Orthomolecular Nutrition, by Rafa Rom n

  • 2014

Have you noticed, that on some occasions in your life, there has been a moment of euphoria, joy and sensation in which you could do anything? Have you ever felt that feeling of being overflowing with health, and having a life full and full of vigor? That is the moment, that is the sensation that we should always feel and that sensation can be lengthened in time. That is the natural state of the human being! In that "zone", in that state, is when all our internal chemical reactions have been functioning at 100%. And this can happen again if you want! Orthomolecular therapy or orthomolecular medicine is a specific form of nutrition whose main objective is to balance the biochemistry of the body through individualized nutrition with specific natural nutrients. Say, that is the tuning of an organism "oxidized" through specific food for the individual who requests it.

In orthomolecular therapy and nutrition there is no equal food for everyone, but a specificity adapted to each person, according to their special situation and circumstance. And is that each of us, we are born with a certain internal biochemistry, with some genetic predispositions that can give their development or not, depending on whether we want to go in one direction (health) or another (disease). Orthomolecular nutrition and therapy comes from doctors like Abran Hoffer, A. Passwater, Michael Murray, Joseph E. Pizzorno, Linus Pauling, Catherine Kousmine, J. Fradrin, Jean Seignalet, or one of my professors, Claude Lagarde, among others. Doctors who believe that diet is the cause of many functional disorders of our body. Thus, certain foods can function as true drugs to our body; alcohol, sugar and foreign elements such as heavy metals, which can alter human health and behavior, reacting negatively in our nervous system.

Abran Hoffer himself wrote in his works that diseases diagnosed as mental (depression, stress syndrome, schizophrenia, etc.), as well as the diseases of our civilization (syndrome Premenstrual, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.) have a real relationship with environmental pollutants or exposure to daily toxic substances. On the other hand, orthomolecular therapy focuses a lot on the way in which we administer nutrients and the way they are absorbed by our body at the cellular level, according to Hoffer, nutritional deficiency is a key factor in the health, almost all biochemical imbalances have a close relationship with mental behaviors , nutrients as important as zinc, magnesium, B1, B3, B6 or vitamin C, are determinants in emotional and mental health and by hence in general health. The search for optimal health must be a continuous and lifelong challenge, so an orthomolecular therapy should not remain in the first phase, but must be restored according to In the challenges and special situations in our lives.

Special situations, in which we need an optimal supply of nutrients:
-The stress.
-The emotional tension.
-Environmental and body pollutants.
-The electromagnetic frequency.
-The water chlorination with chemical additives,
-The own sweeteners, acidifiers, thickeners or flavor accelerators that are in our daily foods.
-Body acidification due to lack of oxygen.
-Hperperotic and loaded diets of hydrogenated inflammatory fats.

Source: http://sanoyecologico.es/nutricion-ortomolecular/#more-2726

Orthomolecular Nutrition, by Rafa Rom n

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