Weekly Message from MA Hilarión by M. Swetlishoff from July 18 to 26, 2010

  • 2010


As they look around, the World as they know it is changing rapidly. Everything that once seemed solid is now in the process of dissolution and transformation. This brings many of you great sadness and pain, but also a great growth in spiritual perceptions and a total reevaluation of your goal here on Earth.

Do not grieve, Beloved Hearts, because as the dissolution comes, there is also great potential for growth and transformation that is taking place in the hearts, minds and Souls of those who cause them such difficulties at this time. Everything is as it should be from the highest perspective. We tell you not to give up your relationships with those you love, because not everything is lost yet.

Your Beloved Ones need giant calls to wake up at this time and each of you has agreed to accept the roles you now play and what is now coming to an end in each of your lives and relationships has required each of you to experience. a dark night of the Soul 'and you, as Lightworkers, are helping you to open up to your highest potential. It seems to you as if all is lost and that the extremes will never unite, however, at the end of the path that each of you travel, you will find that great transformations will occur in your Beloved Beings and that as these transformations begin to occur, there will be in them a greater understanding of how valuable you have been to them and how blessed they have been to have their presences in their lives, and there will be opportunities for reconciliation.

What is necessary now for those of you who go through these experiences is to love and nurture yourself. Go in as often as you can and enjoy as much time in Nature as possible, as this will help keep you anchored and help calm your Soul. Let your Beloved Ones experience their processes and try to detach themselves from any expectation. Sometimes a prudent time of separation will create greater clarity in your minds and hearts and will take your situations to a greater focus and you will find meaning in your next step and your paths will become clearer.

While this is happening, be open to receive guidance and the synchronisms that occur in your daily lives, because your Personal Guides and Angels will do everything they can to help you. We are always ready and will answer your calls promptly. Hold on to your Light, Dear Ones, and stand tall. Be authentic and don't be afraid, because everything will be resolved in a way that will leave you panting with incredible joy. It will require a lot and great patience on your part, since they must allow time for this to manifest. They should use this time to separate themselves from the situation, so that order and harmony are restored. Have faith and settle in the Love that nest in your hearts, since Love IS the answer.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

© 2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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