Messages of the Archangels Jofiel and Metatron: about beauty and children

  • 2018

Channeled by Lee Degani on February 5, 2018

I am Jofiel, Archangel of beauty and I come to you today to show you the beauty that is within you . The beauty that is inside the plants, the beauty that is inside the dogs, the beauty that is inside the cats, the beauty that is inside each atom, every wave that vibrates, every song of love, every cry of joy, every dance, because there is beauty in everything .

Beauty comes from a dimension to which you have access . You enter this dimension without realizing it every time you appreciate some beauty . And there is beauty in all aspects, even in what you would consider to be not beautiful. You may think that the ugly toad or the disfigured child is not beautiful. But dear, beloved, remember that there is beauty in everything that you find, that you see, that you hear.

Sometimes it is difficult to see beauty, we know this, especially when you fall into the depths of despair or anger, of sadness . But within that sadness, within that despair, within that anger, there is beauty, because the center of each particle is light . There is Source, there is God and there is beauty, because this is the beautiful thing.

When you look in the mirror and look into your eyes and see the parts of your body that may not seem beautiful to you ... I have a spot there, I have a lump here, my skin starts to wrinkle there ... there is beauty . There is a saying that says beauty is inside. Another saying says that what is beautiful inside is beautiful outside. These words are true and have been given to you.

I come to show you the beauty that is within you, the beauty in everything, because in the center of each particle there is light ...

So how do you find beauty when you don't see it, when you don't understand how it can be there, when it's hidden from you? Sometimes at the moment, no, you cannot see that beauty, because you need to go through the steps of experiencing what is painful . But later, when everything is calm and when there are changes and turns, you see what is beautiful.

Look in the heart, look in the eyes of the child who is disfigured, what you would call disfigured, but we would only say that it is beautiful . Do you not see inner beauty, joy ? This child has come to fulfill his purpose, his purpose of opening hearts, of raising compassion, of helping the people around him to see what his priorities are.

There is a standard that you have created of what is beautiful . I ask you to put that rule aside and look and see in every body, in every word, that there is beauty. And for the boy who fights and for the adult who fights, I ask you to see the beauty in that too. Because the fight brings achievements, because the fight brings love. The fight becomes joy because it is no longer a fight.

They are at that point, my beloved ones, where they no longer need to be in the fight. They no longer need to fight to see inner beauty . They no longer need to fight to take care of animals and yes, one wonders where beauty is in animal abuse. Look deep inside and the beauty is that there is no acceptance of that.

Beauty is really inside.

And if they reach the most intimate essence, the heart of these sacred animals, and I do not mean only the animals that are revered in places of worship or in religions or traditions, I mean that every animal that has come to earth is sacred as you all are, by the way. Look in your heart and see the joy that the animal is bringing to the world, compassion, love, that she has fulfilled her purpose.

Yes, it is a lot for you to understand, understand, we know this. But even within that there is beauty, the beauty of trying to understand what our words are saying .

So now I ask you to open your hearts and let the words fill you, the energies of the words, the vibrations of the words, the love and joy of the words, the beauty of the words. words. And as you carry them to your sacred being, see the beauty that is yours, that is within you, see the beauty as we see it.

You are loved. You are loved, every particle, every atom, every part of your essence, because everything is beautiful. Amen. And so it is.

I am Jofiel, Angel of Beauty, Arc of Beauty. Goodbye, goodbye

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Lee Degani (2018) Archangel Jophiel: Beauty comes from a dimension that you have Access to. (02/10/2018) Council of Love Inc.

Arcà © angel Metatr n: Children Are Loved By My Heart

Channeled by Lee Degani, February 1, 2018

I am Metatron, your servant. I come when they call me and I come to help everyone who invokes me. And yes, I work with the children . I work with many, but children are very dear to my heart. And they have come to bring a message of love . His purity, his holiness and his treasures are waiting to be discovered. They are showing you, dear ones, that you have holiness, purity and treasures within you too.

What you fear and what fear arises from separation is separation from the Source, from the One, in whatever term you want to name the Source. It doesn't matter what name you give it, because what matters is the vibration . And they are connected at all times to the Source, to the Mother / Father / One, but it is the illusion of being separated that brings you sadness, which leads you to overwhelm, which leads you to despair, which leads you To feel the lack and the limitation.

The child lives in the now and is at the moment that is the breath of God.

The child lives in the now, lives knowing that there is no separation. Watch a child run ... run in the field, smell the flowers, go around with the delight of the sun. There is no separation. And no matter what they feel they have done or have not done throughout their lives, throughout their many lives, there has never been separation.

So, let me take you now to the throne where I sit to fill you with my love, with the certainty that there is no separation . And that each part of you will come to know this and you will learn, as a child, that it must be at the moment that is the breath of God . It is magic, it is delight. Come sit with me and let me fill you with love.

And now I give them a pen and ask them to write: "I am love, I am the beloved of God, I am joy, I am connected at every moment . " I leave you this pen that will remind you who you are. So take it and write. Write "I am love" and you will understand that there is no separation.

I am Metatron, be magnetic. I have walked with you on the earth, and I walk the earth with you now too, because there is no separation .

Bye, I love you. I love you as you love your child. I love you because you are my child too.

Bye Bye.

Archangel Metatron

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Lee Degani (2018) Archangel Metatron: Yes, the children are dear to my heart. (02/10/2018) Council of Love Inc.

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