Messages from Heaven: Birds as spiritual messengers

  • 2019

He grew up believing that God was an omnipotent man who lived in heaven and judged us for being good or bad. I was always curious about spirituality and the Creator, so I decided to ask God how I could see what all human beings were doing at any given time. The answer that came to my mind was the birds . Since then he began to see the birds as messengers of God. He imagined that the birds were the ones who sent messages to God about what people did and whether they were good or bad.

Now as an adult, I do not believe that the birds spy on us, nor that God is a man in heaven, I still believe that the birds are spiritual messengers and sensitive to our energy. This idea is not so rare. Angels and birds share the same wings, and it is said that certain birds represent or bring different qualities.

Spiritual messengers that appear through the shape of birds

It is thought that hummingbirds symbolize sweetness and joy, eagles strength and power, owls wisdom. There is a meaning and symbolism written about the types of birds that exist on the planet. The sacred character of birds is linked to their ability to fly close to the heavens, obtain wisdom or possess a different frequency level than other living beings.

According to the birds they are boats and receive other souls to transmit messages. There is a belief that when a loved one dies, he is able to connect with the soul of a bird and ask permission to enter his body in order to deliver a message to his loved ones on earth. Animals like butterflies and dragonflies also have this ability, but this is why seeing a bird after a loved one dies is considered a sign or message.

It is not that the bird is the newly reincarnated loved one, it is simply the soul of this loved one who rides on a ride on this bird who accepts to be at a precise moment the boat. Spiritual guides and angels can also do this and use the birds to reach you and deliver a commission. After my sister died a dove came and sat on my balcony. The pigeons are so frequent that my first instinct was that it was nothing special and I paid no attention; but the dove was very pretty, curious and was on my balcony for years looking at me only. I wondered if it was a message from my sister, but I assumed that if she was coming to me, it would be a more exotic and unusual bird.

The dove came so many times that I began to wonder what was the meaning of its presence?

I opened myself to the possibility that it was true, I received multiple signals and even through a dream, and I thought that it was really a sign that she accompanied me. So I convinced myself that pigeons as common as they are can be faithful messengers from the other side. The pigeons are intelligent and friendly birds, patients, are trained to deliver letters and notes to people who are far away. There is information in documents that pigeons represent love and are signs that loved ones are safe and cared for.

We recommend you, the next time you have an unusual encounter with a bird, tune in and see if you can really appreciate which message he is trying to share with you.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Tanaaz

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