NGSM - The new server group in the world, by the Tibetan Master, through Alice Ann Bailey PART 2/4

  • 2011

The Tibetan books

... or blue books, written by Alice Ann Bailey

Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has said:

“Undertake the constant distribution of my books, which contain much teaching for the New Age. In the last analysis, books are for you the work tools and instruments with which you will train your workers. Try to circulate constantly. ”

Who is Alice Ann Bailey?
This famous English esotericist and writer whose maiden name was Alice Ann the Trobe-Bateman; He was born in Manchester (Lancashire) on June 16, 1880. And died at the age of 69, on December 15, 1949. He belonged in his youth to the Center of the Theos Society. physics of Los Angeles, from which he later separated to act more freely according to his own views and the teachings taught by two Masters of the Hidden Hierarchy.

In her Inconclusive Autobiography, one of her books that can be found in Spanish, Alice A. Bailey mentions that she had her first meeting with Master Koot Hoomi on June 30, 1895, when she was counting so only 15 years old and in circumstances where difficulties and suffering surrounded her everywhere. Since then he worked throughout his life for him, becoming one of the most advanced disciples of his group or Ashrama. On the other hand, Master Djwhal Khul, known as DK or The Tibetan, inspired or dictated his books through the faculty called clairaudience, which Alice A. Bailey possessed in a marked degree. The contact with this instructor was maintained for about thirty years.


By Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

(Alice A. Bailey)


NGSM features

1. Today the world has reached another time of crisis. I do not mean the current world conditions, but the state of human consciousness. The mind has reached a functioning power and the personalities are coordinated. The three aspects of man are mixing; another formation or precipitation of the Hierarchy of Adepts has been possible. In the physical plane, a silent, constant and powerful integration is being integrated without any esoteric organization, ceremonial or external form, a group of men and women, which, finally, will replace the effort previous hierarchical. It will replace all churches, all groups and all organizations, and over time it will become that oligarchy of select souls that will govern and guide the world.

They are being drawn from all nations, but they are not chosen or gathered by the Hierarchy alert, nor by any Master, but by the power to respond to the opportunity, the surge and the spiritual note. They arise from all groups, churches and parties and, consequently, will be truly representative. They do not do it by the impulse of their own ambition and burn with pride, but by the very altruism of their service. They find their way to the summit in all fields of human knowledge, not by the shouting of their own ideas, discoveries and theories, but by being so inclusive in their perspectives and so broad in their interpretation of the truth, that they see the hand of God in all events. They see their imprint in all forms and His note resonates through all channels of communication between subjective reality and the objective external form. They belong to all races, speak all languages, embrace all religions, all sciences and all philosophies. Its characteristics are: synthesis, inclusiveness, intellectuality and excellent mental development. They do not profess any creed, except that of the Brotherhood, based on Life one. They do not recognize any authority, except that of their own souls, any Master, except the group they try to serve, and the humanity they love deeply. They do not erect barriers around them, but they are governed by broad tolerance, a healthy mindset and a sense of proportion. They contemplate the world of men with wide open eyes and recognize those who can raise and, as the Great Beings do, elevate, teach and help. They also recognize their superiors and their peers, and recognize each other when they meet and work together in the task of saving humanity. It does not matter if its terminology differs, if the interpretation of the symbols and writings varies or they speak a lot or little. They see the members of their group in all fields - political, scientific, religious and economic - they give them the sign of their recognition, holding out their brother's hand. They also recognize those who are more advanced than they are in the stage of evolution and call them Instructors, trying to learn from them what they wish to impart anxiously. (4-292 / 3).

2. The members of the new group of servers in the world - although they act mentally without realizing they work nevertheless "by impression", it is said. His main duty and the duty that their souls impose on him, is to preserve internal sensibility. They do this in most cases and their intense interest in the job makes them centralize and dedicate themselves to their task. Consequently, all personality reactions are subordinated to work at hand, and the lower man does not present obstacles to that impression. (5-158)

3. The new group of servers in the world (today) consists of two groups of people:

  1. Those who are aware of the Plan, are subject to hierarchical printing and are sensitive to it; They are dedicated to the task of achieving the desired merger or group unification. They are the consecrated servants of the world, free of all nuances of separativity, full of love for all who long for the dissemination of comprehensive goodwill. They are the analogy of the "consecrated loving heart."
  1. A small minority emerged from the new group of servers in the world and that (in each country) can act as a group if silo decides, and achieves the merger, for which the new group of servers in the world works; the point of tension in humanity and in the Hierarchy has predisposed and prepared the hearts of men. Their opportunity and responsibility are great, because they know the Plan, they are in contact with the internal guides and they are sensitive to the superior impression, being the analogy of the lighting points and also given “enlightened minds”… (13- 85)

4. The new group of servers in the world is not a new organization that is being formed in the world. It is simply a set of men of constructive, peaceful and goodwill goals, freely linked, that emphasize the previous need to establish straight human relationships, before any lasting peace. This group will not respond to the loyalty and loyalty of any man. It is the grouping of all who tries to express the Christ spirit and is free from all spirit of hate and revenge. This group challenges the world to abandon all antagonisms and antipathies, hatreds and racial differences, and tries to live in terms of a family, a life and a humanity.

The new group of servers in the world believes that (through good will) the new world order can be firmly established on Earth. (13-173 / 4)

5. The strength of the New Group of World Servers lies in three factors:

  1. They occupy an intermediate position between the human masses and the subjective and internal world government.
  1. They extract their members (if such an inappropriate word can be used) from all classes - the aristocracy, the intellectual, the bourgeois, the upper and lower classes, and also from the upper strata of the proletariat.
  1. They are closely interrelated and in constant contact and harmony with each other, due to the unity of purpose, defined methods, uniformity of techniques and goodwill. (15-484)

6. Partisanship, the struggle for or against, and the partisan spirit, characterizes the modern world of men. The New Group of World Servers does not have time or interest in those activities that lead to separation, division and struggle. It supports all those tendencies that will lead opportunely to the formation of a third party, free of political and religious hatred and is not known or understood, being relatively impotent to definitively impress the thought of the world. However, if there is skill in action and adherence to the principles of harmonic collaboration, it can, in a few years, demonstrate true power or influence.

Only in this way will work be able to enter a second cycle of outstanding and defined influence and will only be possible if those who have vision do not spare efforts and sacrifice their time and money to carry it out. This group will be located between exploited and exploiters, antagonists and pacifists, peoples and rulers, without supporting anyone or demonstrating partiality, without fostering political or religious disorders and not nurturing individual, national or racial hatreds. He will be the interpreter of the correct human relations, of the basic uniqueness of humanity, practical brotherhood , positive harmlessness in the spoken or written word, and will support that internal synthesis of the objectives that recognize the value of the individual and, at the same time, the significance of group work. The dissemination of these ideas and the principles of goodwill will bring the formation of this third group in world affairs.

In the course of a few years, if the work is carried out on these concepts, public opinion will be forced to recognize the power of this movement oriented towards peace, international understanding and mutual goodwill. (15-510 / 1)

Requirements for Members

1. Group staff is known only to the Elder Brothers of the race, and no record of names is kept. There should only be three main requirements:

i. A certain degree of unification between the soul and its mechanism is essential, and the soul-mind-brain internal triplicity must be aligned and active, which in the majority is generally lethargic.

ii. The brain must be telepathically sensitive at will, in two directions. He must be aware of the world of souls and also of the world of men.

iii. There must be ability to think abstractly or synthetically, which will allow man to overcome racial and religious barriers. When such capacity is possessed, there is also a firm belief in the continuity and correlation of life after death.

In summary, it should be noted that past groups have represented certain aspects of the truth and demonstrated certain lightning characteristics. The new group will express all aspects and integrate members of all rays. The majority of the workers of the numerous groups carried out certain details of the plan, adding their share of energy to the progressive impulse of humanity; but except for some prominent mystics such as Meister Eckhart, most have done it without truly understanding what I was doing, and without capturing the body-soul relationship, which leads to really intelligent work. They have been essentially groups of personalities, with that touch of genius that indicates a certain contact with the soul. The group now in formation is composed of those who are aware of the reality of the soul and have established a true and enduring egoic exchange; they consider the mind, emotions and corporeal nature, simply as a mechanism, by which human contacts can be established; they must perform their work as they conceive it, through this mechanism, acting under the direction of the soul. Therefore, they are living souls that work through personalities, but not through personalities activated by occasional selfish impulses. The members of the different groups were all more or less unilateral, and their talents were channeled in some specific line. They demonstrated the ability to write like a Shakespeare, paint like a da Vinci, produce masterpieces like a Beethoven, or make world changes like Napol on. But the new type of group worker is a complete individual, with the capacity to do almost everything that is proposed, with the fundamental impulse to work preferably at mental levels rather than at the physical level. consequently it is useful for the Hierarchy, because it can be used in different ways, and its flexibility and experience and its stable contact can be subordinated to the requirements of the group.

The true exponent of this new group type will not appear, of course, before many decades. It will be a true Aquarian with a universal touch and intense sensitivity; It will have a well-organized mental mechanism, an astral team that responds primarily to higher spiritual vibrations, a powerful and controlled body of energy and a healthy, though not robust, physical body, as is commonly known. He says. (4-302 / 4).

2. You may ask me: What prevents a man from being a member of such a group? I say with emphasis that only four things prevent your membership:

First, an uncoordinated personality. This necessarily implies a mind without training and a weak intellect.

Second, the sense of separativity, differentiation and superiority, with respect to their peers.

Third, the possession of a creed. No matter how good it is, it inevitably produces exclusivity. Always exclude someone.

Fourth, pride and ambition.

You will also ask, how to qualify yourself? The rules are three and simple. First, learn to practice harmlessness; second, do not want anything for the separated self, and third, look for the sign of divinity in everything. Three simple rules, but very difficult to perform.

Behind that group of physicians, which includes thinkers (I repeat the word thinkers) from all sectors of human thought and knowledge, is the Hierarchy of Teachers, and between these two groups There is also a set of instructors, of which I am a part. They acted as intermediaries and transmitters of energy. I repeat and ask again to pay attention, for this group that is slowly forming and is extracted from all imaginable groups of intelligent thinkers and men. However, and this will surprise some, there are not among them many of the so-called occultists. This is because the occultists are numerically few in relation to the masses, and also their tendency to sectarianism, exclusivity and self-esteem. Humanitarian and altruistic workers are among them; the political leaders, economists and scientists of the laboratories of the world are also there, and the ecclesiastics and adherents of all world religions, as well as In practical practitioners and a few occultists. The true occultist is rare to find. (4-313 / 4)

3. This large and spiritual grouping of servers is superficially linked in the physical plane; in the astral plane the bond is stronger and is based on the love of humanity, and in the mental plane a greater bond is established from the point of view of the three worlds, as a whole. Therefore, it is clear that in the individual certain developments must be made before he can consciously become an active member of the New Group of World Servers, the main group that, at present, works definitively under the Law of Progress Group:

i. The individual must have awakened the heart center and externalize their behavior in such a way that the heart quickly links with the heart centers of at least eight people. Then the heart center of the planetary Logos will be able to secretly absorb the groups formed by nine conscious aspirants. Through the heart center, His life will flow and the members of the group will contribute with their share of energy to the influences of life that circulate throughout His body. The information above is only of interest to those who have awakened spiritually, and will mean little or nothing to those who still sleep.

ii. The coronary center must also be in the process of awakening, and the ability to "keep the mind steady in the light" must be somewhat developed.

iii. He must also undertake some creative activity, and the server must be active in some of the humanitarian, artistic, literary, philosophical or scientific movements.

All this implies the integration and alignment of the personality and that attractive and magnetic sympathy that in one way or another characterizes the disciples. Thus, from the esoteric point of view, there are in the individual certain great triangles of energy and, consequently, to a greater degree in humanity. (15-160 / 1).

4. The political and religious affiliations to which an individual belongs can be strongly supported and inspire their true loyalty, and yet they will not prevent them from taking an active part in the New Group of World Servers. Nor will they prevent him from actively acting in favor of world goodwill, nor will they be a barrier to the spiritual sensitivity that makes man susceptible to the inner superior spiritual impression.

The servers of the spiritual Hierarchy and the disciples of the world exist in all nations; they are loyal to the ideology of that nation or to the political tendencies of a thought or government; The members of the New Group of World Servers belong to every political creed and recognize the authority of any imaginable religion. People of good will act in all groups, no matter what their ideology, creed or belief. The Hierarchy does not seek collaborators in a particular school of thought, political creed or government. He extracts his members from all of them and collaborates with everyone. I have often said this, however, it is hard for you to believe it, since most of you are fully convinced that your peculiar beliefs and acceptance of the truth are the best and most true. They will be for you, but not for those who have another belief, nationality or religion. (15-558)

NGSM members

1. The members of the new group of servers in the world belong to all sectors of the human effort of which organized religion is only one. There are scientists who violently repudiate what has not been proven, however they dedicate all their scientific capacity and knowledge to the service of humanity - each in the chosen scientific field; We have in the economic strata men who consider it a responsibility to intelligently handle money as a service to others, although the mystical and occult terminology, nothing means to them; there are educators who care to intelligently formulate knowledge and have an encyclopedic understanding of the accumulated wisdom of the ages, and try to use it to adapt to the young generation in order to live beautifully, constructively and creatively; there are ecclesiastics and religious guides (in some of the world religions) who are not bound or hindered by form, the spirit of light resides in them and intelligently love their fellow men. If all these people belong to the new group of servers in the world, they are inevitably thoughtful thinkers, with creative goals, truly intelligent and have added to their intelligence the expanding love .

These men and women maintain a double relationship with the rest of humanity, which they try to serve, and with the Hierarchy, through some Ashrama - Ashrama that is the source of their inspiration and their creative efforts, dedicated to thinking and work.

The disciple accepted in this group work is consciously in harmony with two planetary centers (Humanity and Hierarchy), and his creative thinking mostly conditions the group. However, many of its members are aware of their relationship with humanity and their planned service, but totally unaware of the invisible source of their inspiration. This does not matter, because - if your mobile is pure, your intelligence is acute and your meditative capacity is adequate - you receive inspiration and develop intuition in any case. Those who belong to the new group of servers in the world and can meditate and meditate are really agents of the relationship between the Hierarchy and Humanity. Logically, such a relationship has always existed and many mystics and some occultists have served as channels of relationship; The group is currently newly organized and the task of invocation and evocation, for the first time in history, has been balanced or carried out in an equitable percentage. (50% and 50%).

I repeat, the new group of servers in the world is made up of very different types of men and women chosen from all nations, they hold very different points of view and possess different professions and ideologies, therefore it is the true representative of humanity, being This group more powerful than ever.

When the work of the Invocation reaches a high stage of development and the culminating year of 1952 has elapsed , it will be convenient to bring to the public and on a world scale, the reality of the new group of servers in the world.

The new group of servers in the world is made up of the following groups.

i. The initiates and disciples who consciously are part of the White Grand Lodge. The aspirants and minor disciples, affiliated with the Hierarchy, who do not generally possess that continuity of consciousness that they will achieve later.

ii. Those who are on the path of probation and are not yet affiliated with the Hierarchy, but who subject to hierarchical impression have decided to serve their fellow men.

iii. A growing number of people who respond to the idealism and purpose of the new group of servers in the world, who will quickly join the group.

The essential requirement is Meditation, but as you well know, it is not necessarily the meditation established by occult schools and churches; However, to be a member of the group, the development of the reflective spirit in a certain line of human understanding is required, as well as the power to focus attention on what may be of benefit to humanity, plus the compassionate recognition of human need. The thoughtless man or woman or those who are totally absorbed by business, politics or family ties, cannot be part of the new group of servers in the world, because the group demands a definite decentralization measure, to which it will quickly contribute The habit of meditation. (6-182 / 4).

2. The members of the New Group of World Servers support the following ideals:

i. They believe in an internal world government and an emerging evolutionary plan. You can observe their signs throughout the ages. It is inevitable that they express the significance of this internal world government and of the planetary Hierarchy in different terms. You may consider it from the peculiar angle of your own tradition and education, which cannot be prevented and is unimportant. The important thing is that they are in contact with the energy center that tries to guide human affairs, know some of the details of the immediate plan and use all their energies to develop it.

ii. They constantly cultivate a spirit of international goodwill, and to this end they devote all their efforts. They avoid all points of disagreement, considering them as incidental to the degree of evolution that the race has reached, and they are convinced of the inevitable favorable change that is underway. They accentuate the common commitment and try to explain to the public the tendency of current global efforts as they begin to carry out the work of moving the world towards new paths and instilling in the minds of new peoples and better ideals.

iii. They also try to demonstrate that many national religious and social experiments are only expansions, modes of progress and necessary lessons. They try to show that the effects will be two. First, those lines of thought and consequent methods that will eventually free the human race from its current limitations and difficulties. These experiments are not wasted efforts. They have their place and purpose defined. Second, it will teach to recognize undesirable methods and techniques of government and religion, because they spread the virus of hatred, engender class and racial differences and, consequently, They are detrimental to global understanding, international goodwill and spiritual friendship.

Today, every prominent thinker, in his most inspired moments, values ​​the need for world peace, international order and religious understanding that, in the last analysis, lead to economic stability. Atmic. (15-498 / 9).

3. For the members of the New Group of World Servants and for men and women of good will, the Hierarchy of Spiritual Guides has established rules that deal with:

i. Establish peaceful relations, in harmonic conformity, and collaboration with the government or state to which they owe allegiance. It does not mean supporting all the politics and lines of activity undertaken by that government, but it does not allow you to do everything that may cause difficulties. There is always ample scope for a great constructive activity within any government policy, and the servants of the Great Beings and of humanity will direct their attention to these constructive and peaceful companies. Physical

ii. Not interfere in the affairs of any political or religious group.

iii. Demonstrate practical goodwill in the environment that fate has given them.

iv. Being harmless, in their way of expressing themselves and in the life of relationships, with their family, community, nation or group of nations. This means maintaining a solid non-aggression policy. No leader, a race nation, must be attacked or defamed.

This is something of great importance and it is not easy to achieve it. It sets the stage for rapid training and the definitive emergence of the New Group of World Servers and for discovering and organizing men and women of goodwill wherever they reside. The spiritual Hierarchy cannot work with people who criticize, whose ideas and attitudes are separatist and in their beliefs and comments are violently partial. This is the enunciation of a fact. I hope you are trained to perform this activity correctly, beginning with your own lives and your personal expression in the world. (15-564).

The Group Symbol

The group is and will be totally subjective. Its components are telepathically linked, or they recognize each other through the quality of the work they are doing in the external world and the inclusivity of the note they issue. It is inspired from above by the souls of its members and by the Great Beings, and its energized activity, due to the needs of humanity itself. It is composed of living and conscious souls that act through coordinated personalities. Its symbol is a golden triangle that encloses a cross of uniform arms, with a bright one at an apex of the triangle. This symbol is never reproduced in any way. It shines on the heads of all who belong to the group, and no one can see it (not even a clairvoyant), except for some of its members, and only when for work purposes It is necessary to stimulate their recognition. The motto of the group is: The Glory of the One.

Nothing else I can say for now, but I will give an idea of ​​the reality of the work that is being carried out. Perhaps it serves as an incentive for a renewed effort, by all those who work and train in the altruistic service. (4-314).

Gathering the Men and Women of Good Will

The spirit of goodwill prevails in millions of beings and evokes the sense of responsibility. It is the first indication, in race, that man is divine. The New Group of World Servers has this constant increase in goodwill and tries to use it. It subsists in the members of all the groups that are dedicated to world improvement, and constitutes a power not used or organized in a group, because until now people of good will have individually given their loyalty and effort to their organizations or companies. The New Group of World Servers does not intend to interfere with this loyalty, nor paralyze any activity, but rather to bring these people together in an organized whole, without creating a new organization, nor diverting them from the work undertaken.

The New Group of World Servers is already a functioning active group! Every man and woman of both hemispheres, who works to eliminate the gaps that exist between the peoples, evoke the spirit of brotherhood, foster the sense of interrelation without establishing racial, national or religious barriers, is a member of the New Group of World Servants, although I have not heard him name.

… The members of the New Group of World Servers do not constitute, therefore, a group of impractical mystics. They know exactly what they are trying to do, and their plans are laid out in such a way that without harming - to any existing situation - they discover and retain men of goodwill throughout the world. They demand in a united way that these men of good will remain sympathetically together, constitute a group of people who increase slowly, take an interest in the good of humanity and not in the immediate and proper good of the environment. Although their interest in the general good is very broad, it will not prevent them from being good citizens of the nation that fate has given them. They will settle for, and accept the situation they are in, but they will work (in that situation and under any government or religious order) for goodwill, breaking down barriers and for world peace. They will avoid any attack on existing regimes and personalities and will comply with the laws of the country in which they live; they will not cultivate the spirit of hate, using every opportunity to accentuate the brotherhood of nations, the unity of faith and economic interdependence. They will endeavor not to pronounce a word or develop an action that produces separation or generates antipathy.

Estas amplias generalizaciones rigen la conducta de los hombres de buena voluntad que tratan de colaborar en el trabajo que realiza el Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del mundo. A medida que aprende a hacer con eficacia, y logran una firme y correcta actitud hacia sus semejantes, son gradualmente absorbidos en las filas del Nuevo Grupo no mediante un proceso formal de afiliación, puesto que éste no existe (no hay una organización formal) sino desarrollando las cualidades y características necesarias. Aquí es de mucho valor repetir que el Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo no es una organización. No tiene sedes, sino sólo unidades de servicio en todo el mundo y tampoco presidente o comisión directiva; sólo posee servidores en todos los países, los cuales se ocupan sencillamente de descubrir a las personas de buena voluntad. Esta es la tarea inmediata. Las personas de buena voluntad deben ser descubiertas y entrenadas en la doctrina de la no separatividad, educadas en los principios de la colaboración y en las características del nuevo orden social, pues esencialmente es un realineamiento subjetivo, cuyo resultado será un pronunciado cambio originado por el peso de la opinión pública, basado en la buena voluntad, que no conoce barreras nacionales, raciales, ni diferencias religiosas. Año tras año deberán efectuar un trabajo muy activo, divulgando ampliamente las enseñanzas sobre la buena voluntad universal, para que deje de ser un bello sentimiento, se convierta en la aplicación práctica de la buena voluntad, mediante la acción en los asuntos cotidianos y en todos los países del mundo.

…La próxima tarea, a la que el Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo consagrará su esfuerzo, será eliminar el temor que impera en el mundo. Esto puede lograrse y tendrá lugar cuando los hombres y mujeres de buena voluntad se den cuenta de que el tesoro de la buena voluntad existe en todos los países. Hay millones de personas de buena voluntad en el mundo; aumentaron constantemente como resultado del sufrimiento de la guerra mundial, pero al verse solos se han sentido aislados, impotentes y fútiles, relegados, inútiles e insignificantes. Como individuos aislados, lo son, pero no como parte de un gran movimiento mundial que tiene una base espiritual y expresa la divinidad esencial del hombre. El poder conjunto de la buena voluntad, algo que hasta ahora no había sido organizado, se descubrirá que es irresistible. (15-487/9)

2. Los miembros del Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo, tal como aquí se ha descrito, se mantienen libremente unidos por la mutua comprensión y la similitud de objetivos, sea conscientes o inconscientes de los demás y del grupo. A través de ellos se descubren los hombres de buena voluntad. Sus nombres y direcciones han sido anotados y se han confeccionado listas para enviarles literatura. Cualquiera sea la capacidad para servir a sus semejantes, deberá ser registrada y utilizada cuando sea posible. Así, por intermedio de los hombres de buena voluntad, se podrá nutrir y desarrollar, en todos los países, el principio de buena voluntad y oportunamente, aplicarlo en forma práctica. Estas personas constituirán un nuevo grupo de pensadores prácticos en cada nación que no serán una amenaza para ningún gobierno, ni trabajarán en contra del orden establecido. Se volcarán a esos movimientos y emprenderán esas actividades que de ninguna manera fomentan el odio, el antagonismo, ni causan separaciones en sus semejantes. Ningún gobierno o iglesia puede hacer objeciones respecto a este grupo. (15-491).

Su Misión

1. Este grupo tiene una misión específica y del cual podrán exponerse algunos detalles:

En primer lugar, es una tentativa para exteriorizar la Jerarquía en el plano físico, o una pequeña réplica funcional de este cuerpo esencialmente subjetivo. Todos sus integrantes poseen cuerpos físicos, pero deben trabajar en formar completamente subjetiva, utilizando así el mecanismo sensible interno y la intuición. Lo componen hombres y mujeres de todas las naciones y edades, pero cada uno debe estar orientado espiritualmente, ser servidor consciente, estar mentalmente polarizado y alerta, y todos deben ser incluyentes.

Una de las condiciones esenciales impuestas al personal del grupo es que debe estar dispuesto a trabajar en niveles subjetivos sin que se los reconozca tras la escena, como hacen los Grandes Seres. Sus miembros deben liberarse de toda ambición, orgullo de raza y de realización. Además deben ser sensiblemente conscientes de sus semejantes y de sus pensamientos y medio ambiente condicionante.

..Este grupo da una amplia significación a la palabra “espiritual” pues cree que significa un esfuerzo incluyente hacia el mejoramiento, la elevación y la comprensión humanos; le da significado de tolerancia, comunión sintética internacional, inclusividad religiosa y todas las corrientes de pensamientos que conciernen al desarrollo esotérico del ser humano.

Por lo tanto, se trata de un grupo sin terminología ni biblia específica alguna; no posee credo ni formulación dogmática de la verdad. El impulso motivador de cada uno y de todos, es el amor a Dios cuando se manifiesta en amor al prójimo. Conoce el verdadero significado de la hermandad, sin distinción de razas. Sus miembros llevan una vida de servicio voluntario, prestado con desinterés y sin reservas. (4-302)

2. Se envió y distribuyó amplia información sobre el nuevo grupo de servidores del mundo, a la que se le dio extensa difusión en un folleto titulado “Los Próximos Tres Años”. Esto señaló la introducción (si puedo expresarlo así) en el plano físico, del nuevo grupo de servidores del mundo, ya en existencia activa. Este grupo se va integrando lentamente y hace sentir su influencia en forma paulatina en la tarea primordial de educar a la opinión pública, único medio poderoso de trabajar y de mayor fuerza y valor definido que cualquier legislación o énfasis puesto sobre la autoridad.

Como derivado de la integración de este nuevo grupo, se va formando en el mundo ese “puente de almas y de servidores” que hará posible la fusión de la subjetiva Jerarquía interna de almas y el mundo externo de la humanidad, lo que constituirá una fusión y mezcla efectivas y marcará la iniciación de la familia humana, mediante las realizaciones de sus miembros más avanzados. Esto constituye el verdadero “matrimonio en los cielos” de que habla el cristianismo místico; el resultado de esta fusión será la manifestación del quinto reino de la naturaleza, el reino de Dios. Antiguamente en la historia de la raza, tuvo lugar un gran acontecimiento que trajo a la manifestación el cuarto reino de la naturaleza, el humano. Hoy nos encontramos al borde de un evento similar, pero más trascendental: la aparición del quinto reino, como consecuencia de la actividad planeada del grupo de servidores del mundo, en colaboración con la Jerarquía de almas perfectas y bajo la guía del Cristo. Esto introducirá la nueva era; en la cual existirán al mismo tiempo cinco reinos de la naturaleza sobre la tierra. (5-44/5)

3. La enseñanza saldrá de estados Unidos de América, pero Europa es el campo para educar al mundo en las ideas de la verdadera unidad mundial y la inteligente presentación del Plan. Desde ese continente la inspiración puede llegar a Oriente ya Occidente.

Emprenda este trabajo con valor y sin apremios. Combine los inteligentes métodos de las organizaciones actuales con la visión de los recientes sistemas de trabajo. Su tarea es de carácter espiritual y sus objetivos son educativos, siendo su finalidad la divulgación de esos principios que deben regir el modo de vivir y las actitudes mundiales, durante la nueva era. Al presentar el trabajo que puede realizar el nuevo grupo de servidores del mundo, se pueden señalar ciertos programas definidos y de aplicación inmediata, como el de educar a la opinión pública sobre el principio de la no separatividad. Pero para esto se requiere mucha meditación y un claro pensar… La técnica a seguir y los métodos a emplear para despertar el interés y atraer el apoyo necesario, deben decidirlo los discípulos y trabajadores occidentales y no yo, vuestro hermano oriental. Sólo puedo estimular su alma para que alcance clara percepción, visión inteligente, verdadera comprensión y planeamiento acertado. Lo restante del trabajo y la materialización del proyecto está en sus manos y en las de quienes respondan a las ideas presentadas. (5-160).

4. La función del nuevo grupo de servidores del mundo consiste en “forzar” dinámicamente en el mundo la energía de la voluntad al bien; las personas comunes que responden inconscientemente, expresar n buena voluntad. (6-44).

5. El nuevo grupo de servidores del mundo (trata) de preparar a la humanidad para la reaparici n de Cristo. Tal trabajo preparatorio es el mayor incentivo que subyace en todo lo que hago y fue la raz n principal para la formaci n del grupo a principios de este siglo. Precursores de este grupo aparecieron en el siglo diecinueve, pero la organizaci n tal como existe ahora, es relativamente moderna.

Es necesario que todos obtengan una m s amplia visi n de la empresa que este grupo ha emprendido, de lo contrario el trabajo de meditaci n obstaculizar y no ayudar . La tarea del grupo de servidores del mundo no es difundir informaci n esot rica u ocultista. Al preparar al mundo de los hombres para la reaparici n de Cristo, deben ser satisfechas las necesidades de los numerosos estratos del orden social: debe entrarse en contacto con grupos mundiales de todo tipo. Por lo tanto, gran parte del trabajo que debe realizarse ser puramente econ mico y tendr que ver con la correcta alimen taci ny establecimiento de una real seguridad para los millones de seres que durante muchas vidas no les interesar n las cuestiones esot ricas. La reforma de las iglesias en las numerosas religiones mundiales, es otro aspecto del mismo trabajo que no requiere informaci n ocultista, sino la introducci n del sentido com ny de las ideas progresistas en la teolog a, y el traslado del nfasis eclesi stico de los valores materiales a los espirituales. Los reg menes pol ticos del mundo deben orientarse entre s ; el plan divino nunca contempl que todas las naciones y razas deb an conformarse a alguna ideolog a pol tica uniforme o ser reducidas a una forma general de gobierno. Las naciones difieren; poseen distintas culturas y tradiciones; pueden actuar en forma adecuada bajo distintos y variados gobiernos; sin embargo y al mismo tiempo alcanzar n una unidad de prop sito, basada en el genuino deseo de un verdadero bienestar y progreso de los hombres del mundo.

En todas las esferas de pensamiento y actividad humanos, el nuevo grupo de servidores del mundo desempe a una parte prominente. En el mismo coraz n de ese grupo mundial se encuentran aquellos que pertenecen a los Ashramas de los Maestros como algunos de ustedes o en la periferia o dentro de la esfera de influencia de tales Ashramas. Su tarea es mayormente meditativa, llevada a cabo a fin de influir las mentes de esos miembros del grupo que no est n todav a en contacto con alg n ashrama; trabajan as por humanitarismo, simpat ay por razones b sicamente de rayo, estando todos esos miembros m so menos controlados por el rayo de su alma; esto afecta m s definidamente a los distintos campos de servicio. En estas zonas mentales de la familia humana debe llevarse a cabo la preparaci n para la venida de Cristo; pero por regla, tal actividad no est asociada al ngulo esot rico o de acercamiento a la verdad, sino estrictamente al mejoramiento de las relacio nes humanas. Cristo Mismo (hace dos mil a os) trat de demostrar este tipo de actividad tan til; imparti la ense anza esot rica a unos pocos, a esos pocos que pod an obtener alguna comprensi n; pero l se ocup de las masas, de acuerdo al sentido com nya la ayuda en el plano f sico. Remember this (6-206/8).

6. El objetivo principal del Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del mundo es, y ha sido siempre, reunir a todos los agentes de buena voluntad que responden a la energ a de la divina voluntad al bien! Su trabajo puede ser intensificado constructiva y creadoramente por la uni n del avatar de S ntesis y el Cristo. Su tarea consiste es introducir la Nueva Era, donde los cinco reinos de la naturaleza comenzar na actuar como un todo creador. Su trabajo puede ser clasificado por sectores, funciones o actividades, para:

i. Llegar a una síntesis o unidad humana, que conducirá a un reconocimiento universal de una sola humanidad, a lograrse mediante las correctas relaciones humanas.

ii. Establecer correctas relaciones con los reinos subhumanos de la naturaleza, lo cual conduce al reconocimiento universal de que existe un solo mundo.

iii. Arraigar abiertamente en la Tierra, el Reino de Dios, la Jerarquía espiritual de nuestro planeta, que conducirá al reconocimiento de que ¡os hijos de los hombres son uno. (8-71)

7. Esta Ciencia de Contacto gobierna todas las relaciones de nuestra vida Planetaria, incluyendo, por ejemplo, la armonía que se está estableciendo entre la humanidad y los animales domésticos. Dichos animales son para su propio reino lo que el Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo es para la humanidad. El Nuevo Grupo de Servidores del Mundo es puente de unión y medio de comunicación entre la Jerarquía – el quinto reino – y la Humanidad – el cuarto reino – de acuerdo al actual Plan divino; los animales domésticos cumplen por lo tanto una función análoga entre la humanidad – el cuarto reino – y el reino animal – el tercero. Tales analogías frecuentemente son campos fértiles de iluminación. (11-59)

8. (Su meta es) proporcionar un centro de luz en el mundo de los hombres y mantener elevada la visión para los hijos de los hombres. Esto nunca deben olvidarlo, y el nuevo grupo de servidores del mundo debe comprender su misión y reconocer las demandas que de él hace la humanidad. ¿Cuáles son estas demandas? Las enumeraré y pediré que simplemente las acepten y actúen de acuerdo a ellas:

i. Que reciba y transmita iluminación desde el reino de las almas.

ii. Que reciba inspiración de la Jerarquía y, en consecuencia, se dedique a inspirar.

iii. Que mantenga ante los ojos de los hombres la visión del Plan, porque “donde no hay visión, los pueblos perecen

iv. Que actúe como grupo intermediario entre la Jerarquía y la humanidad, recibiendo luz y poder, luego inspirado por el amor, utilizar a ambos en la construcción del nuevo mundo futuro.

v. Que se afane en Piscis, iluminado por Tauro, y responda de acuerdo al impulso acuariano proveniente de la Jerarquía.

Estos no sólo son objetivos individuales, sino la meta para todo el grupo. Los que responden a la fuerza dadora de vida de Acuario ya la fuerza dadora de luz de Tauro, pueden trabajar y lo harán en el nuevo grupo de servidores del mundo, aunque no lo conozcan esotéricamente ni hayan oído hablar de quienes son sus compañeros de trabajo bajo ese nombre. Remember this (18-197).

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