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  • 2013



Remember this: when you invoke the POWER of the Presence , and then something discordant happens to you, it is because you have not used the Flame Consumer Violet to consume the discord of which you know nothing, having been attracted around you in an incarnation or previous experience. Then, when your attention brings it forward, it will act destructively if you do not use the Violet Consumer Flame to prevent any discordant activity that you have attracted around you in the past, to manifest again in this incarnation. If you believe in this I just told you, and you follow it with determination, your Liberation WILL COME QUICK —- to each and every one of you.

Never be discouraged if, upon your arrival in the knowledge of the Presence, things of a discordant nature are manifested and act in your current experience, since this is only because the Violet Consumer Flame has not been used with sufficient intensity in this incarnation.



The Law of Life, the Law of your own Being, is that being the creators of disharmony and discord in your world, it is necessary that you make the call to your own "Great I AM Presence" —- your own Presence of individualized God, your Christ Self - to discharge a greater volume of energy and Light in order to dissolve what you, as individuals, have attracted around you, the product of your ignorance.

As long as individuals do not use the Violet Consumer Flame to dissolve the discord they have attracted around them, they cannot have permanent progress or expansion of their own Light.

In the outside world, if you moved to a house full of all kinds of goodies and furniture, and you had beautiful new furniture, how could you accommodate the new furniture, if you don't take out the old ones first? The same happens now, with the accumulation of discordant and destructive thoughts and feelings, with which you have filled your world. Then, there is only one means of permanent activity to clean it, and it is the use of the Violet Consumer Flame to set them free. He will act with great Power if you feel that the Presence is passing that Violet Flame through his flesh, his emotions and his mental body. He will quickly dissolve and dispose of his discordant accumulation, so that they never have to look at her again. Never wish, O Beloved of Light, to scrutinize your human creations, I beg you. May God help you if you wish. With the use of the "Magna Flame Consumer Violet", you will never have to do that. With a glance that they give to their own creation, they will never want to give it another. So I tell you that the Infinite Power of Cosmic Light has made it possible for Me to bring you this simple, Transcendental and Majestic Teaching and Application that is your Liberation - whenever you apply it.

We who are in the Ascended State have dynamically made this same Application, this same Understanding of the "I AM Presence" that I have brought you. If they don't believe it, then I can't help them; but they do believe it, then their Liberation is already here.



Let us remember today once again that you MUST use your Violet Consumer Flame, even when you are still; even when their feelings are harmonious, due to the constant elevation to the surface of the old discordant thing to be consumed and dissolved. Beloved hearts, never, but never get tired of doing these things that have given you such Eternal Liberation. In their external work, they get annoyed about feeding and dressing, don't they? And yet they get up the next day and go through the same process again. Well, now they have an opportunity to recognize their Presence, to free themselves from all limitations, from all external struggles to make a living with the sweat of their forehead - something that was never intended in the Kingdom of God.



Unless you, gentlemen, believe me and understand the need to use the Violet Consumer Flame on yourself and your worlds, you cannot keep your guard up or be ruled by your Presence without interruption. The reason for this is that you have gathered around your human body, a tremendous accumulation of discord which is waiting for the slightest opportunity to express itself. Do not go wrong in this regard! We have no claims in that regard. When you enter this Current of Light, every discordant accumulation (which is your own life energy that you have used discordantly in the past) tries to pounce to find expression. And so it will act if you do not use the Violet Consumer Flame enough to keep all the discordant things dissolved as they manifest and try to express themselves.

All those who have used this Flame fervently have found that their lives have become calm and harmonized. Even if an accident could have occurred, it was avoided. We have had students who had car accidents and things like that, and sometimes they were rebellious when such things happened. They were told from the beginning that unless they used the Violet Consumer Flame with firm determination, of having destructive qualities put into action in past lives, that energy would try to manifest itself and act in it. . Every destructive quality has to manifest and be dissolved before you can be free.


The mental and emotional worlds of humanity are one. Please remember that in each particle of your application. Remember, by invoking the Law of Forgiveness, invite it for all mankind, because many human beings do not know that this is necessary! Those of you who do know, have every right to make the call. Through that call, somehow, they will be taken to the point where they will also invoke the Law of Forgiveness for their own mistakes and those of all mankind.

Do you realize how magnificent this activity is in that one expression of Life? For centuries, humanity has repeatedly made these mistakes over and over and over again. Well, Life has now offered people the opportunity to get out; and in his call to the Law of Forgiveness and the use of the Violet Consumer Flame, dissolve and consume all that has accumulated. They also have the Right, the Power and the Authority to rise and leave those accumulations of the centuries.

* Amama Magna Presence I AM in m ! I invoke the Law of Forgiveness for the mistakes of all mankind! I invoke Your Violet Consumer Flame to occupy the site of errors, and produce Purity, Perfection and Victory of Light forever!



Tonight, I would like to call your attention back to something, because it is very important. Oh, many times they have drawn your attention to this, but we cannot stop doing it until you have seen the importance, the imperative need to use the Violet Flame without any fear of what the outcome may be, more Well, looking forward to it.

Let's be very explicit now. With respect to anything that may be found in your accumulation of the past, invoke your Higher Mental Body to drop it into the Violet Consumer Flame and dissolve the last vestige of it. Do not be afraid of it! You have nothing to fear! Call it to get ahead! Tell it to go ahead and be dissolved by the Power of the Violet Consumer Flame right now! And put an end to the matter!

Oh, how I would like all of you to realize this, and how much in your territory, so within your power and authority is it to make some few hours you hate under these wonderful conditions that have been established for the student body now be consumed and dissolved the last vestiges of their accumulation, so that they no longer have the slightest effect or pressure on you.



To you, beloved students - I note that the Messenger called your attention in this regard - I tell you that if you believe for a minute that you do not need to use that Violet Consuming Flame, you will wake up one day to great unhappiness and anxiety in your world. Once you have touched this Light, My beloved, you cannot take only a part of It - you have to have the Law in its entirety ... or nothing! When in Our Great Gifts of Light and Goodness, we tell you what we know is the absolute and positively imperative need for what needs to be done, and then you come and do not believe us, you will find that you have made a grave mistake. There is no incarnate human being today who does not need the Violet Consumer Flame more than anything in the whole world, apart from the knowledge of his own "Great I AM Presence", because they need to dissolve this accumulation generated through incarnations of hundreds and thousands of centuries.


Page 13, chapter 205 ("I AM" "I AM" "I AM").


The Cosmic Moment, My beloved, has arrived in which the Ascended Masters call you to Victory and Liberation in the Light.

By teaching the Ascended Masters to the Students of the "I AM" how to invoke the "Great Presence" I AM " and the Ascended Beings for the discharge of the Violet Consumer Flame within any destructive condition to consume it, they are only using one more concentration Intense Violet Ray Activity of what the external scientific world currently knows.

The Violet Ray - as the external world knows it from the scientific point of view - is part of the Great Infinite Action of the Violet Ray for the entire planet Earth. It is actually One with a specific vibratory action from our physical sun to this Earth, which has a special cleansing action.


Our beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain is the Authority for the Action of that Violet Ray for this Earth. Therefore, to help consume the destructive qualities in humanity, He uses a direction of His Electronic Force by far more powerful than any other focus of His Activity.

Any Ray that an Ascended Master directs is at all times qualified with the perfect balance of Love, Light, Wisdom and Power. Therefore, when you invoke the "I AM Presence" or the Ascended Masters to flame the Consuming Violet Flame through you or a destructive condition, there can never be a sensation or result of that that is not a Great Relief, Comfort and Peace of Divine Love, held in Perfect Balance by the Power and Wisdom of either the "I AM Presence » Or the Ascended Masters.

That is why Saint Germain has said that the use of the Flame Violet Consumer is more valuable to you and all humanity than all wealth, than all the gold and jewels of this planet.

THE CONSCIOUS APPLICATION OF THE USE OF THE CONSUMER VIOLET FLAME IS THE MEANS AND WAY PROVIDED FOR LIFE - THE "I AM PRESENCE" - TO DISSOLVE ALL DESTRUCTIVE QUALITY AND CONDITION IN A HARMONIOUS AND PERMANENT WAY; and to consume the cause that creates them, replacing all the wrong creation of humanity with the Purity, Perfection and Balance of that which is entirely Constructive and, therefore, Divine.

There is no human being on Earth who thinks correctly, and who sincerely and honestly makes this Call - keeping his feelings harmonized - who cannot receive this action and assistance from the Purifying Power of the Consuming Violet Flame from the Eighth of Life of the Masters Ascended, to change everything human in your world to everything Divine.


In the Decree below, observe how you can use each destructive condition, as a means that enables you to invoke from within Life, a Greater Power than you have previously been aware of, and then keep Your Action permanently sustained and always-in. -expansion in your own world.

Under any discordant condition, issue the following Decree and say:

* “¡” Beloved Magna Presence “I AM” in me and Great Host of Ascended Masters! Stand guard here with your Almighty Power Victorious of the Consumer Violet Flame in the full victory of his Love, Light, Wisdom and Power, in Perfect Balance! Capture all energy directed at me that has been discordantly qualified! FLAME the Violet Consumer Flame through it, purify it, charge it with Your Cosmic Activity of Ascended Master and Almighty Power of Pure Divine Love, and the Directing Intelligence of Ascended Master! Then keep it in my being and world, and order it to produce Perfection and Protection for me forever! ”

Anyone can use this Call to keep energy in the atmosphere around or around their neighbors, constantly purified so that no discord can focus permanently on itself or its activities.

Another intense call that we all need to use frequently is:

* "" Beloved Magna Presence I AM in me " and Great Host of Ascended Masters! In the Cosmic Activity of the Eye-all-seeing of God - watch me, watch me, watch me every second of every day, and watch because I do not think, say, feel, hear or experience anything but His Almighty Victory and Perfection, in everything you do forever; and pour through me your most powerful Indestructible Harmony Radiation to be the Authority that controls all the conditions in which I have to move and watch because they only affect me harmoniously! ”


In this way, you gather by means of the constant application and continuous use of these Calls, an accumulation of Energy, becoming more and more powerful with each Call you make, until you reach the saturation point of the Substance of your mind, of your body and of his world. And when you fill them completely, you will find that you can move into the world of discord without being his, and give him input only that which will produce Harmony and Perfection for you.

This is not achieved in a moment, although everyone has to start at some point, somewhere to collect the momentum; and the more applications we make, the faster we will reach the saturation point - or how they would build a house, brick by brick, until its structure is complete; and when it is completed, they enter it and use it with great joy.

Likewise, each individual can gradually begin to emerge from the problems and discord in which he is surrounded, and enter the permanent condition of Happiness, Perfection and ever-expanding activity of the Great Victory of Life; but that can only reach the individual through his own conscious effort and use of energy in his own life stream to build in the world around him, the Perfection he really craves.

Everything in this Universe that is permanent is built atom by atom; hour by hour; day by day - until reaching the fullness of Perfection.

You can directly invoke your "Great Presence I AM" so that the pouring of the Ascended Masters and Victory of the Pure Divine Love will make them at all times, unloading their Flame Consumer Violet within everything you contact, purifying all Substance and Energy, and charging it with Eternally Sustained Perfection - Instant, Infinite, Eternal and Always-expanding - for Glory and Liberation of all humanity.

Do you realize in the deepest sense that every constructive thing you can ask of Life, is an agreement with the Law of Life, of your Great Presence I AM”, and that the Ascended Masters are willing at all times to download the Fullness of all constructive qualities to this world of physical appearances, here and now, as long as you use them constructively with Wisdom and for the Perfection of the whole?

* “¡” Beloved Magna Presence I AM in me ” make me at all times the pouring of the Ascended Masters and Victory of the Pure Divine Love, discharging His Violet Consuming Flame within everything I contact, purifying all Substance and Energy, and loading it with the Eternally Sustained Perfection - Instant, Infinite, Eternal and Always-expanding - for Glory and Liberation of all mankind.


There can be no Perfection at all without first perfecting the parts. Therefore, the first duty of each one towards his own Life, is to invoke this Purifying Power of the Consuming Violet Flame of the Ascended Masters, to purify everything in their own world; and then be the Door wide open through which this same Great Activity can project itself to its neighbors, its country and the world.

After all, the Life business should be the projection of the Perfect Life for Expansion and the Perfect Activity of the rest of Life. Humanity is immersed in limitations and destruction today because it has forgotten what the purpose of physical life is and to live for the Perfection of its Source . The human being has been merely scratching the material world to gratify the sensations of his emotional world which are always temporary unless they are qualified with the Eternally Sustained Perfection.

If human beings understood the Almighty Power in the use of the Violet Consumer Flame, and then they used it consciously and constantly in everything they did, it would make them so much easier to walk, it would make them so much more jubilant; and wherever they were, they could help free humanity from destruction.

Remember that these Almighty Powers, Attributes and Qualities of the Ascended Master Perfection are within the Life of this Universe. They are within the current of Life of each human being; but the Call of the feelings of each one is required through the attention placed on these Great Powers of Life to download His Action in this physical world.


In everything you do, you are having them with qualified Energy. If they learned to qualify everything in their world many, many, many times a day with the Almighty Power and Action of the Consuming Violet Flame of the Ascended Masters, they would feel a great The very release of the pressure of discord around him, and also release his neighbor from such pressure.

The use of the Flame Violet Consumer of the Ascended Masters has to be invoked and sustained by the constructive people, pouring into destructive conditions, if these conditions are to be changed. Life, which owns the entire Universe, has Intelligence within itself! This Intelligence has a Divine Plan! The means and manner that he has designed to purify the massive creation of humanity is through the conscious understanding and use of the Violet Consumer Flame.

The Ascended Masters have told us that there is not and will never be a permanent liberation of humanity from the miseries of this world, as long as human beings do not understand this Law and apply it !

* I AM the Presence qualifying everything in my world with the Almighty Power and Action of the Consuming Violet Flame of the Ascended Masters.


The most wonderful, purifying, harmonizing, illuminating and balancing vibratory action that has ever come to the humanity of this world, is the Use of the Consuming Violet Flame of the Ascended Masters, and His Love, Light, Wisdom and Power in Perfect Balance.

Don't believe us, check us out! Call on your Great I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters to action to pour His Power through your world constantly, and the greatest Perfection in your world will be the proof that we have told you the truth! When you have received that Greater Perfection, be honest enough with yourself and with Life to recognize that it was the realization of your Direct Call. Only when they comply with the Law to that degree will they find that the Law responds to them with the greatest happiness they have ever known.

Therefore, let us all invoke the most Glorious Power of the Violet Consumer Flame to sweep across the United States, through the mental and emotional world of our people to consume fear, doubt, selfishness, ignorance, hatred, all anger, all resentment, all irritation and all regret - and then enlighten them with His Most Intense Action, clearing the qualities of human destruction with which they have surrounded themselves, and discharge a Power that repels all discord and consumes it forever in the Violet Flame Consumer

Such is the Almighty Assistance that humanity offers these Great Blessed and Glorious Beings - the Ascended Masters - to whom no one can do justice, except in the service to the Ideal that They represent and work incessantly, until all humanity is His Perfection and be free like them.

They are the Power of Cosmic Light, and

"The Light of God never fails!"

"The Light of God never fails!"

"The Light of God never fails!"

… And the Great Presence I AM ”is that Light!



You have been taught the use of the Consumer Violet Flame. The other part of that Activity, which until now we have not been allowed to say much, is in the Call of this Great Energy from the Presence, expanding the Light within each cell of your bodies. Do you realize the immensity of that Authority and Activity that you have? If only they were to realize it, My beloved ones, with a few powerful Calls to their Presence, after having used the Violet Consumer Flame for a few weeks or months, they could sweep and remove all the imperfection. Through the Expansion of the Light within each cell of your body - invoked from the Presence - you could dissolve any vestige of imperfection that can still remain in your human structure. It is only because they doubt feelings, that they have not obtained greater results!

No one is criticizing them now for that, but I am explaining to you tonight the reason for these things happening; and then, I will proceed to govern - or help you govern - the Activity that frees you from any remaining unknown quality that may exist in your emotional world.

The Messengers have told them again and again to invoke the Presence to action to get out of their emotional world, everything that may be there hindering the path. Now, tonight and while I am talking to you, I will put this into action for each of you, since for Me space and time - as you know them - do not exist.

I would like to ask you, in your future work, to give you a little more attention to invoke the energy from the Presence, and FEEL it by expanding the Light within each cell of your bodies, so that it dissolves every imperfection that may exist there. These are powerful activities, and as long as the human element gets out of the way ... they will experience great results! I mean this, each and every one of these words.

* "Beloved Magna Presence" I AM "in me", take from me, from my mind and emotional world, everything that may be impeding the Path of Your Perfection and Energy that flows to produce Perfection for me here. "

* ¡”Beloved Magna Presence“ I AM ”in me”, remove from my emotional world everything that seems to be an obstacle along the way, and download Your Powerful Intelligent Energy, so that it goes ahead and produces these results.

"Beloved Magna Presence" I AM "in me, " make sure this is done now!

* "BELOVED MAGNA PRESENCE" I AM "IN ME" !, LOAD the Points of Light into each cell of my body so that it consciously expands its Light, until that Expansion dissolves all density and releases my body in the Domain of its own light !


pages 22-23 «I AM Speeches for Men of the Minute»

Look at the Plate (of the "I AM" Presence) for a moment. Look at the Tube of Light . You can invoke your own "Great Presence" I AM "to action to form an Invincible Wall of Light - Tube of Light - in which you can move without being touched by the external discord of the World. The Messengers do this today. They constitute living proof before humanity that there is no evil directed at Them that can touch them, because they have invoked the "Presence" so that according to that Tube of Light around Them, they can move in the World without being part of it. .

In this Tube of Light you can see the Violet Consumer Flame. Now, gentlemen, it matters little what human opinion may be; We in Our Eighth of Light know the Truth concerning these things in your physical bodies and your world of activity. Every human being on the face of this Earth has created discord through the hundreds (and perhaps even thousands) of incarnations in which he has lived, similar to these - some more, others less. Therefore, such discord accumulates around them; and on the entire face of the Earth there is no means of dissolving that accumulation and freeing it, except through the use of the Violet Consumer Flame, as seen in the illustration on the Plate. You cannot physically do these things. Simply, from the eighth physics, you can make the Call to the "Great Presence" on you to place that Invincible Protection Tube around you. The "Presence" will establish that Tube of Light, and the Violet Consumer Flame will rise from the feet up; and in this way, this Flame will dissolve anything discordant that you have created around you throughout the centuries.

Gentlemen, I ask you, is it not worth every effort on the part of human beings - really light in the Light of the Great Discharge that arises - to call the “Presence” to action in order to establish that Tube of Light, to use the Violet Flame and self-liberate, so that you can go around the world invoking the Powers of "Presence" and, when you understand the prevailing need, harmonize your own feelings?

page 40 «I AM Speeches for Men of the Minute»

Unless humanity invokes the "Presence" to use the Violet Consumer Flame, you cannot physically produce it. This Flame can only be produced through its call to “Presence, ” who produces it. Therefore, the Violet Flame can only produce Perfection for you; and when you use it as a dissolving activity, the Flame dissolves all the discordant accumulated around you during the past centuries. All this can be quickly dissolved - from a few weeks to a few months at most - if you are sincere and diligent.

These are Great Laws of Life. They are not human opinions, but it is about the Law of Life that We, as Ascended Beings, know that it is Truth!

page 77 «I AM Speeches for Men of the Minute»


Gentlemen, please, when you enter this Light and change your motives of Life, please do not condemn yourself for anything that has happened in the past. Please do not do it, because then you would do nothing but stir everything and give it energy. Put these actions in the Violet Consumer Flame, and let them go forever - whatever it may have been. All mankind has made a certain amount of mistakes, but we do not condemn it. We don't deal with that; we just want to forget about such facts; that's it. From then on, we can then provide you with unlimited Assistance.

page 95 «I AM Speeches for Men of the Minute»


Now, beloved American friends, understand the following: If you are interested in My Words and the Blessings that I am sending you, I ask you three things: first, that you give your attention to the Presence of All Life, the “Powerful I I AM ”that I know is above you, Whose Stream of Light and Energy throbs in your hearts. Second, that you invoke that “Great Presence of Life” to project Your Invincible Tube of Protection Light Inexpugnable around you. Third, that you invoke the “Great Presence” above you to establish the Violet Consumer Flame under your feet, under your beds while you sleep, on the floor of your homes, to dissolve and consume all human discord that may have been generated there .

page 130 «I AM Speeches for Men of the Minute»


Gentlemen, I urge you again today to please not fail to use the Violet Consumer Flame or to invoke the "Presence" to do so, at least twice a day, with all the diligence and determination you have. Ustedes no comprenden como Yo lo que eso entraña, y lo rápido que los llevará a alcanzar la Liberación necesaria para que la Respuesta a sus Llamados o Respuesta a sus Decretos sea inmediata. Esto es todo lo que ustedes necesitan para lograr la plena confianza – en s mismos en las Leyes de la Vida que constituyen su Liberaci n.



Debido a tanta inarmon a, las condiciones que rodean a la humanidad dificultan que la persona promedio se auto-controle y se mantenga armoniosa, pero puede hacerse f cilmente con el conocimiento de la propia Presencia . Luego, se puede realizar la necesidad del Tubo de Luz circundante, tal cual se ve en la L mina.

Cu ntos de ustedes tratan de invocar la Presencia a la acci ny conformar este Tubo de Luz alrededor suyo? Cu ntos de ustedes hacen eso? (muchas manos se levantan) Bueno, eso est muy bien. Son tres las cosas importantes para ustedes: primero, saber que su Presencia es el Dador de toda Vida para ustedes y para el mundo; segundo, invocar la Presencia para usar la Llama Violeta Consumidora y sacar de esta planeta toda cosa discordante y acumulaci n de energ a calificada incorrectamente.

Recuerden ahora que ustedes est n viviendo en un c rculo de su propio mundo! Al pedirle a la Presencia que flamee la Llama Violeta Consumidora a trav s de ustedes, lo har dentro y alrededor de su cuerpo. Al pedirle a la Presencia que haga que la Llama Violeta Consumidora les suba por los pies hasta la cabeza, y que tambi n consuma todo lo que se encuentre alrededor de ustedes (y, por favor, benditos adultos, tomen nota de esto), todo lo discordante que pueda haber en este c rculo de su mundo ser atra do y consumido por ese uso de la Llama Violeta Consumidora. Toda cosa discordante que ustedes jam s hayan generado o creado ser atra da a la Llama, disuelta y consumida. Es algo maravilloso, Mis amados.

Al ustedes entender y, mediante el Conocimiento de su propia Presencia , hacer esto, liberar n su mundo de toda cosa que les ha perturbado hasta ahora. Luego, cuando invoquen la Presencia a la acci n, se encontrar n con una Actividad de la Presencia mucho m s poderosa que si Ella hubiera tenido que verter Su Energ a directamente a trav s de las creaciones discordantes. Humanamente con su cuerpo f sico, ustedes no pueden hacer eso; pero cuando invocan su Presencia a la acci n para que lo haga, Ella act a est n ustedes conscientes de ello o no ya que no es necesario que lo est n.

Tercero, pedirle a su Presencia que conforme alrededor de ustedes este Tubo de Luz, tal cual se ve en la L mina. Entonces, podr n ustedes desplazarse por el mundo sin ser tocados por la discordia de las creaciones humanas en el mundo externo, con la cual necesariamente tienen que encontrarse. Si atraen el Tubo de Luz a su alrededor, acaso no ven que las dem s personas que se les acercan sentir n la pac fica Radiaci n desde la Presencia que se vierte a trav s del Tubo de Luz, y no desear n ser discordantes?

Al entender ustedes estas cosas sencillas y actividades maravillosas, encontrar n que la Presencia gobernar su mundo con una Liberaci n tan feliz y jubilosa como nunca antes hab an podido mantener, hasta que comienzan a experimentarla a trav s de invocar la Presencia a la acci n.


Recuerden, Mis amados, que todo aquello accidente o como sea que le ocurra a un individuo que ha entrado a la Ense anza del YO SOY , s lo puede darse a causa del uso insuficiente de la Llama Violeta Consumidora para mantener disueltas las creaciones discordantes las creaciones pasadas tan pronto como salen a la superficie. Esa es la nica raz n. En la medida que ahora los hombres entiendan cada vez más la necesidad imperativa de invocar la «Presencia» a la Acción para que use la Llama Violeta Consumidora por ellos, los Estudiantes e individuos siempre se encontrarán en guardia y protegidos.


Amados míos, si son lo suficientemente diligentes, utilizarán esta Llama Violeta Consumidora para disolver y consumir toda creación discordante que haya sido atraída alrededor suyo a la largo de las centurias. Tal es la Magnificiente Misericordia de la «Presencia» para con la humanidad hoy. No importa cuán grandes puedan haber sido los errores, mediante el uso constante de la Llama Violeta Consumidora ustedes pueden disolver y consumir toda cosa discordante que hayan atraído a su mundo a lo largo de los siglos. Mis amados, esto es lo que tan fervorosamente estamos tratando de traspasar al cuerpo emocional de ustedes. No se requiere de largos periodos para hacerlo. Si lo hacen diligentemente, sentirán los resultados en sí mismos, una liviandad en su forma humana, y una Liberación que les probará su logro en el uso de la Llama Violeta Consumidora.

Now. amados Míos, esta es la primera Actividad Fundamental. Al ustedes utilizar la Llama Violeta Consumidora, hacen que la « Presencia» la ponga en acción y la mantenga sostenida cuando su mente está concentrada en otra cosa. ¡La Llama Violeta Consumidora trabaja! No obstante, es menester que aparten algunos momentos varias veces al día mientras están aceptando Su Actividad. Invoquen la «Presencia» a que sostenga Su Actividad y la mantenga encendida en todo momento, hasta que toda partícula en su acumulación discordante de siglos sea disuelta y consumida.

Página 200 (LEY DEL PERDÓN).

Quisiera volver a recordarles hoy, Mis Preciosos, que todos los seres humanos han cometido errores; y que la gran Enseñanza de invocar la Ley del Perdón es algo realmente maravilloso. Ustedes no se dan cuenta de la importancia de esto, algo que Nosotros sí vemos. Hemos observado a ciertos individuos que manifestaban gran intensidad al invocar la Ley del Perdón por cualquier error que hubieran cometido. No es necesario que sepan quiénes son ellos, pero al Nosotros ver el efecto de sus llamados sobre su mundo emocional — vaya, ¡es algo estupendo! Quiero que estén al tanto de la acción de estas cosas que tienen a su alcance. ¡Es bien fácil de hacer! ¡Ustedes pueden lograr la gran Victoria, oh, fácilmente!.



Quiero decirles, Amados Corazones, que no deben fallar en invocar su «Presencia» a la acción para utilizar la Llama Violeta Consumidora. SIN ELLA NO PODRÁN ALCANZAR LA VICTORIA ; y, ¿por qué?. Pues, porque todo ser humano ha acumulado a su alrededor estas cualidades discordantes que tienen que ser consumidas y sacadas de su mundo. Ustedes, mediante su esfuerzo físico, no pueden producir esa Llama Violeta Consumidora, y en Oriente se ha dado el caso de muchos que han difundido la idea de que es peligroso utilizarla. ¡Que no los engañen! Mis Amados Corazones, ustedes podrían utilizar la Llama Violeta Consumidora sobre un bebé nonato con toda la seguridad del caso, porque su «Magna Presencia YO SOY» tiene que producirla — nadie puede producirla mediante lo humano. Por tanto, la Llama Violeta Consumidora es Perfección, y consume únicamente lo que es necesario consumir; y no puede consumir ni consume nada salvo la imperfección.

Al usar esta Llama, Mis Amados, sentirán entonces los resultados en términos de liviandad de cuerpo y de Liberación de la presión que sienten en la actualidad; y avanzarán victoriosos en la Liberación de su «Magna Presencia YO SOY» .


Mis Amados, no puedo refrenarme de tratar de transmitirles esta noche el Poder, la necesidad imperativa del uso de la Llama Violeta Consumidora representada aquí, y en el Tubo de Luz. Mi Gente Querida, ojalá creyeras e invocaras tu «Presencia» a la acción para establecer ese Tubo de Luz a tu alrededor, haciéndolo invencible a toda cosa discordante, y luego te atuvieras a eso, dándote cuenta de que tú eres la autoridad que lo ha invocado a la acción; en consecuencia, debes mantener la armonía en tus sentimientos a fin de permitir que ese Tubo de Luz permanezca invencible a tu alrededor.



A partir de hoy, ¿no volverán a permitir que su lado humano sienta que es innecesario algo que les ha sido puesto por delante? El uso de la Llama Violeta Consumidora para liberarlos de sus creaciones humanas, es el ÚNICO MEDIO en todo el planeta mediante el cual puede hacerse; y la necesidad de cargar su mente y cuerpo con la Perfección de la «Presencia» es imperativa. ¡Se los ruego, no descuiden estas cosas sencillas! No importa cuál pueda ser su actividad del día, si lo tienen a bien, en la mañana pueden cargar su mente y cuerpo con la Energía de la «Presencia», de manera que no importa cuán duro haya sido el trabajo del día, por la noche puedan estar descansados.

* ¡”Amada Magna Presencia “YO SOY” en mí”! ¡CARGA (x3) mi Ser y mi mundo por siempre con la Pura Sustancia Electrónica de Luz proveniente de Tu Corazón, cargada con la Conciencia y Perfección de los Maestros Ascendidos, controlando eternamente todo lo que yo contacte!.

* Amada Magna Presencia “YO SOY” en mí, CARGA (x3) mi mente y cuerpo con Tu Ilimitada Energía, con Tu Magna Inteligencia, con Tu Protección Invencible hoy. Vela porque yo haga lo Perfecto que debería hacer en todo momento, vela porque yo no cometa error alguno, vela porque no haya nada oculto con respecto a mi vida que no me sea revelado.


Ustedes podrán alcanzar su Victoria hoy mismo, mediante el uso de la Llama Violeta Consumidora ; invocando su «Magna Presencia YO SOY» a la acción para que haga flamear la Llama Violeta desde sus pies hacia arriba, un Esplendor Flamígero parecido a un soplete, consumiendo toda cosa discordante que hayan atraído a su alrededor a lo largo de las centurias. ¡Su logro será definitivo, certero y logrado rápidamente!.


Mediante el uso de la Llama Violeta Consumidora, los seres humanos pueden auto-liberarse de toda cosa discordante que han atraído a su alrededor. TODO AQUEL INDIVIDUO QUE SEA LO SUFICIENTEMENTE TONTO COMO PARA NO DESEAR UTILIZAR LA LLAMA VIOLETA CONSUMIDORA, PERMANECERÁ ATADO A SUS CADENAS Y LIMITACIONES. Sin el uso de la Llama Violeta, no podrán auto-liberarse de sus propias creaciones; y en cuanto a que sea perjudicial utilizarla, bueno…¡ese sí es un verdadero disparate, por razón de que el ser humano no puede producir la Llama Violeta Consumidora ! La propia «Presencia YO SOY» es la Única —- aparte de los Maestros Ascendidos — que puede producir esa Llama Violeta Consumidora. Al hacer ustedes el Llamado, la «Presencia» la despacha con prontitud a través de su cuerpo y mundo de actividad y creaciones, disolviendo todas las creaciones discordantes en ustedes y en su mundo. Es así como la Llama Violeta los pone en Libertad, y es el Medio por el cual — mediante la Asistencia de su «Presencia» y el Llamado a los Maestros Ascendidos — pueden ustedes purificar sus cuerpos, permitiéndoles la «Presencia» lograr la Ascensión.

¡El uso del Tubo de Luz alrededor de ustedes ES IMPERATIVO! Si desean desplazarse por el mundo sin ser tocados por las creaciones humanas discordantes a su alrededor, el Tubo de Luz constituye la única manera para hacerlo.


¡Debido a que los Estudiantes del «YO SOY» no utilizan la Llama Violeta Consumidora, entran en una gran zozobra! Les digo, Mis Preciosos, la Llama Violeta fue descargada para conseguir la Liberación de la humanidad. No podría hacerle daño ni a un infante nonato; ¡y QUIENES NO LA UTILICEN, SENCILLAMENTE NO SERÁN LIBRES!


Invoquen a menudo a la Ley del Perdón por todos los errores, y entonces digan: «¡»Amada Magna Presencia YO SOY en mí»! Mediante Tu Poderosa Llama Violeta Consumidora, borra toda memoria y apariencia de errores que han estado activos en mi mundo». Observen con qué velocidad se dará el cambio; y el lugar de aquello que lo ha estado perturbando y aterrando, será ocupado por la Paz y el Reposo que superan todo entendimiento. Luego, desde la «Presencia» se verterá todo lo que requieren. Es una Ley de su Ser. ¡No puede fallar!


¡No se olviden de contemplar la Lámina! Allí ven representados el Tubo de Luz y la Llama Violeta Consumidora . Ningún ser humano sobre la faz de la Tierra puede liberarse de sus propias creaciones humanas…¡a menos que invoque su propia «Presencia Divina» para que establezca el Tubo de Luz a su alrededor! Luego, tendrá que invocar la Llama Violeta Consumidora en dicho Tubo para que suba desde los pies hasta la cabeza a través de su cuerpo físico, y entre a sus mundos mental y emocional como un gran soplete…¡lo cual le dará el sentimiento y sentido de REALIZACIÓN! Disolverá y consumirá toda cosa discordante que alguna vez haya sido atraída alrededor suyo.


Ustedes verán ahora cuán grande es su privilegio de utilizar la Llama Violeta Consumidora y la Comprensión del Poder de su «Presencia» —que es Vida— para atraer alrededor suyo el Tubo de Luz, que es su Protección. EL PODER DE LA LLAMA VIOLETA CONSUMIDORA DISUELVE Y CONSUME LA PROPIA CREACIÓN INDIVIDUAL DE USTEDES, DE MANERA QUE NO TENGAN QUE CONTEMPLARLA. YA NO TENDRÁN QUE EXPERIMENTAR SUS EFECTOS. ¡NO PUEDEN SIQUIERA IMAGINAR LO QUE ESO ENTRAÑA PARA USTEDES!

¡Utilicen este Poder, Amados Estudiantes, e invoquen su «Presencia» a la acción como nunca antes, para utilizar la Llama Violeta Consumidora a través de su cuerpo físico y de sus mundos mental y emocional con poder dinámico! Ustedes ya han consumido la mayor parte — Me refiero aquí a todos los Estudiantes sinceros y diligentes —, ya han consumido el mayor porcentaje de su propia acumulación; pero todavía hay algunos que están tratando de hacer esto con sus intelectos. Ellos no están produciendo los resultados en su mundo emocional. Hoy los insto a asegurarse de que sus emociones estén siguiendo la actividad de su atención.

Luego, ¿que quiero decir con eso respecto a la Llama Violeta Consumidora ? Si sólo dicen del cuello para arriba: «¡Magna Presencia YO SOY! Disuelve y consume toda mi acumulación discordante mediante el Poder de la Llama Violeta Consumidora , se producir alg n resultado; pero si est n conscientes y sus emociones sostienen su Llamado, entonces experimentar n resultados sorprendentes en su Vida. Est n pendientes de que sus emociones sigan su Llamado o el Poder de su atenci n en todo lo que hagan. No hace ninguna diferencia que se trate de su experiencia externa de negocios o lo que sea, la misma Ley estar actuando tr tese de su propia Purificaci no de su negocio particular.



Es menester que utilicen la Llama Violeta Consumidora, ya que es el nico medio por el cual los individuos pueden liberarse de su propia acumulaci n humana de discordia. Esos registros no pueden borrarse a menos que ustedes invoquen a la Presencia para utilizar la Llama Violeta Consumidora en, a trav sy alrededor suyo. Es el nico medio por el cual pueden auto-liberarse del impacto o presi n de su propia creaci n humana.



Quiero decirles, Amados M os, que ustedes pueden invocar a la Presencia y luego observarla. Para esto no tienen que tener la Visi n Interna, sino que sencillamente hagan una imagen mental de la Llama Violeta Consumidora que sale, como si la tuvieran en la mano, dirigida por su mano; y luego digan: Poderosa Llama Consumidora, captura eso! Igual es el caso con cualquier condici n en su mundo: Poderosa Llama Consumidora, captura eso! Disuelve y consume todas las impurezas all ! Podr n manejar cualquier condici n en su cuerpo tan f cilmente como respiran.



Vierte gratitud sin l mite a tu Presencia , e invoca la Ley del Perd n por toda la humanidad. No falles ni un d a, cada noche antes de acostarse a dormir, en invocar la Ley del Perd n por todos los errores de la humanidad; y luego en la ma ana, da gracias y alabanza por la Perfecci n de Dios. la Magna Presencia YO SOY , que te glorifica ese d a.

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