New Earth; the bases.

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 We choose the words according to the conscience in which we are. 2 Choosing what comes to us instead of following an established order gives us other paths. 3 A rule does not resemble a basis either by concept or by vibration. 4 I choose to live with coherence between thought, energy and emotion.

.After paying attention to the use of words and learn to distinguish the consciences according to those we choose and the use we make of them, we can always voluntarily move on to the next concept, the bases.

We choose the words according to the consciousness in which we are.

There is no specific or specific order, nor are they fixed and established norms and rules, they simply come and flow as we move towards ourselves along the paths of consciences. It is its own path, internal and external at the same time. Therefore we cannot imagine that it is governed by anything or anyone without our own permission.

We do not give up the ability to create in our path. Not because of ego or excess knowledge, but because of the concept of feeling the opportunity to live every tiny movement. Every half step forward and every breath. Every doubt, every tour, every turn, every change of direction, every repetition, every thing not learned, every everything, are wonderful opportunities to be and feel . Because once learned, our integrity will become part and we will not relive them as such.

As each one chooses as circumstances flow. Everything we are going to share will be in order of appearance and therefore the most beautiful way to take this information. The same is according to your own instinct to go to a writing as you want, instinctively and intuitively.

Choosing what comes to us instead of following an established order gives us other paths.

We can start by differences the rules. So famous for its appearance in the creations to which we are accustomed in old land. Sometimes, if there is no rule, we believe we tend to get lost or seek to establish it to feel safe. These parameters that we establish as a rule, norm, law or similar words, are to set comfort limits. We adapt to them and we do not consider surpassing them. The same meaning of this type of words already establishes its contradiction in itself. I apply a law to beings so that I set a limit to dwarf those who want to create and curb those who want to grow.

A rule does not resemble a basis either by concept or by vibration.

The concept of rules and laws as we know them does not enter the new land. To look for a word that we can understand by we can use; "bases". These bases are established as general concepts, they come out of the relationship between mind, emotion and energy. They are solid bases and that nobody establishes for anyone that is not for himself. The understanding of these bases is the learning itself, so nothing and nobody is going to tell another what to do or what to do. When one feels one way, one behaves according to that feeling. That walk is reflected in how we put our feet . They are the bases that that person has decided for himself and is consistent in his decision.

I choose to live with the coherence between thought, energy and emotion.

Whoever wants will observe and whoever will already learn from the movement he sees in others. They are free concepts from where each one is placed in a vibrational state or another. There is NO need to use imperatives or ORDER anyone what they have to do or how they have to do it. There are no disastrous or disastrous consequences for someone to feel guilty. Nor are there external judgments or haste in time to grow. When you feel, you move, when you move, you internalize, when you internalize you integrate. And then, when you integrate, it becomes a part of you and your way of doing. A base becomes part of oneself and moves according to the concepts of that base by understanding about it, not by imposing anything or anyone.

In this same text, between the lines we have some examples of these bases . Both in the conscious use of words. In that of not using imperative phrases. In freedom and non-judgment of things. And learning without punishment.

AUTHOR: David Trias, collaborator of the great family of the

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