Nothing is a loss, Message from Cerridwen, Celtic Goddess of the Moon and Harvest

  • 2015

I have been feeling the presence of a great Divine Being for quite some time. During the last few days, she presented herself as Cerridwen, the Celtic Mother Goddess of the Dark Aspect / the Witch Elder of the Moon. She has taken me on many visions searches over the past few days, and just before she told me she was going to transcribe her message she took me to another vision. We were in the water, unsure of whether it was a river or a stream, but we reached a fork where one has to choose the direction, although instead of choosing we flew away. All I could see was these great wings of a huge black bird whose wings created shadows on the ground before us; It was a giant crow and there was a pig running through the woods through the trees and tall grass. I was taken to where a woman was standing in front of a boiler, and that is where I met Cerridwen, who made me sit down to continue sharing her message with me.

Nothing is a loss

... I, Cerridwen, come today because I see many people of different ages starting tasks and projects and then give them up at the first sign of difference, setback or difficulty.

Many times the steps taken in order to achieve a certain goal or ambition do not come out exactly as one has previously imagined, but this does not mean that your efforts to that point have been in vain, a waste of time, and that they have no relevance . Sometimes it is necessary to allow any change to unfold in front of you because it has come to show you a different path, but better. Nothing is never in vain or a loss because everything has a purpose and meaning. Taking time to observe, witnessing something and allowing yourself to grow with any new changes, even if it is sudden, adds to the wisdom that your experiences are helping you accumulate.

Do not worry about what another person is doing or how much it seems to have progressed, it is your path and you may not be fully aware of everything you have endured to get to the point where you are ... nothing is partial. Everything grows and transforms at your own pace and has nothing to do with the effort that you are putting into the present, it only means that you have to discover yourself a little more and where you are at that precise moment. Do not hurry, put to rest the small self of your person who tries to make you as you are the others, and learn to simply be the pure you from the virtue of your heart acting selflessly.

There is no easy or difficult experience that has been presented to you for anything. Even in the most difficult circumstances his greatest teacher is there in the middle of everything and has been the assistant of his development. Give yourself permission to unfold like a fresh new flower looking for the first time since its outbreak on the earth the heat of the Sun, and look beautiful, not only externally but mainly inside, seeing the most real parts of you that you are trying to hide. Regardless of whether you are a man, a woman or a child, you have a lot to offer the world, but first you have to accept and appreciate all that was required for your deployment, to get where you are now.

As you learn to recognize your own special uniqueness and courageous heart, see others around you as not so different as they are also trying as much as you can to develop the beauty of your own inner self governed by your brave heart.

See yourself and everyone else regardless of their background and external appearance as vital beings for the evolution of all people. Under the stars and the moon above, above the Earth, you are important and essential to life — extend your goodness to others and you will benefit from your own development.

When the challenges appear to pile up, take a deep breath and search thoroughly if necessary to realize that yes, you could have done better, but also worse and someone out there could be experiencing a journey much worse than yours right now. Complaining does not weaken any stressful thing they are feeling; Let go of the emotion you hold on to and that is creating the pain and discomfort . When you let go of fear and painful emotions your stress weakens and you discover that there is a light directing you towards a path that was blocked, and that light is flowing from your loving heart guiding you where you have to go, where it is better for you right in those moments Let the future worry about itself and focus on the here and now.

Learn from everything positive that each situation offers you, don't give up simply because something unexpected has crossed your path…. you never know what new sudden changes could be exactly what you need at that time and place ...

I AM Cerridwen, Goddess of the Moon and the Harvest

Title: Nothing is a loss ...

... your days are full to the brink of blessings, welcome them with an open heart and joy will come soon after. I say goodbye to you for now.

AUTHOR: Julie Miller


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