Slower with the children: an encounter with Carl Honoré

  • 2015
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When he read a story to his son every night, Carl Honor skipped lines, paragraphs and even pages, in an attempt to shorten the story a bit. One day, this Canadian journalist discovered the book Tales of a minute to sleep and he was excited about the idea of ​​telling the story to his son in only 60 seconds. `` Suddenly I stopped: '' Until where had it come?, reflected the author of `` Low pressure ''

Children infected by the rush virus:

The acceleration we observe in all areas of modern life (food, work, sports, relationships) especially affects our children.

In his book " Under Pressure ", Honoré describes how from the cradle our children live infected from the virus of haste: we put music to them very early to improve their development, we point them to activities with only months and then we subject them to rigid schedules and extracurricular activities ..

This fast-paced rhythm adds a lot of anxiety to your life, reduces children's learning capacity, hinders their social relationships and, of course, the self-esteem they are building.

Parenting without pressure is about letting our children find out what they are and not what we want them to be. This means letting things happen instead of forcing them. It means accepting that the most enriching learning and experiences are often impossible to measure or classify in a curriculum vitae. ”

Children need moments of boredom:

What children need is time, slowness, even moments of boredom, because that's where they express their creativity, learn to socialize and get to know each other. ”

According to Honor, with such haste we have forgotten how to fully enjoy the moment, alone or with others. Can we really slow down our pace in this world of haste, differentiate the urgent from the important, dedicate more time to what we really consider important? "Yes, " he said categorically.

He, who recognized himself as a former speed addict, said that slowing down changed his life: "I am happier, more productive, my relationships are stronger and, the ultimate test: I read my son the stories with all the words" .

The "Slow" movement:

Carl Honoré is a defender of the “Slow” movement , which tries to recover the calm lost in developed societies to savor life in another way.

Honoré, also author of "Praise of slowness", has described the movement "Slow" as "a cultural revolution. A healthier, more human use of time - and this is not a paradox - more productive. To try to do everything as well as possible, instead of doing it as quickly as possible. It is a philosophy that can be applied in all areas: food, sex, work, design, medicine… ”

We have created a dumb culture of perfectionism. We hope everything is perfect - our teeth, our bodies, our vacations. And we want perfect children to round the portrait. The problem is that there is no such thing and that search is turning against us. ” Carl Honoré


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Slower with the children: an encounter with Carl Honoré

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