

Disfruta intensamente la vida material, desde la conciencia nutricional de tus cuerpos.

Autor: Josep Mar a Montserrat Nutricionista Celular

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