Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion: They are regaining control of their emotions! by M. Swetlisoff

  • 2016


Many of you have been experiencing a feeling of sadness and observing old emotional patterns of moments in time that correspond to past life experiences and it is good to see that you are becoming more competent in merely recognizing and releasing these moments as something from the past instead of meddling in those old energies once again. Bravo! They are regaining control of their emotions! They may also have observed that these memories are those that have been buried deep in their conscience and that go back even beyond youthful experiences. This means that the process of purifying your cells is acting more deeply than ever. Allow it and focus your intention on replacing these memories with the pure white Light of the Christ energy .

We see that they are tired and eager for this process to come to an end and, the fact that the old feelings of the youth era are emerging means that this cleaning process is almost complete. Imagine small bright suns shining and spinning in each of the 7 main farms and keep this image for a few seconds several times a day. This speeds up the cleaning process and will keep you remembering that each of you is a bright Light in this world! They are moving towards the higher realms of consciousness, the true source of their personal power, and towards a deeper understanding of their eternal identity. There are some times when this connection leads you to important revelations regarding your purpose to incarnate in these times.

Be at peace, Beloved, Live, laugh and love with enthusiasm! Life in a human body is to be savored, embraced and experienced! Therefore, it is necessary to be part of everything that is in your immediate environment, to be at the time of each experience with full attention. Do not relegate or wait another day to live your new beginning, because it is happening right now. They are participating in the most miraculous times of mass transformation and this is a unique opportunity to rejoice in fluctuations from moment to moment as they occur. There are wonderful possibilities and instructions for your life experience; their clarity of understanding is leading them to direct their own destinies towards a brilliant reality.

These are exciting times, with many opportunities that are entering the field of dreams of each individual. As the 'disorder' is cleaned from within and replaced with a greater Light of understanding, some of the wishes of previous times that each person has maintained as their dream are presented as a guide on which one can focus on making it come true and manifest it. These are the dreams that can bring you great joy and happiness when you try to carry them forward in the current experience.

As each person manifests what brings them satisfaction, the positive energy that is created helps the field of collective consciousness move towards broadening horizons for all. What seemed impossible in the past days is now easily manifested by many people. This welfare state is being supported by the influx of new energies while humanity understands that they can create happy results for themselves and that their soul wants to experience more of these moments. This is the natural state of being for every soul on the planet.

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AUTHOR: Marlene Swetlishoff

SEEN AT: www.therainbowscribe.com

ENGLISH BOOK: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B019C2S6RU

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