Metatron Magic of Life Channeling of 11/21/2018.

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We want to share with you a beautiful Channeling, made by Adriano Pereira, message from Metatron!

Metatron Channeling of 11/21/2018.

This Channeling was translated from the Portuguese language, if you want to see it in its original version, we invite you to enter here.

Son, see the world as you want it to be, and not in the way it seems to be.

As you look into your world with the eyes of your dreams, your reality begins to transform, bringing into your life the Light and Love that you want to live.

Not always, human conventions are the reality of the Universe.

The reality of the Universe is very wide, there is freedom flowing, there is magic transforming everything, there are dreams coming true.

Your intensity has power, and your dreams carry the creative power of its intention.

Nothing is more irresistible than its creation power.

In his world, there are social conventions that say that this cannot be done. That is prohibited. Many beliefs were created to inhibit them from living their moment now.

Forget the old conventions ... follow your heart ... he will guide you through the waves that will take you to your most secret dreams.

The spirit is free. The union of two spirits is also free. Nothing can prevent the power of Love.

Your heart knows the path that will take you to your destination. ... therefore, do not resist ... just follow your heart, there is no right or wrong ... there is hardly the destiny marked by yourselves before you come to Earth ... and resist ... it just prevents you from living what you are waiting for.

Silence your mind ... and listen to your heart ... and from there, continue forward to live the life of your dreams.

I am Metatron, and I greet you in the Light and in Love.

Channeled by Adriano Pereira (Manaus / Amazonas) - Metatron. November 21, 2018.

Author : Patricia Gambetta, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

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