Mudras: Mudra of the Inner Being

  • 2014

This mudra belongs to the group of spiritual mudras that in ancient times were used in temples and churches to reinforce meditation and prayer.

Join the tips of the index, the middle finger, the ring finger and the little finger and the alhohadillas of the hands. The thumbs must stay together and travel the "path" until they touch the joined ends of the little fingers. Below the tips of the little fingers an empty cavity is formed through which the light shines. This opening symbolizes the strength of the heart through divine wisdom . In each person the opening is different.

This mudra symbolizes the inner being of a person, covered by bodily power, but occasionally aired by happiness or suffering, or directed by the hidden school of the inner man.

Keep your hands in this position first before the forehead, and look without squinting, through the overture as long as you can; then lower your arms and keep the mudra for a while a few centimeters below the chin. Your hands are automatically found right in the place where according to the ancient mysteries is the soul, and that is why your hands form a temple. Now, pay attention to your breathing. With each exhalation, gently blow "Huuu" and let yourself be carried away by the small opening to the infinite, the great mystery.

When this mudra is practiced, and more if it is done cross-legged in the meditation posture, the different parts of the body form many triangles; starting with the small space between the fingers, through the posture of the hands, arms, legs and the whole body. The triangle is the symbol of divinity and our body on this occasion expresses it in a multiple way. This mudra is a prayer without words, a silent meditation, a surrender to the divine.

With this mudra we enter the realm of the impalpable, of the divine.

Mudras: Mudra of the Inner Being

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