Méline Portia Lafont ~ Red Moon sequel and a message from Merlin

  • 2015

How was your experience of the eclipse of the Red Moon?

We have received a beautiful opportunity to align ourselves with higher volumes of the Divinity to personify. And what impetus it has been so far! ... full of blessings of the equinox still hovering and a deliberate Cosmic wave that has flooded the Earth with a magical storm of Happiness, satisfaction, balance and alignment that by itself has created a new door to the Essential energy of creation: the union between matter and antimatter, and the fusion of Feminine and Masculine to create a rebirth. This rebirth has been created by all of you at a whole new level and another level of the case before it; He continues and is endless.

When they are good with themselves and one with their heart they can smell the fresh aromas of a new dawn emerging. They may even feel that there is a new beginning marked in their Being and their life. too . Old doors have been closed, bridges are burning behind you, so you are now standing firm while walking on an unknown bridge to an unexplored world that is waiting for you, and hugging you with your heart of knowledge.

This alignment has so far brought a much more exponential birth than we have discovered to date. It goes beyond the lineages abroad and reaches the masses of hearts along its path. You have not yet understood the scope of this wave because you are still experiencing it. They are going to grow towards it, just as they are growing inwardly.

I myself have received a beautiful wave of energy just during the peak of the eclipse, while meditating (4.47AM CEST) in my circle of crystals. I was making my audiovisual of the Meditation transmission that I received from the Pleiades on this Red Moon when this wave came that felt like an internal vibration with a buzz of an explosive frequency. A very powerful hum that focused heavily around the head area - in front and behind. I was experiencing severe headaches for 2 days before the Red Moon, and they disappeared instantly after my meditation.

What I noticed without being able to ignore it after the repetitive messages was the phrase "let everything go and the old, burn bridges behind you" that came to me in all kinds of ways. This phrase continued to be repeated for 2 days before the full moon, and even during it. I was guided to establish a vortex and sacred space with my crystals so I simply let myself be guided by the Archangel Metatron, and made one in my room. When I finished it, I saw the pattern that was repeated of 4 circles with the amount of crystals adding or being a 7 forming 7-7-7-7 that became 28 when added. In Europe the Red Moon was 28, which coincided strangely [with this].

So when I looked for the meaning of these numbers I found that these sevens pass the message of miracles that are about to happen, new beginnings. On the 28th he gave me the message of the closing of old doors and the opening of new ones. I WAS ADMIRED when I saw the pattern of numbers and read about it. Perfectly aligned with this door! As if that wasn't enough, I took out some letters just before the meditation on the total lunar eclipse and the letters showed me the following: "new beginnings, start over", "look for your inner guidance" and "close old doors and open new ones . ”Well, how about this as an affirmation! fabulous!

The next day I felt fabulously, lighter and really as if I had a new beginning. A constant image of me came up standing on a line, as if it were the starting line of the marathoners . I noticed that behind me there was NOTHING ~ no past, no reality, nothing ! As if it had been erased with a rubber band. Right in front of me was only the eternal space of emptiness ready to create and be filled with creations! We are truly beginning again in a certain way, dear ones! Only in a new frequency as another vibrational personification. This feels like starting a new book, NOT a chapter! A new incarnation, a new life without more garbage or ties from the past. It's as if it never existed! Everything is given to the Akasha. (listen to my free audiovisual broadcast ~ free audio mediation transmission from the Pleiadians ~ Red Moon Portal ~ so you know what I am talking about). We are in the new world, fresh and without labels. Now it is up to us to color it and do it as we always wanted it to be. YUPI for that! At last! At least that's how I feel it, and how I've been talking to friends who have been experiencing and feeling the same.

Merlin has an explanation for this exponential growth that I would like to share with all of you. As the message arrives, he will explain to us what it is about, what is about to happen in our precious world, and at the fastest pace.

Love, M line Portia Lafont


Well, first of all, my dear ones, let me suggest everyone to take good care of themselves now that they are being exposed to this Wave that you call Wave X. This is not about exactly a nice snack for your vehicles, is not similar to that. However, these are recommended Light forces to help them embark on new lands in the New Earth Format . Their vehicles are under tremendous pressure from the Light; in that sense you are transforming, my dear.

And as if that were not enough to proceed towards that Light of Being, there is much more on the way to you and less to remain as they are now. You are conceiving yourself as new tubes and forces of Light frequencies. Each tube holds a certain vibrational frequency that does not change in order to complete the stages of rebirth. Each stage has a number of frequency and vibration that are from its resonance field and that keeps them in the field of their vibration, where a space is held for each one to expand. By sustaining inwardly a certain number of frequency and vibration ~ as the true nature of the incarnation ~ will succeed in a stage of rebirth and go to the next level of expansion.

All of you have now created an activation of a much greater number of frequencies to take part in your Gaia Land and start implementing them in your daily realities as well. These great frequencies are tones and vibrational waves that no man can see with the naked eye, they can only perceive him through the vibrational turn of the magnitude of his heart.

You have simply modified your personal and Earth's bridges to another frequency that elevates you all and awakens the hearts of many on this Earth . The old bridges have fallen, everyone will get to see him in their earthly lives sooner or later, but in the realms of the Cause or the Ethereal worlds all the old bridges have been removed.

What they have requested will be theirs because there is no way to return to this old space of time. Their hearts have given them the opportunity to manifest change from within themselves, and now that leaves them no other way but to apply this, doesn't it? Gladly, they have been given many opportunities before, for they are endless, but not like this one in this particular way! You have established a new signpost and all the energies you have anchored ~ and that continue to anchor ~ you have such power that will serve you for years to come! Imagine how powerful this is right now for all of you, for a million more of your star families on Earth have opened the door in their hearts to return home, to their natural state of awakening. (What Merlin means by this is that a million sleeping beings have experienced the opening and activation of the portal of the heart to wake up on this day).

This is a re-awakening at all levels and in different ways for many on your Earth, even for those whose eyes have been blind to date! Do not belittle the scope of this intention, which has been sustained within each and all of your hearts, for it is unifying, powerful and strong! You have established a new beginning for B Now contemplate what lies before you; Don't look back anymore.

Leave the tendency to hold back. But if you are already in your awake heart, there will be no more desires or desires for this tendency ... you will know and feel what is in resonance with the frequency of your heart and what not. - Well, the octaves of the song of his heart have changed and he is now playing in a different wave than before. Don't worry, you have chosen a beautiful song and you are playing all over the world for all to hear . Allow yourself to touch it, do not fear. Fear is no longer part of your vortex as of now.

He sounds the beautiful nature of his truth, and depending on what they hold within himself as his truth, things will become quieter when it comes to manifesting new change companies.

Merlin speaks in the name of Humanity and the Realms of the Master Beings of Light. We are erect by its unity of consciousness because we are the Personifications of Truth, Power, Illumination, Love, Light and Unity.

Now, leave the past in the past, as they say, and leave the world of the past behind. Look forward only as you have established a new beginning for all. Do not be distracted by the game you have left behind, which is part of the old. He may continue marching on his own, but not for much longer as he is fading away because you have withdrawn your conscious attention from him. Feed only what you have to feed and that are your creations of the heart of Love, compassion, unity and change, as the eternal flow of existence.

Do a good job, and OK,

I AM the Merlin

AUTHOR: Méline Portia Lafont

SEEN AT: www.melinelafont.com

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