Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion: The world is going through purge situations at all levels by M. Swetlisoff

  • 2016


There is much activity in the higher planes of existence; There is much that is happening . As you know, the world is going through situations of purge at all levels. This involves sifting, working and dissipating many layers that go back through generations. For the uninformed observer, it seems that the world is going crazy, but this is not the case, there is a higher purpose in this work, and this is what, light workers They must remember and stay focused. It is a sign that the greater Light is making its presence felt in its world. There are, however, other forces trying to counteract the effects of these higher energy frequencies and creating chaos, pain and suffering in humanity.

Therefore, they have two different polarities competing for control of this world. Those of the Light, those who hold the Light are very aware that their participation is crucial and on a non-violence basis; they understand that their participation is at an energetic level, at the level of the intention in which the Light and the Divine plan can prevail. As the cleaning layers occur, much of what has been retained in the DNA and the heart of each person on this planet is surfacing, being removed, cleaned, purified, and this is very uncomfortable. Sometimes it is debilitating, but always, the subsequent effect is one of greater inner freedom.

Do not be afraid, dear ones, to open your hearts more widely. This is the moment, this is the moment when all that you are, must emerge . There are many among you who feel tired, who are getting tired and becoming cynical towards the idea that there will ever be a change on your planet, and we tell them, please keep the light, keep the vision of a world of peace. It can happen in an instant, if there is a unified intention to maintain the vision that a world in peace is going to manifest, it will occur. Do not lose hope, do not lose faith. The Light is here, the light IS doing its job.

Every person on the planet is looking for answers within their own heart, questioning, asking, wishing for a better life and a better way of living and this will increase their intensity and frequency in all the people on the planet. This is leading to a greater intensity of the emotional bodies of humanity throughout the world, therefore this is a time in a testing ground. It is a time when each person is asked to make a choice - succumb to the great distractions of the destructive events that are happening in the world - or choose to remain focused and grounded in the truth of his being, of his origins, that they are a child of the Divine and that every person on the planet is too.

We, from the higher dimensions, see you, Beloved Lightworkers, and know that you wish to manifest and experience the highest result, but that you are impatient, believe that what you have fought for many decades will never happen. This is the time to maintain your faith and your belief that the highest result and the positive end that was predicted and ordered by Divinity will be achieved . Do not cease your efforts. We are with you in this great work of supporting and empowering you.

Until next week…


AUTHOR: Marlene Swetlishoff

SEEN AT: www.therainbowscribe.com

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