Moments of clarity and understanding, by Master Hilarion

  • 2012


The energies of Love are around you and those of you who have been preparing during these times are beginning to experience many moments of clarity and understanding about your purpose of being on this planet These intuitions come to you as flashes that come and go, sometimes so quickly that you wonder if you are imagining them. Trust in the knowledge of your own destiny that comes through you and have faith that everything is developing as it should and in the perfect and divine moment. Many assistants, both on Earth and in the higher dimensions, are preparing them for the greatest experience of many lives and many galactic cycles, the experience of Ascension.

The energies that have been transmuting on a continuous basis arrive in cyclical waves and, at this moment, the Cosmic energies have been poured into this Planet and, therefore, the Cleaning and releasing process begins again. Each wave of new energy moves each person into a purge deeper than before; This is an awkward process, but one that must be experienced by everyone. Humanity as a whole is not yet in a state of awareness awake of what is happening to them; however, the energies affect everyone in your World because, at a higher level of your Beings, everyone has chosen this experience and the desire to ascend.

Those of you who carry the Light were asked to remain centered and calm when they perform their daily activities. It is important that you stay focused on anchoring this light in the core of the planet so that you are always in balance. Be observant of what is going on around you, instead of being participants, and look for signs in all places where changes are taking place. His intuitive faculties and power of discernment are widely used in these times. Enter within yourself daily to communicate at a deeper level with your Divine Presence and listen to the soft and gentle voice that will lead you infallibly towards your destiny.

Make sure that you start your day with the clean energies of all strange influence so you can remain aware of when you need to perform additional cleaning and anchoring, being in company or near other people around you. Remember that everyone is experiencing the cleansing of their emotional bodies and this scum can seep into the energy fields of others around them, so being aware and vigilant is necessary. Know that you have the power to change the energies within your auric field, simply through intention and that you can also improve the energies of those around you with the sole intention that only the greatest good can manifest itself for all.

Remember that, by observing the world around you, you have already overcome the challenges that now capture the life of humanity as a whole and do not need to participate in it, except to maintain the intention that the Light of God acts in Any situation they are aware of. Invoke your Sacred Christ Self of Light to manifest through you and practice with your intention to be your highest essence. The qualities of compassion, kindness and kindness will lift the hearts of those around you who need to know that you are not alone. You can make a positive difference.

Until next week.

I AM Hilarion

© 2012 Marlene Swetlishoff / Tsu-tana, Guardian of the Symphonies of Grace.

Moments of clarity and understanding, by Master Hilarion

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From August 26 to September 1, 2012

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