Knots, votes and energy oaths - by Diego Cornejo

What are energy knots, vows and oaths and how do I leave them behind?

They are meanings, interpretations and beliefs that we have manufactured, accepted as truth and in which we have believed blindly for a long time. None of them is true on this plane. All come from the experience of limitation, in response to the existential void and the need it evokes from it. All are tied together and entangled to the point where it becomes difficult to see where one begins and another ends, which starts the others and which results as an effect of the former. They seem to be one and invisible to the mind that does not want to free themselves from them.

Energy nodes are present in all areas of human experience. They are the reason that you do not understand why you find it so difficult or dodge the natural abundance that belongs to you. It is the cause of jealousy, envy or insecurity in the separation relationships that you maintain and from which you try to achieve happiness uselessly. It is what causes discomfort, pain and illness in your body that only responds to the information that these knots send. It is the cause of the confusion, depression and hopelessness caused by your identification with the falsehood of what you think you are when you confuse yourself with your human name.

Imagine yourself and try to feel and remember the hunger you had when you experienced being a primitive man. There began the knots that cause the shortage. You decided on a meaning: I don't have enough, and you shared and you specialized in that belief for hundreds of lives. In that same life, in the hunt for your food, maybe you were hurt or maybe they killed your body at that time. What did you decide? What did you swear? I will protect myself better. He will never let me win. The world is hostile. The others do the same to you and can kill you.

Much later in the era of romanticism you played a lady who believed that human love and honor were heaven (where did that knot originate?). You sought to relate to the disguise of your beloved who most likely, given the strong duality of energy that made completeness impossible at that time, lied to you, betrayed you, and even killed you. . What other beliefs or oaths would this prince have invented? What other thousands of energy activations have you done in the countless atrocities in the history of this game.

Hence the distrust, the defenses and the hard control that you have programmed now for each situation and that perhaps even go unnoticed because they seem so normal since they all have them and because as is life . One belief ties the other, it is enriched, it becomes more real still, to the point of structuring a whole way of life in which the objectives of felicity est n clear: survive and look happy. In this energetic abyss you forgot that everything is sublime perfection, invulnerable harmony and eternal well-being; that you are unlimited and full and that the same are all other parts of the divinity that we share; that you don't have to do anything to return to balance and carefreeness.

Intuition and perception, hunches and everything that informs the mind you have now are no longer pure. They are seeking the goals of the world, of the identity that you think you are being and instead of reminding you who you really are, it only knots the sad energy of the game you no longer want to play. You again experience desolation, frustration, impossibility and then condemn the energy knot with an oath: "never again this, from now on this other". It is your apparent punishment, revenge yourself. You decide that resentment is now your food and try not to be wrong. From there on, everything will prove you right.

How do I leave these knots, vows and oaths behind?

Becoming aware. Not that you have done something wrong, that you are guilty of it, or that your thoughts have a consequence that you cannot get rid of. None of this applies now that the essence is entering this plane and could only be a waste of time. You free yourself by becoming aware of the unreality of your meanings. Opening space for Reality. Remembering what life really is like. Realizing that death comes from your unquestioned beliefs. Awareness in the stillness of the reality in which you believe and continue to create and receive the Essence that makes everything flourish and be reborn in this same plane.

Your new destiny, which you are accessing in these times is completely different from the reality to which you have been accustomed. You no longer need control of your old beliefs. The defenses that come from your knots only cause their manifestation to be postponed. Now is the opening to a type of existence in which nothing can worry you, in which there are no problems or conflict. Now we only receive miracles, spontaneous rebalances and wonderful thoughts from ourselves, others and everything.

The day of your knots has been so difficult, so long and exhausting that you now generalize and believe that your liberation from them should be likewise. You are also wrong about it. Getting free is easier, faster and more fun than you think. At least, of course you want to keep believing that or you don't realize that you still believe that.

Let it be easy and happen spontaneously. Let everything happen while you finally enjoy Eternity and Friendship with Everything.

By Diego Cornejo

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