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  • 2010


Kryon's message channeled by Nia Beyn on 10-10-10

It is a time of conversion.

Energies of all vibration levels are mixing right now because interdimensional portals are open.

Take care, my dear ones!

Do not let yourself be dragged by the tides!

The waters are rough ... and turbulent.

All of you, humans, are expectant before 10-10-10 ... but distracted from the present that is harassing you. They do not see the clashes that are occurring between the forces of good and evil.

Open your eyes! Wake up!

The Star Portal of 10-10-10 brings a Gift of God to all mankind. And the dark forces resist this. That is why discordant situations are seen in many areas. It is the struggle that is taking place to prevent this Divine Gift from being delivered to free humanity and run all veils.

And as it is above it is below ... and as it is inside it is outside. So these antagonisms will be current currency these days.

Do not lose faith! Continue on the path drawn and RESIST!

Mastery times are coming.

I am Kryon and I bless you all.

October 8, 2010

Baptism of Adam Kadmon

Message from Kryon, channeled by Nia Beyn on 9-10-10

It's time!

Many of you who receive this message today have been looking for their own path to the Light to manifest the Adam Kadmon.

It is time to deliver the Personal Mastery formula to all those who are ready to receive it.

My dear Masters! It is only a formula to manifest that mastery that you all already bring in your DNA for being part of the ONE. Nothing new will be added to their bodies, it is not something that will be implanted nor will there be modifications in the DNA chains on this occasion.

Rather it is a matter of self-creation. I no longer speak of co-creating. It is you who build your own Self.

The Adam Kadmon will be manifested in all of you as a Christ seed and the formula for doing so will be delivered to you with the opening of this new portal that transcends the thresholds of physicality to access the hearts of terrestrial humans. From there, the formula that will religion with your purest essence will be activated.

Be ... just that.

Do not expect big flashes or demonstrations on this day (10-10-10).

Do not confuse. This Star Portal brings with it a possibility for all of you that has been carefully planned in the heavenly hosts for this exact moment of time on Earth.

The entire Galactic Confederation and the Masters of Light will be assisting humanity to open the doors of the Soul when the time is given.

They will have the protection of all of us. Be quiet.

10-10-10 will be the time when this master formula will be returned to the consciousness of men. And it will be delivered in custody to someone who agrees to release the wishes and keep it jealously to be delivered when instructed and to the people who are willing to receive it.

Suns and moons, seas and streams, forgotten stars and comets witnessed the times when you were aware of that mastery that was taken away from you when the fall led you to lose the gifts given to you as part of the ONE.

Now the times are fulfilled and many of you, my dear ones, have already gone through all the trials and challenges in each of your incarnations.

The old souls who have already paid off their debts are ready to recover that Mastery ... to REMEMBER that Mastery that once belonged to them.

Pay attention. Find the teacher assigned to you on Earth to deliver this Baptism formula to Adam Kadmon.

Until today, my dear ones, I had spoken to you by transmitting knowledge that from here is seen without veils and that you do not distinguish.

But I have been entrusted to return this that is yours and that many have already earned the right to recover.

Where there is a fertile field, there will be sown again this superior knowledge that had been uprooted when their right to possess it was lost because they had lost the Grace of God.

Today the doors of the Upper Skies are open ...

Thanksgiving spills over you, my beloved.

Feel bathed in this rush of Love and Mastery that is being returned to each one and that everyone will remember when their momentum is.

The Christ seed is already being manifested.

Receive the Baptism of Adam Kadmon that will be sent from here this 10-10-10.

I bless you and love you.


Adjusting to Galactic Real Time

Message from Kryon, channeled by Nia Beyn on 9-10-10

The closer we get to the opening time of the Star Portal, the more you feel the vibration of the energies that are moving between you, my dear ones.

If they knew how it looks from here what is happening right there!

They are the waters that are opening ... and the beings of light and those of darkness will be separated when the sea closes again.

Nothing will be as before. Nothing can affect those who have raised their vibration towards the Adam Kadmon because they will have learned to see only the Light. The evils will be next, but they will not be able to see them and will not be affected by them because they have already established your own frequency radius, with which they can only be perceived by beings that vibrate in the same range as you.

Everything is happening very quickly according to the Earth's linear times.

This was planned for another time, but there have been some events that led to accelerate the action from our spheres.

On the one hand, darkness has posed a strong fight in many areas of life there in the karmic universe. This has resulted in a greater need to rise in those who turned out to be victims of the forces of darkness.

That is why it is being seen that many people seek access to knowledge that allows them to evolve and protect themselves under the guidance of the Spirit and focused on the Light of Christ.

So, my dear ones, all this has raised an urgency in the times that had been set. And we are working from here so that what should be delivered two years later in your time begins to arrive right now.

There are many people on Earth who have done their job and can already receive it. And those who are not yet ready will do so when the Spirit shows them to you.

Know, my dear ones, that this is a Gift from God, who recognizes in each of you the merit obtained throughout all your lives.

From the Akasha archives everything is carefully reviewed to give everyone what they should receive.

There will be those who receive custody of the formula to recover personal mastery and there will be those who are the first to take it from those custodians.

There will be planting times and harvest times that will not be the same for everyone.

Answer yourself - remember - Relieve yourself with the Inner Christ and begin to thank the Father for this Divine Gift that is already coming to you because the times are fulfilled.

I am Kryon and I bless you all.

A mandala of lights and shadows

Message from Kryon, channeled by Nia Beyn on 10-10-10

It is a beautiful moment of connection with you, my dear ones.

I have been very close all these days, fulfilling my service in the Light, opening roads and helping you to travel through these times of transition that have been very difficult for many of you. .

But that is over. Lights and shadows now form a beautiful mandala in the Earth's energy field. It can be seen perfectly from here how the uprooted energies of the last few days have begun to be sorted and have been harmoniously located in perfect coexistence.

Those who feel the need to move towards the Unified Field, just remember! It's time!

Perceive the vibration of the Electromagnetic Field of the Earth that is also collaborating in this instant of re-connection.

You have been recalibrated again with this Star Portal. You can feel it because the differences between lights and shadows have been accentuated. Those who have chosen work with the frequencies of Light can already perceive this. And those who have chosen to follow another path will no longer be intercepted by you and your energy will not be captured by them either.

The waters are just beginning to close again.

And right now the energy mandala of lights and shadows has been shaped.

Ask and it will be given to you! Only that, my dear ones.

Remember that you have our assistance from the purest Love.

I bless you and love you. I am Kryon.

Recovering Internal Mastery

Message from Kryon, channeled by Nia Beyn on 10/10/10

My beloved, I am Kryon, of the Magnetic Service.

I am here, as I promised you, to return something that belongs to you ... that always belonged to you.

I have chosen to do it through who is the guardian on Earth of this knowledge.

I have indicated to her a few days ago that I should be prepared today to be the channel of this message. She keeps this knowledge inside, without being aware of it. I will simply help her remember to re-create it.

At 00:00 today she has received Baptism to Adam Kadmon, with whom she has been initiated on this path of Inner Mastery.

This gives her the formula to re-activate that knowledge stored behind the veil and to transmit it to all those who are prepared to receive it. This implies having reached a level of evolution that allows them to recognize in this a true formula to recover the Mastery of Being.

I have given the necessary instructions so that everything is done according to the plans drawn up from here.

All of you, my dear ones, are being bathed today by a healing energy that returns part of what you had lost days ago in all the disorder that you have been living on Earth.

But there is much more!

They are given the personal access codes so that everyone can open their internal portals and reach the sacred chest where the lost Mastery was hidden by the gods.

That's where it always was. It was not really taken away. It is preserved in each of you in that chest that is in one of the bedrooms of the heart. They can't remember it. That is the only power that was really taken from them.

What really happened to them in the fall is that the veils did not allow them to see. And it has taken them a long time to recover that connection that would allow them to dissolve the veils and make them more and more subtle.

Today many of you have already worked hard enough to let those veils fall and access that chest.

However, something will be missing even when they are standing in front of him: the key to open it.

And that is precisely what I am giving today to this channel that I have chosen because it is who will keep the personal keys of each one of you and will give them to you when the moment is given.

The times will not be the same for everyone.

There are those who now have their way done and have advanced right up to the chest where they even know that Personal Mastery is stored. But they haven't found a way to open it.

When you are reading this message it will not be time yet for you to know the name of who will give you this formula. She must do her part of the job first, before she can deliver it to the world.

But be sure that Master will arrive when she should be.

Celebrate, my dear ones! This is an unprecedented event on Earth since the last fall of the Adamic Race.

Celebrate! Because what was sought for so long, requested, expected by all of you, is now within the reach of humanity because they have earned it.

Be partakers of this Divine Gift that you are receiving through this star Portal.

And give thanks to the Father ... because he has recognized in you the effort made throughout so many lives there.

From here I bless you all and hug you in a mantle of Golden Light.

I'm Kryon, from the Magnetic Service.

Channel: Nia Beyn

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