Melchizedek Method ~ Seminars 2014 in Bogot (Colombia)

  • 2014



“The Melchizedek Method is much more than a technique of light activation, healing and rejuvenation. It is a complete new formula for physical health, harmony and spiritual ascent ”

What is the Melchizedek Method?

The Melchizedek Combined Level 1 & 2 Method teaches and practically demonstrates a revolutionary new technique of light body activation, holographic healing and reversal of the aging process.

It was initially practiced in the ancient times of Atlantis, presented to man by cetaceans (dolphins and whales) within the temples of self-discovery and higher education.

The techniques of the MM were delivered back to earth by the great Ascended Master Thoth through Alton Kamadon.

How does the Melchizedek Method work?

The basis of the Melchizedek Method is the activation of the Merkaba Hologram of Love, it establishes a continuous flow of love energy from your heart to the Source God and to the heart of the Earth . This raises the vibration of light within the cellular atomic structure. Once activated the healing capacity of the practitioner are raised exponentially. The heart wakes up and opens more to unconditional Love and continues like this during its daily life.


Melchizedek Method in Colombia Seminars 2014 in Bogot

Facilitator: Mar Eliza Tinajero

Level 1 & 2 (option1): April 17-20

Level 1 & 2 (option 2): July 24-27


Facilitator: Miguel Munguia Gonzalez

Level 1 & 2: August 14-17

Level 3: November 14-16


Melchizedek Method ~ Seminars 2014 in Bogot (Colombia)

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