NGSM - The new group of servers in the world, by the Tibetan Master, through Alice Ann Bailey PART 4/4

  • 2011


Plan printing

1. The Hierarchy is the Custodian of that aspect of the planetary cyclic Purpose called the Plan, which covers relatively short periods, such as civilizations - as far as humanity is concerned. Regarding Shamballa, the intermediate group of those who work, meditate and create, is called to the activity to receive the impression of the immediate desired hierarchical activity, to transmit the necessary energies from Shamballa to the united ashramas and thus report esoterically to the Hierarchy. That deserves immediate attention.

In addition, at a lower level of the evolutionary spiral, the Hierarchy in turn expresses the Plan in the new group of servers in the world, a Plan that must be applied immediately to help humanity. This group is the main creative agent in the three worlds for the rest of this cycle of planetary experience, although it was not always. Humanity can now work intelligently with the Plan presented for the first time in human history. I would like you to observe this. Men can play their small part today to bring the Divine Purpose to manifestation, because they have already developed the necessary mental capacity. The control and creative development of the three lower realms of nature is slowly coming out of the hands of the evolution of life (until now responsible) and enters under the supervision of humanity, according to They are exposed by the old Archives of the Masters:

The solar lords will control the lunar lords of the elementary substance in a timely manner, by means of the mind (mind), not only theirs, but also theirs, but also n that of those who seek help. In this way, redemption will reach everyone through man and the glory of the Lord of Life will be seen. (6-200).

2. All we can know about that Purpose is the Hierarchical Plan and Disciples and advanced aspirants can judge and recognize. This is based on the recognition of the divine guidance in the past, on the recognition of the progress that goes from that past to the present, in addition to the effort to become sensitive to the correct emergence of that Plan Which embodies an aspect of the Purpose in the immediate future. The purpose is related to the past, the present and the future. The Agents of the Plan are impressed from Shamballa, see the Nirmanakayas; the process is then repeated, and advanced humanity becomes a recipient, a sensitive recipient of the Plan, as it has been transmitted to it by the Printing Agents, the Masters, who acted through the New Group of Servers of the World. This group constitutes the inferior analogy of the Nirmanakayas, recipients of the impression coming from Shamballa. Therefore, they will see beauty and synthesis, interdependence and collaborative interaction that is manifested through the hierarchical chain, from the highest Agent, to the highest humble recipient of divine impression. (11-97 / 8).

3. Behind this human program, there are those whose privilege and right is to monitor human evolution and guide the destinies of men. This is not done through a imposed control, which violates the free will of the human spirit, but through the implantation of ideas in the minds of the thinkers of the world, and the evocation of human consciousness, so that these ideas receive due recognition and become, over time, controlling factors of human life. They train the members of the New Group of World Servers in the task of turning ideas into ideals. These ideals, in turn, become the objectives desired by the thinkers, who instill them in the great middle class, setting them up in world systems of government and religion, forming the basis of the new social order to which patients are incorporated patiently. masses. (15-483 / 4).

4. Those who worked internally and the disciples responsible for the development of the Plan made enormous efforts to reach and stimulate the New Group of World Servants. And they have succeeded. Success does not depend on Servers recognizing the Hierarchy. Where this recognition exists, it helps, but it also depends on the receptivity to spiritual impression, which means responding to new ideas that express the spirit of fusion, synthesis, understanding and collaborative goodwill. Try to be in the expectation of such people and work with them. Do not adopt the prevailing attitude that they should work with you. It does not correspond, to those of us who may know a little more than they do about the Plan, to make the approach, to demonstrate an intelligent understanding and to set an example, subordinating our ideas and personal desires to the good of the whole.

For our part, if we react to all this, the reorientation of our lives will take place over the next few years, due to the urgency of the things that must be done. It will necessarily involve readjusting our life to new impulses; eliminate the non-essential, in order to have time to do the task: it means cultivating that spiritual sensitivity that will make us aware of the impressions and impulses coming from the internal aspect of life, and also recognize, quickly, our brothers who are consecrated to a life of goodwill and alertness - like us - to the pressing human need and the proximity of the day of opportunity; it will require everyone to develop the power to remain silent, for silence is the best method by which spiritual force is generated and accumulated to be used, and also that they are trained to see clearly the issues involved in any situation (personal, national or international) in order to train themselves to shed on them the interpretive light of manifested goodwill. (15-563 / 4).

Manifestation of Group Love

1. Only a few, here and there, really grasp the vision of the future and understand what is happening, contemplating the emerging plan in all its beauty. With these few, the Members of the Hierarchy can work, because (although they lack understanding) they do not manifest towards others bad will or hatred. Love is the great unifier and interpreter.

This energy of love is mainly focused (for the purposes of hierarchical activity) in the New Group of World Servers. This group has been chosen by the Hierarchy as His main channel of expression: it is composed of all the disciples of the world and the active initiates; It draws its representatives from each group of idealists and servants and from all groups of people expressing human thought, especially with regard to human improvement and elevation. Through them the power of love-wisdom can be expressed. Often such people are misunderstood, because the love they express differs widely from the personal, sentimental and affective interest of the common worker. The members of the new group of servers in the world are primarily concerned with the interests and good of the entire group to which they are associated, but not with the petty interests of the individual concerned with their small problems and issues. This exposes the server to be criticized by individuals, and must learn to support it and not pay attention to it. True group love is of greater importance than personal relationships, even if they are satisfied when the need arises (note that I say "need"). The disciples learn to grasp the need for group love and correct their behavior according to the good of the group, but it is not easy for the individual interested in himself to grasp this difference. Through the disciples who have learned to differentiate between the individual's petty interests plus their own interest and the needs and urgencies of group work and love, the Hierarchy can act and make the necessary global changes, being mainly changes in consciousness. (9-19).

2. Discover the members of the new group of servers in the world where possible, and strengthen your hands. Look for them in all nations and in all expressions of different lines of thought and points of view. Always remember that in doctrine and dogma and in techniques and methods, they may differ widely from you, but in the love of your fellow men, in practical goodwill and in devotion to the establishment of right human relationships, they are with you, they are your same and probably can teach them a lot. (13-528).

Disciple Development Stage

1. The problem is to discover in which step of the scale and level we are at a certain moment. Behind every human being extends a long series of lives, and many now turn to the stage of the dominant and selfish expression of personality, and with full awareness they are forming as individuals. This is a step forward for them, just as discipleship is for you. Others have already formed their personality and begin to experiment with the energy that flows through them and to gather around them those people who vibrate on the same note, and for those who have to give a definite message. This explains the thousands of small groups that exist and work in the world in all known fields of human expression. Others have surpassed that stage and are becoming decentralized from the expression of personality in the three worlds of human life, motivated by the superior aspect of personality energy. They no longer work, project, or fight, to express their personalities and make an individual impact on the world, nor to magnetically gather around them a group of people who respect and nurture the sources of their pride and ambition, making them influential and important. They begin to see things from a newer and more authentic perspective. In the light of the whole, the light of the small self vanishes, just as the light inherent in every atom of the body unites and is annulled in the light of the soul, when it shines in all its glory.

When this stage of altruism, service and subordination to the one I and of sacrifice to the group becomes the objective, man has reached the stage in which he can be accepted in that group of mystics, world connoisseurs and group workers, which is the reflection of the planetary hierarchy in the physical plane. (4-290).

2. One of the main teachings that can be seen in all instructions of a really esoteric nature, concerns the attitude of the occult student. It is supposed to deal with subjective and esoteric things, since its purpose is to work in white magic. That is why he must assume and firmly maintain the position of the Observer, separated from the mechanism of observation and contact; to recognize oneself as an essentially spiritual entity, whose nature, objectives and working methods are different from those of the bodies that it considers intelligent to temporarily occupy and employ. He must understand his unity and lines of contact with all similar workers and thus come to a conscious awareness of his position in the spiritual hierarchy of Beings. So much misinformation has been disseminated and so little intelligent emphasis has been placed on the status and position of what is called the hierarchy of souls, that sensible and balanced disciples now try to direct their thoughts in other directions and eliminate as much as possible all thoughts concerning degrees and spheres of activity. Possibly, in this swing of the pendulum, one tends to go too far in the opposite direction and to disregard these stages of activities. However, do not misunderstand me: I do not suggest that you try to locate people, deciding where they are on the evolutionary scale. This has been done foolishly in the past, to discredit the subject, to such an extent that in the public mind this topic is discredited. If these stages are considered sensibly for what they are - states of expansion of consciousness and degrees of responsibility - then the danger - personal reactions to the terms "accepted disciple, initiated, adept, teacher" would be insignificant and many difficulties would be avoided. We must always remember that the individual state must be strictly maintained for itself, and the point of evolution (which can truly be known as more advanced than that of the common person) will be demonstrated through a life of active and altruistic service and by the manifestation of a enlightened vision that is above the racial idea.

When bringing together the New Group of Workers of the World, great care must be taken. Each worker is only responsible for himself, his service and no one else. It is prudent to measure and have an approximate idea of ​​the evolutionary state, not based on pretensions but on the work done and on the love and wisdom demonstrated. The ruling must be based on an evident knowledge of the plan, as it develops in an intelligent formulation of the next step for the human race, in an esoteric manifested sense and in an influence or power uric, broad, constructive and inclusive. (4-429 / 30).

3. For the conscious incorporation into the group it is demanded not to live the life of the personality, which will produce the subordination of the small self to the work of the whole. These words are written and read very easily; however, they enclose the task that all disciples must perform today. Where there is no incentive and understanding, the disciple is still far from the goal. (15-68).

The Externalization of the Hierarchy

1. Humanity is currently going through a cycle of excessive activity. For the first time in human history this activity encompasses humanity on a large scale, in all three aspects of the consciousness of personality. The physical body and the states of emotional and mental consciousness are greatly disturbed. This triple unified activity is enhanced by a cycle of intense planetary activity, due to the entry into a new era, the displacement of the sun to a new sign of the Zodiac and the consequent preparation that will enable man to Work easily with the new forces and energies that act on it. At the center of human life, the integrating group of the new servers of the world must therefore face a real need. His primary job is to remain in close union with the soul of humanity constituted by all souls at their own level of being, through the activity of the organized soul, so that there is always who work in the intervals and thus allow the plan and vision to progress, in the eyes of those who cannot yet penetrate the elevated and secret place. As I have said many times, they must learn to work subjectively, in order to maintain in this cycle of activity and exotic expression the power, latent in all, of retiring to the center. Speaking symbolically, they constitute the door. The powers and powers can be lost by not using them; The power of divine abstraction and the power to find what has been called the golden path that leads to the clear pond and from there to the Retreat Temple should not be lost. This is the first work of the Group of World Physicians, and they must keep the path and the path free of obstacles open. Otherwise, white magic could temporarily cease to exist, and take undue control over the selfish purposes of nature form. This unfortunate event occurred on the days of Atlantis, and those who then formed the group of workers had to withdraw from all external activity and capture the divine mysteries, hidden ndolos of the curious and of the indignant.

Now a new attempt is being made to free "the prisoners of the planet." The Hierarchy, through the group of servers in the world, in the process of formation, seeks to restore the mysteries to humanity, to which they really belong. For the triumph of this attempt it is fundamentally necessary, to those who have perceived the vision and seen a part of the plan, devote themselves again to the service of humanity, devote themselves to work and help to the maximum of their capacity (reflect on these words and extract their meaning), to all the servants of the world and sacrifice their time and money in increasing the effort of the Great Beings. First of all do not stop practicing meditation; maintain internal union; Think of the truth at all times. The need and opportunity are great, and all who can help are called to the front lines. Therefore, everyone can be useful in some way if each and everyone understands the true nature of sacrifice, develops skill in action and works without attachments. (4-375 / 6).

2. It was also pointed out on that occasion that the next step of the Hierarchy would be to capture in the minds of enlightened men around the world, the spiritual ideas that enclose the new truths, the descent (if I can call it that) of the new concepts that will govern the human life and the influence that the Christ will exert on the world disciples and the New Group of Servants of the World. This movement planned by the Hierarchy progresses; men and women from all over and from all walks of life enunciate the new truths that will guide in the future when living human, and found new organizations, movements and groups large or small - that will make known to the human masses the reality of life. need and how to face it. They do it driven by the fervor of their hearts and by the loving response to human anguish and, although they do not express it, they work to externalize the Kingdom of God on Earth. Given the obvious multiplicity of organizations, books and conferences, etc. It is impossible to deny these facts. (8-45).

3. Great Forces under a powerful spiritual direction are prepared to rush into this world of chaos, confusion, aspiration, hope and perplexity. These energy groups are willing to be focused and distributed by the Hierarchy, and that Hierarchy, under His great Conductor, the Christ, is closer to the human race, as it has never been in the history of mankind. In all countries, the New Group of World Servants is also attentive to this leadership, united in idealism, humanitarian objectives, sensitivity to spiritual impression, subjective purposes, love for their fellow men and dedication to altruistic service. Everywhere there are people of good will willing to be guided towards a constructive activity and to become agents that will be gradually educated and trained for the establishment of what has never existed until now: correct human relations (8-85).

Preparation for the Reappearance of Christ

1. We have considered the need for preparation for the coming of Christ and some of the fundamental requirements that arise as people prepare for the required activity, including raising the necessary funds to carry out the preparatory work. The individual collaborator, first and foremost, has to determine if his spiritual incentive and expectation are adequate for the task ahead. Only what gives impetus to action is important, and will only be suitable for the work of one whose vision is clear enough to allow him to work with understanding and sincerity. You must discover that you can play your art in the development of the Divine Plan. The reality of the Christ and the true possibility of His reappearance must become important motivating factors in his conscience. You should look around those with whom you can work, and have the same spiritual goals. In this way, and in due course, he learns that there is an integrated and well-organized group on Earth that can be called the New Group of World Servers and discovers that they are everywhere, they act in each country, in all countries. organized religious groups and in which they are dedicated to the well-being of humanity and to the preparation for the return of Christ.

This group, despite working on the daily plane of material life, nevertheless retains a close and intimate spiritual integration with the energy center from which it can extract everything necessary for active spiritual work. It also provides a service field for all those who try to express it; It is also the meeting place for those who wish to be tested and where their motives and constancy will be tested before the spiritual opportunity is given. This way you are free to work in increasingly large service areas.

The New Group of World Servers essentially provides a field of training and experience for those who hope to rise spiritually and be trained to be active disciples, led by the Christ. The appearance of this group on earth, at the moment, is one of the indications of the success obtained in the evolutionary process, as it applies to humanity. This method of work - using human beings as agents to carry out the task of salvation and elevation of the world - was initiated by Christ Himself, who worked frequently with men, through others, reaching humanity through His twelve apostles, and considering Paul as the substitute for Judas Iscariot. The Buddha tried the same system, but at the beginning His group was more related to Him than to the world of men. Christ sent His Apostles to the world to feed the sheep and seek men, guide them and make them "fishers of men." The relationship of Christ's disciples with the Master was only secondary, the demands of the world being of paramount importance; this attitude still predominates in the Hierarchy, without undermining its devotion to the Christ. What the Buddha symbolically instituted, and in an embryonic form, became an existence and a reality due to the demands of the Piscean era.

In the Age of Aquarius, in which we are entering, this type of group work will reach a very high point of development and the world will be saved and rebuilt by groups rather than by individuals. In the past we had the saviors of the world - those Sons of God have given men a message that brought more light to the people. Now, in the fullness of time and through evolutionary processes, a group is emerging that will bring salvation to the world and that (incorporating group ideas and emphasizing the meaning of the church of Christ) will stimulate and energize the mind and the soul of men, that the new era will begin with the science of Love, Knowledge and Harmony of God Himself, as well as the reappearance of Christ, who will personify these three faculties.

In the last ten years this New Group of World Servers has been reorganized and revitalized, expanding knowledge of its existence throughout the world. It is currently a group of men and women of all nationalities and races, belonging to all religious organizations and humanitarian movements that are fundamentally oriented, or in the process of doing so, towards the Kingdom of God. They are disciples of Christ who work consciously and often do so unconsciously for their Reappearance; they are spiritual aspirants who try to serve and make the Kingdom of God on Earth a reality; they are men of good will who possess intelligence and seek to increase understanding and correct human relationships between men. This group comprises two important groups:

i. The disciples of Christ who work consciously to develop His plans and those who, instructed by the former, collaborate consciously and voluntarily. We can belong to this last category if we wish and we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

ii. The aspirant, conscious men and women, although they work unconsciously guided by the spiritual Hierarchy. There are many of them, who occupy especially prominent positions, and serve as destroyers of old forms or builders of new ones. They have no awareness of any synthetic internal plan, but they selflessly take care of meeting the world's needs as best they can, playing an important part in the national drama, or working firmly in the field of education.

The first group has some measure of contact with the spiritual Hierarchy, and to a greater extent with the true disciples; Its members work spiritually inspired. The second group is in more intimate contact with the masses and works to inspire ideas to them. The first group deals with the Plan of Christ, to the extent that its members can capture its essentiality, while the second works with new concepts and hopes that emerge to the consciousness of the human race as men, subjective and frequently unconscious, responds to the preparation for the reappearance of Christ. As a result of the work done by the New Group of World Servers, humanity is constantly waking up to future possibilities.

The awakening of the intellectual classes to the recognition of a humanity is the prelude to the establishment of the brotherhood. The unity of the human family is already recognized by man, but before that unity can acquire and adopt a constructive form, it is essential that a greater number of people who think, break down the mental barriers that exist between races, nations and classes, and also that the New Group of World Servers reedit in the external world that kind of activity that the Hierarchy expressed when it developed and materialized the New Group of World Servers. Through the impression and expression of certain great ideas, men from all over the world have to understand the fundamental ideals that will govern the new era. This is the main task of the New Group of World Servers.

As we study and learn to recognize in all its branches and spheres of activity the New Group of World Servers which, spread throughout the world, encompasses the sincere workers and humanitarian people of all nations, religions or organizations With a humanitarian character, we will realize that there is a group of men and women on earth who, by their number and activities, are capable of producing the changes that will allow Christ to walk among us again. This will happen if they are truly interested, prepared to make the necessary sacrifices and willing to suppress national, religious and organized differences, so that the service that will make reconstruction possible will be carried out. n of the world. They must educate the human race, on a few, simple and fundamental essentialities and familiarize humanity with the idea of ​​the reappearance of Christ and the exteriorization of the Kingdom of God. In large part their work will consist in summarizing and making the work of the two Sons of God, the Buddha and the Christ more effective.

The success of the work of the New Group of World Servers is inevitable; He has made great progress over the past ten years. (Published in 1948: compiler.) The internal integration of the part of that group that works in close contact with the Christ and the spiritual Hierarchy, is of such magnitude that its success External is guaranteed. It provides a channel through which the Light, Love and Power of the Kingdom of God can reach the most exotic workers.

Therefore, we must understand that spiritually oriented people and all those who seek to work and work to establish correct human relationships, those who practice good will and truly strive to love their fellowmen, are an integral part of the New Group of Servants of the World, and its most important task at the moment is to prepare the way for the reappearance of Christ.

Let me express emphatically that the main method we can use and the most powerful instrument in the hands of the spiritual Hierarchy, is the diffusion of good will, merged in a power and active. I prefer this expression to the words organization of good will . Goodwill is today a dream, a theory, a negative force. It should develop into a reality, an active ideal and a positive energy. This is our job, and again we are urged to collaborate. (8-156 / 61).

2. The first signs that he approaches with his disciples can already be perceived by those who observe and correctly interpret the signs of the times, being able to observe, among other signs, the spiritual union of those who they love their fellow men, which is actually the organization of the external physical army of the Lord or army whose only weapon is love, the right word and right human relationships. El establecimiento de esta organizaci n des conocida ha continuado con extraordinaria rapidez durante la post guerra, pues la humanidad est cansada de odios y controversias.

Los colaboradores de Cristo est n activos en el Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo, constituyendo el grupo más poderoso de precursores que jamás hubo precedido la entrada de un gran Personaje mundial en la palestra del vivir humano. Su trabajo e influencia hoy se ven y se sienten en todas partes y nada puede destruir lo ya realizado. (8-42) y (13-493/4).


1. Los diversos planes en consideración, para el desarrollo y progreso del Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo deben ir e irán continuamente adelante. Las ideas, ya brevemente delineadas, deben desarrollarse en forma detallada y también entrenarse a las personas para la expansión de estas ideas. Al público se lo debe educar sobre los ideales y objetivos del nuevo grupo. Deben formarse grupos de meditación que se dedicarán a hacer contacto con la visión, y extraer la sabiduría y el poder necesarios. Debe emplearse cada vez más la Gran Invocación, y repetirse diariamente ya toda hora. La esencia de lo expuesto aquí deberá reajustarse y readaptarse para el público en general, porque los hombres aprenden únicamente por la repetición constante, y estas cosas deben repetirse una y otra vez antes de que sea evidente el Verdadero trabajo del Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo.

La función del Nuevo Grupo consiste en equilibrar las fuerzas que conducen a la desintegración ya la destrucción, incorporando en sí mismo las fuerzas de integración y construcción. Dicho grupo contrarrestará, con el tiempo, la tendencia (tan prevaleciente hoy) al odio racial, y la enseñanza dada tenderá a negar las actuales ideas, pues son de gran poder para producir las brechas y las barreras actuales entre los hombres, causando la separación y la guerra. Donde existe un grupo o grupos, que expresen ideas, que acentúen potentemente un sector de la opinión pública o un aspecto de la vida, inevitablemente debe aparecer bajo la ley del equilibrio aquello que lo contrarrestará. En el período actual de la historia de la raza, aparecieron primeramente el grupo o grupos que fomentan las separaciones o brechas, y erigen las barreras que impiden el libre albedrío del hombre, los cuales realizan el necesario trabajo porque están también incluidos en el Plan. Luego, de acuerdo a la ley, deben aparecer el grupo o los grupos, que personifican esa ideas que conducen a la integración ya la obra constructiva, los cuales llevarán al mundo a una vuelta más elevada de la espiral, eliminarán las brechas y destruirán las barreras dando fin a las separaciones. (15-505/6)

2. La tarea que tiene ante sí el Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo es muy grande, pero no imposible. Es absorbente, pero como constituye un canon de vida impuesto puede llevarse a cabo en todos los aspectos de la vida diaria. Se nos llama ahora a prestar un servicio intenso durante un período de años, a llevar a una vida anormal ya cargar con la responsabilidad de la cual ya teníamos conocimiento hace años, pero no nos hemos hecho cargo de ella. Nuestro interés fue poderosamente evocado, pero no se aplicó debidamente. La demanda de colaboración por los guías y trabajadores del Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo ha sido enunciada claramente desde el aspecto interno. Hemos respondido ayudando en algo, pero sin sacrificio alguno; hemos prestado la mínima ayuda posible, no la máxima – excepto en esos pocos casos en que ha sido reconocida y valorada. Se ha dicho que el Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo está trabajando en todas las naciones, a fin de difundir la buena voluntad, la comprensión mundial y la unidad religiosa. Esta idea ha sido reconfortante y hemos confiado en sus esfuerzos – el esfuerzo de esos pocos que están excesivamente presionados. (15-552/3)

3. No haré ningún otro llamado para obtener ayuda. He tratado de educarlos en los nuevos ideales y en el trabajo del Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo. La responsabilidad de actuar correctamente y el esfuerzo de llegar hasta el público descansa sobre los aspirantes y discípulos del mundo que leen mis palabras. Personalmente nada puedo hacer. El tiempo es vuestro (y todos, sin excepción pueden darlo). Eso es lo que el Cristo y la humanidad demandan hoy. Pedimos que dediquen su actividad y capacidad para llegar a aquellos con los cuales pueden hacer contacto. Se necesita dinero para ir al público interesado. Por medio de la meditación y la intensa colaboración interna se construirá ese canal por el cual podrá actuar el espíritu de paz y entrar las fuerzas de la Luz. La Jerarquía espera. Ha hecho todo lo posible desde el ángulo de Su oportunidad. El Cristo permanece en paciente silencio, atento al esfuerzo que materializará Su trabajo en la tierra y le permitirá consumar el esfuerzo que realizó en Palestina hace dos mil años. El Buddha está dispuesto a desempeñar Su parte sobre el planeta si el género humano le ofrece la oportunidad. Les ruego que tengan en cuenta lo que aquí he dicho. Ahora todo depende de la correcta acción de las personas de buena voluntad. (15-566)

4. El nuevo mundo será construido sobre las ruinas del antiguo. Surgirá la nueva estructura. Los hombres de buena voluntad de todas partes, guiados por el nuevo grupo de servidores del mundo, se organizarán en vitales batallones y su primera tarea consistirá en desarrollar las rectas relaciones humanas mediante la educación de las masas. Ello significa que debe haber un desarrollo paralelo de la opinión pública iluminada, que (esotéricamente hablando) es la correcta respuesta al sonido impartido por la voluntad de Dios a los oídos atentos. Entonces, en verdad, la humanidad saldrá del desierto, abandonará los mares y sabrá que Dios es Fuego. (18-83)


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1 Iniciación Humana y Solar

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Tratado sobre los Siete Rayos:

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15 Tomo II: Psicología Esotérica II

16 Tomo III: Astrología Esotérica

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18 Tomo V: Los Rayos y las Iniciaciones

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