Many lives, much wisdom. Following Brian Weiss

  • 2011

When a person disincarnates, what happens to the thoughts that gave him life? Why is it that several people today are aware of their previous lives? What is the purpose of each of the lives?

The first thing is to differentiate between soul and spirit. The soul is life, it is the recorded force that the human being inherits from his ancestors, and he continues to record it with his own experiences and experiences or rectifying it in the course of his life. If the life of the being is positive and its inherited or own thoughts are through inner work, elevated to a higher understanding of existence, it will begin to form its spiritual being.

If a human being was composed of 60% of positive thoughts (spirit) and 40% of negative-ill thoughts (soul), at the time of disembodiment, that 60% of positive thoughts, which vibrate on the same frequency, will be housed united in another cognitive cloud that will attract you by affinity. This cloud can be found in the same family offspring, in other beings, in the cloud of the same planet or in some moon of the solar system. This energetic body will be reincarnated many times in the clouds of human beings, until its energetic being has reached its sixth month of gestation. The other 40% of negative-ill thoughts will vibrate at different frequencies. For this reason, at the moment of discarding their thoughts, they will disperse and be housed in other cognitive clouds of other human beings.

The second, differentiate knowledge and wisdom. Applied knowledge is force that expresses itself; Applied wisdom is energy in action . The physical unit of force capable of producing well-being and comfort may be one hundred times less than the unit of mental force with which an ideal is formed. If the work equivalent to a physical unit of force is taken as 1, we do not exaggerate if we consider the emotional unit with a value of 5, the concrete mental 25 and that corresponding to an ideal of the abstract mind 125.


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We enter a new life with a long past and many lives, by undertaking our task once again on earth we will be conditioned by the law of causality to achieve your goals and these are:

Collect as much positive thoughts as possible to form the energetic being and join the millions of energetic beings of the universe of the same lineage and offspring.

When an incarnated being awakens and begins to feed on universal knowledge, he tends to attract and harbor thoughts similar to his desire and energy condition. It is here that he will begin to identify himself with great thoughts and with those beings who made them known through word and history.

The more he feeds on them, the more identified he will feel and as this thought increases within himself, life after life, through time and reincarnations, he will be part of that universal vibration eternally, because when he disincarnates he will be united by attraction and vibratory characteristics.

This whole process is not carried out in a lifetime, many incarnations are needed to form the preponderant characteristics that will constitute it and that is how the spiritual being is modeled and shaped.

Lives of the Masters of Wisdom.

In the first line of Wisdom we find two Masters, Master Jupiter and Master Morya. Both have transcended the fifth Initiation, and Master Jupiter, who is also Regent of India, is considered the oldest by the entire Masters Lodge. He lived, 100 years ago, in the hills of Nilgherry, in the south of India, and is one of the Masters who generally do not accept disciples, since they include only higher level initiates and a good number of Masters. In his hands are the reins of the government of India, including much of the northern border, and on Him falls the arduous task of finally leading this country, so that it leaves the present chaos and restlessness and its diverse peoples merge into a final synthesis

Master Morya, one of the best-known Oriental adherents, gathers among His disciples a large number of Europeans and Americans; he is a prince Rajput, who for many decades occupied a prominent position in the affairs of India. It acts in close collaboration with the Manu and will opportunely be the Manu of the sixth root race. He lives, like His Brother KH, in Shigats, in the Himalayas, and is a figure well known to the inhabitants of that distant village. He is a tall man with an imposing presence, with black hair and beard and dark eyes, and His appearance could be considered severe, if not for the expression of His eyes. He and His Brother, Master KH, work almost as a unit, and they have done so for centuries and will do so in the future, for Master KH is prepared to take the position of Instructor of the World, when the current incumbent leaves him to do a higher job, and the sixth root race comes into existence. The houses that inhabit are together, and much of the time they work in close association. As Master M. belongs to the first ray, that of Will and Power, His work consists largely of carrying out the plans of the current Manu. Act as an inspirer of the statesmen of the world; he manages, through the Great Lord, the forces that will produce the necessary conditions for the progress of racial evolution. On the physical level, the great national executives with international ideals and broad vision are influenced by him, and with him certain great devas of the mental plane cooperate; three large groups of angels also work with him in mental levels, in union with minor devas that vitalize mental forms and, for the good of all mankind, keep mental forms of life alive. the Guides of the race.

Master Morya has a large group of disciples under his instruction, works with many esoteric organizations and also through the world's politicians and statesmen.

As Magician Melchior, he was present at the birth of Jesus by granting him myrrh, a symbol of the mental.

As King Arthur, he was a British leader who led the defense of Great Britain against the Saxon invaders at the beginning of the 6th century. The center of the history of this King is the search for the Holy Grail that cup from which Jesus drank at the last supper, which was said to have powers over Healing and regenerative physics. This cup would have been given to Joseph of Arimathea, and his descendants would have taken it to England. Merl n would have asked Arturo to look for the Cup and he sent his knights to find it.

Helena Petrovna Blatvasky (1831-1891) was a disciple of Master Morya was a Russian writer, occultist and theosophist. She was also one of the founders of the Theosophical Society and contributed to the spread of modern Theosophy, but as Cagliostro (1743-1795) it affected the reputation of the Masters.

Master Koot Humi, well known in the West, has many disciples everywhere, is a native of Kashmir and His family originally came from India. He is also a Initiate of high degree and belongs to the second ray of Love Wisdom. He is of noble presence and tall stature, although somewhat less corpulent than Master Morya; of white complexion, golden brown hair and beard, and eyes of a wonderful deep blue, the love and wisdom of ages seems to flow through them. He has a great experience and a vast culture; He was originally educated at one of the British universities and speaks English correctly. He reads a lot, and the books of all the literatures in different languages, arrive at His study in the Himalayas. It mainly deals with the vitalization of certain great philosophical tendencies and is interested in some philanthropic organizations. It corresponds, in large part, to the work of stimulating the manifestation of love, latent in the hearts of all men, and awakening in the consciousness of the race the perception of the great fundamental fact of brotherhood.

As Pythagoras (582-507 BC) he was a Greek philosopher and mathematician, famous above all for his Theorem, which actually belongs to the Pythagorean school and not just Pythagoras. His school said "Everything is number", so he dedicated himself to the study and classification of numbers.

As the Magician Baltazar was present at the birth of Jesus granting him incense, symbol of the emotional.

As Nagarjuna (150-250) he was an Indian philosopher, founder of the Madhyamaka school (middle way) of Mahayana Buddhism.

As Parsifal appears in a medieval epic poem, knight of the Round Table and the court of King Arthur, and his search for the Holy Grail.

As Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) he was an Italian saint, deacon, founder of the Franciscan Order and a second order known as the Poor Clare Sisters, both arising under the authority of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. In 1221 he founded a third order consisting of lay people. From being the son of a rich city merchant in his youth, he went on to live under the strictest poverty and observance of the Gospels . In Egypt, he tried unsuccessfully to convert Muslims to Christianity. He was canonized in 1228.

Like San Martín de Porres (1579-1639) he was a Peruvian friar of the Dominican order. He was the first black saint of America and is a universal patron of peace . He is also known as the Saint of the broom for being represented with a broom in his hand as a symbol of his humility. Beatified in 1837 and canonized in 1962.

As Sha Jahan (1592-1666) He is a character known especially for the construction of the Taj Mahal, a funerary monument dedicated to his second wife Arjumand Bano Begum, popularly known as Mumtaz Mahal ('jewel of the palace'), with which he married when I was 20 years old

Master Djwal Khul or Master DK, as it is often called, is another adept of the second ray of Love-Wisdom, the last of the adepts who passed the initiation, for he received the fifth initiation in 1875; it retains the same body of then; most of the Masters received her in previous bodies, her body of Tibetan origin is not young. He is dedicated to Master KH and lives in a small house close to that of this Master. By His willingness to serve and do whatever is necessary, he has been called "the Messenger of the Masters." He is very cultured and has more knowledge about the rays and planetary Hierarchies of the solar system, than any other Master. Work with those who are dedicated to healing, and cooperate in the great laboratories of the world in an unknown and invisible way, with the truth seekers, with all those who definitely try to cure and relieve the world and with the great world philanthropic movements, such as the Red Cross. He takes care of the disciples of the different Masters, who can take advantage of his instruction, and in the last ten years he has greatly relieved the teaching work of the Masters M. and KH, taking charge of him, for a certain time, some of His aspirants and disciples. He also works a lot with certain groups of devas of the ether, who are healing devas and thus collaborate with Him in the work of remedying some physical ills of humanity. He dictated much of the monumental work The Secret Doctrine, and made HP Blavatsky see many illustrations and data that appear in that book.

As Magician Gaspar was present at the birth of Jesus, granting him gold, a material symbol.

Master Pablo, the Venetian. He worked under the direction of Master R. in North America; It had much to do esoterically with the different mental sciences, such as Christian Science and the New Thought, both constituting an effort of the Lodge in an effort to teach men the reality of the invisible and the power, creator of the mind. His body is Irish; it belongs to the fourth ray, and the place of His residence was not revealed. He took over a large part of Master Serapis' work when he dealt with the devotional evolution.

Like Paolo Veronese, Italian painter (1528-1588) represented the biblical scenes in the manner of the great Venetian festivals, thus reflecting the joy of living and the splendor of the Republic of the Bulldogs.

Master Serapis, often called the Egyptian, is generally associated with the ancient mystery schools; but its energy is much older than that. He was venerated as the God Osiris in Atlantis.

As Thoth performed the office of sacred clerk, as he documented the facts in the room of the Two Truths . He was the registrar and the judge. In the Egyptian pantheon he attended the weighing of "souls" on a scale, the trial of Osiris.

As Hermes Trismegisto he was a sage who worked in alchemy and developed a system of metaphysical beliefs that today is known as hermetic . It was called that because it was triple: the first, comparable to Tot, was a "civilizing hero, " an initiator in the mysteries of divine science and the wisdom that animates the world, who recorded the principles of this sacred science in hieroglyphics. The second Hermes, the one from Babylon, was the initiator of Pythagoras. The third Hermes was the first master of alchemy. He has been active on this planet for much longer than that.

It belongs to the fourth ray, and from Him the great artistic movements of the world, the evolution of music, painting and theater receive energetic impulse. He currently dedicates most of His time and attention to the work of devic or angelic evolution, until, through His help, it is possible to make the great revelation in the world of music and painting, in the immediate future.

Master Hilarion belongs to the fifth ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science, and in a previous incarnation was Pablo de Tarso. He has a Cretan body, but he spends much of his time in Egypt. He gave the world the occult treaty called Light on the Path and His work is particularly interesting, for the general public, in the current crisis, because he works with those who develop intuition, and controls and transmutes the great movements that tend to unclog the veil of unseen. His energy stimulates the groups of psychic researchers through His disciples, and it was he who initiated, through several of His disciples, the spiritualist movement. He has all the higher order psychics under observation, and helps them develop their powers for the good of the group; He works together with some devas in the astral plane, to open, to the seekers of truth, that subjective world that is behind the gross matter.

As Saul (5, 10-67) Son of Hebrews and descendant of the tribe of Benjamin, in his teens he is sent to Jerusalem, where he studied with the famous Rabbi Gamaliel. He had a much greater education than the humble fishermen who were the first apostles of Christ.

Paul of Tarsus was an active persecutor of Christians under the influence of the Pharisees. In fact he was one of those who participated and nodded in the execution of St. Stephen, the first martyr of the church at the time, who was the victim of stoning not as a result of the barbarity of the crowd, but as a fulfillment of a judicial execution, For Saul had the permission of Rome. In the year 36, on his way to Damascus, he had a vision and converted to Christianity. When Saul of Tarsus contemplated the glory of the Lord, he became Paul, the Apostle, and struggled to reach the light, he wrote the Epistle to the Hebrews that has sparked so much controversy. Note that the change from Saul to Paul is very similar to that of Jacob-Israel, with the difference that Jacob fought with his own shadow, while Saul experimented with the soul of humanity.

One of the reasons that Christianity focuses on the crucifixion and not on the resurrection is because St. Paul, before receiving the third initiation, was under the powerful influence of Mars and was born in Scorpio. He was the one who gave the Scorpio-Mars bias to the interpretation and exposition of Christian doctrine and diverted the energy towards those teaching channels outside the purposes of its Founder: towards sex and death.

As Jámblico (years 245 to 325) He insisted above all on the guiding power of the mind, on the rejection of materialism and on the existence of an eternal and immaterial soul.

The Master Jesus, focal point of the energy that flows through the different Christian churches, currently occupies a Syrian body and lives somewhere in the Holy Land. He travels a lot and spends long seasons in various parts of Europe. He works more especially with the masses than with individuals, although he has gathered around him a large group of disciples. It belongs to the sixth ray of Abstract Devotion or Idealism, and His disciples are frequently characterized by that fanaticism and devotion that manifested in the martyrs of early Christian times. He is of martial appearance, demands discipline, is a man of iron will and dominion. Tall and thin, with a long and thin face, black hair, pale complexion and penetrating blue eyes. His current work is of great responsibility, as he was assigned the task of guiding Western thought, to get him out of his current state of uneasiness and take him to the peaceful waters of certainty and knowledge, thus preparing the advent, in Europe and America, from the Instructor of the World.

He is well known in biblical history, appearing first as Joshua, the son of Nun; then it appears again in the times of Ezra, like Jeshua, receiving the third initiation, which in the Book of Zechariah is recounted as that of Joshua, and in, the Gospel is known for two great sacrifices, the one in which He gave His body so that Christ will use it, and that of the great renunciation, characteristic of the fourth initiation.

As Apollonius of Tiana, (3-97) was a follower of Pythagoras and wanted to access the mysteries of Eleusis. He received the fifth initiation and became a Master of Wisdom. Since then he remained and acted in the Christian Church, fostering the germ of true spiritual life among the members of sects and divisions, and neutralizing as much as possible the errors and mistakes of clergy and theologians. He is clearly the great Leader, the General and the Executive Sage, and in church affairs he cooperates closely with the Christ, saving him a lot of work and acting as His intermediary, when possible. No one like Him knows the problems of the West so deeply; nobody is so intimately in touch with those who best represent Christian teachings, and nobody knows the need of the present moment so well. Some eminent prelates of the Anglican and Catholic churches are His agents.

Master Rakoczi is especially concerned with the future development of racial affairs in Europe and mental development in America and Australia. He is Hungarian, has his home in the Carpathians, having at one time been a well-known figure in the Hungarian court. He is rather short and thin, with a pointed black beard and straight black hair. He does not accept as many disciples as the aforementioned Masters. He currently directs the majority of the third ray disciples of the West, along with Master Hilarion. It belongs to the seventh ray of Magic or Ceremonial Order, and acts primarily through esoteric ritual and ceremonial; He has a vital interest in the hitherto unrecognized effects of the Freemason ceremonial, that of the various fraternities and that of all churches. In the Lodge it is generally called “the Count” and in America and Europe it acts practically as general director, in the realization of the plans of the executive council of the Lodge. Some Masters form an internal group around the three Great Lords, and meet in council very frequently.

Like St. Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, he was a carpenter, a profession he taught his son and humble extraction.

As Proclus (410-485) he was a Greek Neoplatonic philosopher, one of the last great classical philosophers, just as Jámblico dared to link Neoplatonic philosophy with the different theologies and religious movements of the time.

As Merlin the Magician (501-600) was the source of wisdom for King Arthur. A version more attached to the story says that Merlin or Myrddin Emrys in Welsh was the bastard son of one of the kings of Britania: Aurelius Ambrosius, elder brother of Uther Pendragon.

In any case, it seems that Merlin was created at first to attract humans to the dark side that every man keeps, but when he grew up he decided to do precisely the opposite: he became a spiritual guide of his time, and advisor to different kings

Like Roger Bacon (1214-1294) he was an English philosopher, scientist, and theologian, of the Franciscan order.

As Francis Bacon (1561-1626) is considered the father of empiricism. His works and thoughts exerted a decisive influence on the development of the scientific method.

As Count Saint Germain (1696-1784) he was an enigmatic character, described as courtier, adventurer, inventor, alchemist, pianist, violinist and amateur composer, known for being a recurring figure in several occult themes.

Little can be said about the two English Masters. Disciples do not accept in the sense that Masters KH and M. do. One resides in Great Britain, is in charge of the definitive direction of the Anglo-Saxon race and works on the plans of future development and evolution. It is behind the Labor movement around the world, transmuting and directing it, and the current rising tide of democracy. From the democratic restlessness, and from the current chaos and confusion, the future world condition will arise, which will have as a keynote cooperation, not competition; the distribution, not the centralization.

For 100 years, Master Morya, Master Koot Humi. and the Master Jesus, are intimately interested in the work of unifying, as far as possible, Eastern and Western thought, so that the great Eastern religions, with the latest development achieved by the Christian creed in all its ramifications, can benefit mutually. The great Universal Church is expected to come into existence in this way.

The platform of the new world religion contains three main presentations of the truth, or three doctrines; Mystical, mental and religious. The elaboration of these three points of view or evocations of the truth has been the work of the group of idealistic disciples.

Transcendentalism as an American philosophical, political and literary movement flourished approximately between 1836 and 1860. It began as a reform movement within the Unitarian Church that sought to extend the application of thought to the inner God and the meaning of intuitive thinking. It started from the approaches of Emmanuel Kant.

Both the meditation technique and the movement were created in India in the mid-1950s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and reached worldwide extension in the 1960s. Paramahansa Yogananda disseminated ancient practices and Yoga philosophy, especially Kriya Yoga, taught by his teacher Swami Sri Yukteswar and the teachers before him. Deepak Chopra has been a follower of transcendental meditation and his approaches are considered quantum mysticism, an expression that defines the belief that the laws of quantum mechanics incorporate mystical ideas similar to those found in certain religious traditions.

Mentalism had its sources in psychology,

Today we talk about mentalism from philosophy, psychology and quantum physics. For the philosophy of the mind, mental states exist as causally effective internal states of personality. One of its exponents is Noam Chomsky.

In psychology, mentalism refers to the branches of study focused on mental processes, perception and thinking, as cognitive psychology does.

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