Messages from Mother Mileila: "There are no impossible." By Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

Every day we have different questions about how things should be done ?, how can they be better generated ?, how could there perhaps be a simpler way to get to what perhaps has cost us a bit of work achieve ?.

But it is also true that life has not been done through questions and answers, only to live . In the end, the experience of each one of the beings will be different and although perhaps an older one can speak to a minor one and not by this I mean age, but the situation of the experience; because even smaller beings may have more experience in some subjects than some larger ones; We could say that we are only talking about that perception of life. Of course, there are references to know what certain situations and behaviors are like; but it is also real that everyone lives through what they have learned, what they expect, think through their fears, their joys, their strengths, what they really expect of themselves, what they expect from the others.

Therefore, even the experience is completely individual, so there is no set of steps to say how you have to live well ; nor is it a series of situations that lead to realities being fulfilled in a better or slower way, it simply occurs through their own convictions, giving themselves the greatest will that is to continue. It does not matter where they are going, what matters most is that they continue to walk, no matter what the path they are going to take because in the end it is in one. It does not matter either, what form this path takes, always with the idea that they are moving forward and that everything that is behind is the path traveled, that they do not know what is there after the horizon but they are convinced that it is something they will be able to live; because if it were impossible for them to live it, it would not be in their way.

There is no impossible in the life of a human being, everything absolutely everything, even if it suddenly seemed complex, the human mind; the human body; the soul and the essence have the ability to circumvent it; So if it were too complex it wouldn't be there and it wouldn't be in its way.

So, it is in each of you to give the qualifier that best suits your plans for everything that you face. Having the idea that nothing is more powerful than you, that nothing will be as late as what you want to end soon; that nothing will be as big as that small thing that you want to visualize.

I will be working with all of you ...

We are constantly involved with an environment ... we live in it, we adapt, we grow, we believe, we provide an environment and it also provides us with everything, even what we represent today.

But we generated then, something that seemed the most comfortable and in some way the most sensible to lessen the mental and emotional burdens of our day to day and was: the excuse, the odds and the beings.

Suddenly, when we face certain things that only we can conduct in a healthy way because really only we know what we want, we start to put factors.

What are these factors?

Time; the beings; the circumstances; the situation and every time bigger! the situation of the place; the situation of the country; the chaos of the world and all that makes our mind think that if certain facts do not go one way, it is because of all the above. It is really hard for us to face our mirror and say: What is needed? or really in whom is the deficiency ?.

The environment can be as heavy or as light as we want to see it. The world can be as chaotic and without values ​​or as full of goodness as we want to define it. We know what we see, which can be complex; but it is in us to rename it.

Time can be as slow or as fast as we want to adapt it; the factors are going to be in different conditions and in different ways and meanings but in the end what is the most important factor and the one that defines all, even the others ?: ourselves.

The excuse is comfortable, suddenly it seems healthy to say that there are things in us that we can change; but that depend on others, on the rest and on the other. Taking responsibility for our thinking is a complex task, it makes us see our weaknesses; our deep egos; It makes us see in the end, what are those fears that we have to really see what exists.

To face suddenly, to pause, is to realize what there is, what there is not, that much remains to be done, yes, but what are our true strengths in the now ?; not the factors; in us, recognize and recognize each other in an environment where in the end they will continue to build on what is around them; but that there is no more determining factor than the one who has the will to continue and that, are: yourselves.

I will be working with all of you.

Until another moment and remember that the moment cannot be quantified, therefore without observing at what moment of reality, forever there, enjoying eternity.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico. February 2017)

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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