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  • 2014

WORSE THING WITH THE FLAME? (MAESTRO ASCENDIDO LANTO) (taken from the book “The Voice of I AM” - volume 6, pages 108-109, Serapis Bey Editores, SA)

Sometimes my heart is squeezed by the beloved students who, possibly due to some momentum from the distant past, have had almost tragic things expressing themselves in their worlds. They have not intentionally set foot for these things to happen; but they have not realized with sufficient depth about the need to make the dynamic application in the use of the Violet Consumer Flame. That is why these tragic expressions have found expression in their worlds; but even then, they should not be discouraged because We have tried with great diligence to “blow” all students everywhere about the absolute and imperative need to invoke the Presence to action, to use the Violet Consumer Flame with Dynamic Power. Everything related to the past accumulation has to be dissolved and consumed, My beloved ones!

When they put the power of their attention - which is so great - on their Presence, all the past accumulation of their world tries to pounce on expression. Unless you use the Violet Consumer Flame by calling the Presence to do so, something you could not even imagine far in the past of your Life Stream, will try to pounce on the expression, and the most unhappy things would happen in the current physical life If the precious ones had only understood this, they would have no discord around them, because this is the explanation of why certain things rush into expression in the lives of certain people.

Ascended Master Lanto

TUBE OF LIGHT AND FLAME VIOLET ( GOD TABOR) (taken from the book "The Voice of I AM" - volume 7, pages 90-91, Serapis Bey Editores, SA)

Watch now! Since you have the power to charge your Light Tube and put into action the Violet Consumer Flame, as you achieve the full importance of This and your more intense action than you currently have, you will be able to do what Have good by using it. So it is only through your application and achievement of the momentum - to the extent that you achieve the greatest power through these Calls - that you invest everything that has generated limitation.

Art Print of the “I AM” Presence

ACCELERATED REDEMPTION (GREAT COSMIC TENOR). (from the book “LIGHT OF THE ASCENDED MASTERS” - volume 2, page 99, Serapis Bey Editores, SA)

Oh, beloved ones, Life is mathematically infallible and precise. It is not acceptor of people, sites or conditions. Act with Dynamic Power, and he won't tell any of you: Look, you've been a nice guy. Keep going and don't worry. Oh no! Nor will I say: You have been a good girl, so you can continue to have fun. Definitely not! Although it is not, many people will call it tirana because nothing escapes him, but he would not say that if he understood the true activity of Life. Life urges the response to every cause sent centuries ago. Sometimes, a cause could be projected to the periphery of the emotional world of the individual, because he did not find an activity that corresponded to him in the central activity for perhaps another century, until once more he returned To be attracted; but today the situation is totally different. These discordant things are being urged to dissolve and disappear from Earth.

Everything is now accelerating forward with dynamic energy towards its redemption - yours, that of the other, that of everyone. It makes no difference that is yours or that of someone else. He simply wants to leave, and if they do not know what he is doing, then he will leave. Thus, they will then have a fight at hand. This is why the Messengers have made the great Call for people to use the Violet Consumer Flame and invoke the Presence to establish the Tube of Light. Anyone who does not want to use the Violet Consumer Flame will have to face their own human creation. The only alternatives it has is to be consumed or to rush into action. There is no more to choose in this respect! If you do not consume it, you will pounce and act anyway.

That is why the need to use the Violet Consumer Flame is so great and imperative. Many individuals, unaware of the importance of this, will not use it enough; and, suddenly, things that they do not want will begin to enter their worlds quickly; but this is not the fault of the Law. It is not necessarily the fault of individuals even in this incarnation, but it is the fault of their reluctance to obey and make the necessary Application. In view of this activity being invoked, there is something I have observed many times. By not definitively feeling the need for those things, individuals go on and on and keep trying to ignore the requirements; But nobody escapes, Beloved Ones. I hope you believe Me today when I tell you that nobody escapes!

The Great Beings have tried to transmit without making it something drastic how imperative and real is this need. We could show them and tell them about conditions in their city that would ignite them to action like never before in their lives. Doing this is still foolish, because the danger of human beings today is that upon learning something either voluntarily or involuntarily they begin to allow their feelings to spread into it, until they do the real thing to themselves.

GRAN SACRIFICIO (SANAT KUMARA) (taken from the book ARIO DE LA LIBENTE A LA LIBERTAD SANAT KUMARA, pages 34-35, Serapis Bey Editores, SA)

Humanity in general does not have to deal with it so quickly with the return of its energy, because it has not indicated to life that it wishes to complete its cycle, taking it back, attracting itself and redeeming everything that has contributed in karma to the race And to the universe. You have chosen to do it. Like Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya and others, you chose to make the great sacrifice. What does that mean? Well, it means MAKING THE ENERGY OF YOUR OWN LIFE SAFE, whether it is pressing back as discordant circumstances, as poor health, as disharmony or as limitations. Oh, but it is imperative that you do not get under that energy (as some people do in the East), since that is also a mistake. It will be your turn to invoke the Sacred Fire in a large circle of living flame around you, and while that innocent life obeys your call and returns to be redeemed, it will be purified, transmuted and returned to your Causal Body without any discomfort for the personality .

Sanat Kumara

All the information given below has been extracted from the book “ASCENDED TEACHERS WRITE THE BOOK OF LIFE” Serapis Bey Editores SA



To invoke the Law of Forgiveness is to abide by the Divine Edict through which an individual can obtain the remission of his own personal transgressions to the Law of Life, or those of any other part of Life by which he is invoked. The application of the Law of Forgiveness is extremely simple, since it only consists in purging the soul of all imperfect karma in preparation for the complete submission of personality to the Holy Internal Christ. To begin, the Student must invoke the “I AM” Presence and, then, one or more Divine Beings of the Seventh Ray (which is the Ray of Mercy and Forgiveness), and request the transmutation of all known or unknown imperfections in the perfection of some Divine Quality or Virtue. The Law of Forgiveness must always precede all Decree works - both individual and group.


This is a Sacred Fire Activity qualified with the Divine Power of Transmutation. It is a gift to the people of the Earth given by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, as are all the Activities of the Seventh Ray (Violet) - which will be the enveloping Presence of the New Age for the next two thousand years. Transmutation means "replacing one substance with another", and this is exactly what Violet Fire does: replace imperfection with the Perfection of God. It also sublimates (that is, refines by fire) everything that is inferior to Perfection. The Transmuting Violet Flame can be invoked by the Student and flamed by his whole soul, his being, his world and his affairs to bring this Perfection of God to everything with which he is personally associated, and can also be invoked against any condition that may require this service - whether local, national or planetary.

PAGES 84-85


Each individual is responsible for all the precious Life Energy that he has always used, and, according to the Law of the Circle, all the causes that said individual has fostered during countless aeons MUST RETURN to who their creator is ( “As you sow, so harvests ” ) in order to be sublimated through Divine Love and Divine Mercy. This is how it has to be so that the recoil of this energy is not experienced as pain or suffering in this or another incarnation, or in distressing experiences between incarnations.

There is never confusion in the return of anyone's energy. Each returning wave knows without fail who its generator was. THE COSMIC LAW IS EXACT . At the moment when the returning energy touches the aura of its creator, it settles and begins to germinate seeds that will produce a harvest according to its nature. If the outgoing energies (thoughts, feelings, words and actions, as well as reactions) are harmonious and kind, the return to the individual will be peace and abundance. If, on the contrary, the outgoing energy had a discordant or harmful nature, then the harvest for the individual will be bitter and painful. Jesus was not joking when he said: " As you sow, so shall you reap ."

Humanity has forgotten that, despite having fallen from its Divine State, through the Love of the Eternal Father, it has never been stripped of the CREATIVE POWER contained in its thoughts, feelings, spoken words and actions. Human beings have not realized that THEY ARE THEMSELVES WHO HAVE CREATED EVERY EXPERIENCE in their worlds - both good and bad. However, New Day Students are learning that they also have the power to transmute, through the Violet Fire of Transmuting Love, all the unhappy experiences that make their lives uncomfortable.

People have lived, loved and hated century after century, life after life; and Master Jesus has said that man is responsible for every "semicolon" of energy he has ever used.

PAGES 85-86


To free themselves from the errors of thought, feeling, word and action for centuries without end, all people come to the point where they realize they have to MAKE SACRED ( sacrifice, purify, purify) - the Flame in their Hearts - all the energies that they have misused in all the incarnations they have gone through. When you come to an understanding of this, it becomes a joy because you have focused on this Fire of Purification, and all the energy that comes back to you (through everyday experiences) is sanctified upon receiving it and covering it from FIRE VIOLET, returning it to his Causal Body as an additional power - the wonderful Law of the Circle.

The Violet Transmuting Flame of Love, Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness is a TOOL that gives us tremendous help in redeeming our own energy. It is through the Violet Flame that one's own malformations can be purified. Use it vigorously and joyfully! First, put your own world in order: FORGIVE and BALANCE your energies into all Life before using them. Jesus said: "Forgive us our offenses AS WELL AS (in the same way) we forgive those who offend us." It will be done to you according to what you do to others, and the effectiveness in using this Violet Transmuting Mercy Flame lies in taking the time to become the Flame of Mercy, first in feeling and in thought towards All life You must first give others what you want, before you can receive it. Everyone wants to be free, especially those of you who have suffered physical pain and mental confusion. If they could really forgive everything that lives and then use this Flame ... They would be FREE IN LESS THAN ONE HOUR!

PAGES 86-87


It is a very comforting and useful truth to know that God's forgiveness for this misuse of His energies is always available to those who desire it. That of "eternal damnation" (which proposed emphasizing fear, superstition and blind obedience to human concepts) IS NOT TRUE! If truly understanding parents are far from not forgiving their children for a mistake ... much less could a God of Mercy deny forgiveness and absolution to their Children for their mistakes! No matter what the sin is, no matter what the past error was, or the causes and cores of impurity and imperfection that have been established in the internal bodies, there is a conscious way to transmute and sublimate these errors through the Mercy of God, and through the daily use of the Violet Flame of Mercy, which is the Prescribed Service of the Seventh Ray under the direction of the beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain.

When man comes to the realization that it is his own misuse of energy that has caused all the anguish and limitation he experiences, he will then be ready for the Instruction on the use of the Sacred Fire of Transmutation, the Violet Flame. Until this point is reached, each individual either rebels against God and the circumstances, or becomes submissive to the conditions, feeling that these unhappy experiences are the Will of God which, of course, is a fallacy since the Will of God is only THE GOOD. When the conscience of man becomes enlightened about the fact that he is the creator of all his anguish, then he can be given great help to help him dissolve the cause and not The core of all limitations, and I will know the PERSONAL MASTERS about energy and vibration.

Humanity, in its great majority, has been mercifully protected from knowing what it has done with the beautiful energy of God (his own Life) and with his originally beautiful mental, emotional, ethereal and f Physical; and he has not yet understood that all anguish, including the so-called death, IS OWNED TO THE OWN PAST AND CURRENT USE OF THIS ENERGY OF GOD. It is when you come to understand that the Law of the Circle (cause and effect) IS INEXORABLE, that everyone then begins to want to DO THINGS WELL.



God's forgiveness is more than a phrase. It is a SCIENCE OF DIVINE ALQUIMIA . The energy obeys the thoughts, feelings, spoken word and actions of man; and the aura of each one is filled with that particularly qualified energy that person has put there during all the centuries in which he has lived. When an individual invokes the LAW OF FORGIVENESS and uses the FIRE VIOLET, he connects with the already-qualified Energy of the PRESENCE Y I AM UNIVERSAL, as well as with the Divine Beings that they have prepared this Sublimating Power for an occasion like that. Accept the Power of this Violet Fire to effectively TRANSMIT AND ELEVATE the energies of the lower bodies (mental, emotional, ethereal and physical); and through constant efforts, the results will prove to the external consciousness the effectiveness of this Violet Fire to transmute painlessly and harmoniously, this energy that would otherwise result most distressing.

Jesus was well acquainted with the Grace of Forgiveness and with the Violet Fire. He often said: Your sins are forgiven, and according to the degree of acceptance of this forgiveness, they also experienced it. their external physical bodies, those who requested that their anxiety be relieved.

PAGES 87-88


The knowledge of the presence of the Violet Fire, its use and the feeling of acceptance of its effectiveness, are of extreme importance for the diligent Student. While it is somewhat fortunate that individuals do not remember all the various activities in which they were engaged through the ages, the Energy DOES REMEMBER and remains qualified by its original creator until it is CONSENTINGLY TRANSMITTED IN PERFECTION.

The human kingdom, the birds, the kingdom of Nature and the animal kingdom are all united by innumerable connections (karmic bonds), created through aeons of association. The safest way to free the soul from the shackles of undesirable associations (the majority of which are not even of the knowledge of outer consciousness) is to sincerely and deeply invoke the Law of Forgiveness for all that poorly qualified energy, from the present back until the time of personal individualization, and ask the Angels of Violet Fire to assist everyone who truly WANTS TO FORGIVE; and then, really ACCEPT forgiveness. In this way, the Law of the Circle can become a happy experience, when the Student creates and sends only constructive causes, subsequently reaping only happy effects.



Slowly but surely it is reaching outward consciousness, the fact that the Power of Transmutation (which perfects the quality of the returning or projected energy of another current of life) is a possibility. Through PRACTICE, the outer self will be more informed about such Transmutation Power, and the obligatory Karmic Retribution Laws will no longer restrict the aspiring life stream. The Great Beloved "I AM Presence" will accelerate this transmutation when invoked to action, and thus, save the outside self until the knowledge of much of what has failed. Remember: "It is human to fail, but it is Divine to forgive!"

If the Students, in their fervent desire to receive forgiveness and to experience the full efficacy of the Violet Fire of Divine Compassion in erasing their own mistakes and those of all mankind, would ask to FEEL the Intelligent Consciousness of the Violet Fire itself, that would greatly accelerate the Power of Divine Alchemy in their worlds and affairs. The Intelligence contained in the Violet Fire is known as the beloved SANTA AMATISTA. Its first activity (when invoked to act) is to express gratitude for the OPPORTUNITY to serve Life in order to free it.

That person whose conscience literally takes a leap forward before the opportunity to forgive any transgression of the Law (and particularly any injustice towards itself), is ONE with the Nature and Feeling of this Flame of Mercy, which so joyfully responds to the invitation to transmute the errors of humanity wherever it is invoked.

Holy amethyst



The beloved Jesus said: "As you sow, so shall you reap!"

Causes set in motion produce effects. The energy rating is absolute.

Much of this Electronic Light that we have described discordantly also flows to us and our worlds, manifesting itself as lack, limitation, accidents and the many frailties of human living. Speaking scientifically, "everyone attracts their equal . " Therefore, just as life is compared to a circle, this jarring energy will attract more of its class and, eventually, return to its creator (the individual). This becomes what is known as "karma, " putting pressure on the lower bodies as it builds on them.

Now this karma (which is nothing other than the pure and perfect energies of Life that we have discordantly re-qualified) must be mitigated and redeemed by the individual. Before the beginning of the twentieth century, the individual's karma had to be mitigated through suffering, disease, etc .; but, with the beginning of this century, external knowledge and the use of the Holy Translating Violet Flame was discharged for humanity, a very merciful resource that Life gave to the individual through which he can redeem these discordant energies so as not to manifest more such discomfort. This can be achieved by invoking the "Presence" to which I flamed ... and flamed ... and flamed this Powerful Violet Flame in and through this karmic accumulation, and that transmutes its cause, its effect, its record and its memory. Through this Flame, the individual can begin to redeem these discordant energies, thereby decreasing the pressures they exert, as well as releasing the Elementals imprisoned in the electrons to return to the Central Sun, all achieved through the exercise of Divine love.

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