Born in the New Earth, Archangel of the Elohim

  • 2014

Greetings beloved, we are the Arcangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and give support since the energies of the New Earth now begin to flourish on and within the planet Earth. These energies are now allowing the manifestation of dreams that reside within the space of the heart and we ask you to allow EVERYTHING to unfold and LET GO in the TRUTH. For many of you at this time there can be huge frustrations since you allowed the old 3D earth to try to teach you that your dreams are being taken away and we guide you to TRUST this process that is being He is unfolding as his SOUL is leading at all times. In the old 3D paradigms they were taught to plan and carry out logically any of the ue s dreams and we deeply taught that the embrace of that dream It involved a lot of `` hard work '' and `` energy ''.

Many at this time are filtering the delivery of the manifestation of their dreams due to this highly distorted teaching. Beloved as you begin to anchor the energies of the New Earth now and to flourish, then you will begin to align fully with the new frequency of Mother Earth.

This will see a new way of living and BEING born on and within the planet Earth and born within the BEING. Because the movement of LOVE that IS to and through your human vehicle will see you in the FLOW. That is where the manifestation becomes like breathing. Because in TRUTH you are BEINGS of vast energy that have been taught to ignore your own power and strength. Many of you are now understanding at deeper levels the skills you have inside to steer the boat without having to know all the details of the boat trip, do you understand our guide, beloved ones, do you understand the analogy?

The old 3D earth taught them to plan their life experience minute by minute, teaching them to deviate from the logical plane of their life to the detriment of their human life experience. This is highly distorted since at all times YOU manifest, your experience of human life, the wonder of LIFE on planet Earth can now be FEELED. It is a beloved experience, they have been taught by the old earth to "see" their life and not to FEEL or explore it, do they understand the analogy and the difference in frequency on which we lead? Life is not to be "seen", it is to experience and as the energies of the New Earth begin to flourish IN YOUR INTERIOR then you will begin to understand the experience of human life on this planet in a completely different context. You have been led to believe that life is something hard to mold, we show you the TRUTH, human life is to be experienced and it is something that FLOWS in the TRUTH.

As the frequencies of the New Earth begin to expand within your human vehicle, they will begin to manifest what they TEACHED you that is impossible, this can be challenging at the level of mental awareness and can cause some frustration to arise because you are looking for a point of reference within human consciousness. This is not possible at this time as human consciousness is expanding as you expand, beloved ones and the benchmarks are being created by those who are now experiencing. Do you understand our beloved guide? As they begin to manifest miracles, they will begin to gain strength and FAITH since the reference points will then begin to build on themselves. This is similar to a child starting to walk, as they gain TRUST they begin to TRUST at every step and we ask ALL of you to breathe and TRUST and have FAITH at this time on and within the planet Earth.

We are the Arcangeloi of the ELOHIM and we walk with you eternally loved, NOW is the time to embrace the miracles that are emerging along and within Planet Earth. Allow them to manifest, let go of the need to KNOW how they will manifest and let go of the need for them to be

DREAM, RESPECT, and BE BECAUSE EVERYTHING FLOWS now in the TRUTH on planet Earth in the UNIVERSE of 3.

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Translation - Shanti

Elohim Consciousness

Born in the New Earth, Archangel of the Elohim

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