Messages from Maestro Ritzua for the wise, by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2016

Suddenly it seems that something much deeper and much more conscious must persuade that mind that suddenly becomes the contramente . The contramente is that which suddenly makes us measure so much, makes us think so much if possible, that it makes us lose the will and the possibility to truly achieve it.

Turn the truth into a confusing situation, turn reality into something that is not safe, turn the present into something that pursues it and not accompany it, turns the past into a story that wants to erase and turns the future in a concrete uncertainty that does not know if it will overcome it in a happy way or will then be in disgrace.

The "contramente" thinks too much but has not realized that everything he thinks is simply an idea that can equally happen. The true mind and that which tries to persuade that "contramente" is the will to be able to change and transform everything that suddenly even, can be completely complex.

And there is no complexity of circumstances or situations, only large and elaborate words that define everything around us, so that then, it becomes truly impossible to live it, but in the same way it is as easy to enjoy it as The will to want to be happy.

If one advocates more for the concrete reality of that deep and sensitive mind that also belongs to a soul consciousness, everything that causes fear, uncertainty and disappointment can be transformed and then, we proceed to the concrete reality of balance in happiness but above all to observe that everything that is exists and if it exists, it can also be for you.

Grateful for the call and happy to be here

Suddenly the wise man has the simplest path but tries to transform it; Why do wise people think that things always have to be the opposite of what they really should already be? Suddenly it happens to the great sage that it is time to change, that all the sea water has to be in the place where the sand is and the sand will transport it to where the space of the sea is; because he considers that it is the best side and that he can transform it. He likes that the sea is on the right side and he likes that the sand is on the left side and tries to do everything to transform it.

You are seeing it from a point, why don't you turn? and then he will have what he wants, he will have the side sea he wants and he will have the side sand he wants. Suddenly such situations are, you cling to transform them in one way or another but remember that it is a matter of turning and seeing it on the other side. True sages do not wait for the world to change, they do not wait for circumstances to present themselves to act, they do not wait for all realities to change so that they feel comfortable with their spaces, with their environments, with themselves; It is simply a matter of changing sides . So many times on the road you do not have to change the route, only perhaps say: "space is needed." So are the realities of the wise, it is not a matter of changing everything, it is a matter of changing perception . Not all circumstances are needed, you create the circumstances.

The wisdom of life is not in waiting, but in learning to see what you have; the one who waited for that lemon water to be ready, why didn't he think that the water and the lemons were already separate? It was time for them to mix, nothing was going to be born by itself.

Likewise, he is the wise, the wise innovates, the wise sees what he has and then believes, the wise does not wait for him to appear, the wise can project.

With the same wise beings we must transform ... grateful for the call and happy to be among you.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes (Puebla, Mexico)

Published by Geny Castell editor of the great family

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