Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion from July 11 to 18, 2010

  • 2010

Beloved Lightworkers,

I come this day to talk with you about the great work you are doing and how proud and honest we are in the Higher Realms of being in partnership with each other. Everyone is going above and beyond the call of duty and assuming a lot about you that with justice does not belong to you and bearing the burden of the burdens of your Brothers and Sisters to lighten the burden on their individual lives and in total consciousness of Humanity everywhere on Earth.

Know, Dear Ones, that we remain with you in these efforts and that you are never alone, although sometimes you feel as if you are walking through the valley of shadows alone on your own. We are always with you, giving you strength and courage to face another day and withstand these initiations in the Greater Light, because by the burdens that you carry, you elevate the entire atmosphere of the Earth in the Greater Light and this will become evident to the extent may the next few months continue to see the great and powerful Cosmic Rays pouring over the Earth.

These powerful Cosmic Rays are called to clean and purify everything they touch so that each one is ready at the time of the Ascension of his beloved Planet Earth. There is much that has yet to be cleansed and purified, as you well know, so persevere, Beloved, because you are the great Converters of these energies, you who have the ability to endure the highest vibrations and the frequency of these Rays and Light and transduce (convert), transform and diminish these energies so that those who are just awakening or are near Awakening can withstand the intensity.

Can you see now how the work they do is of such enormous importance? We see how they suffer indescribably when they take the karma of the World and bring it to the Light. This is why you are here, Beloved, to bring greater Light to the World and are succeeding in this effort. Keep affirming and decreeing every day, as this helps you stay focused and constant in your efforts and please know that the practice makes you perfect as you become Alchemist Masters in creating the World of your highest vision.

Everything in the Universe and beyond hold their breath in delighted admiration and anticipation as they align the energies of their Beloved Planet to the Great Central Sun as we advance to the highest dimensions of expression. Each one is honored and exceedingly loved and we see that his individual Light becomes stronger and brighter every day. Their physical bodies become less dense and therefore can contain more of the Light than they really are. This is a great blessing to all around you and as long as you continue to do this, your circumferences increase in increasing waves of Light and frequency and will unite in Unity as a great grid of Light, a great circle of Light and it is then that Earth Star will be born.

We greet each and every one of you, the Most Beloved of our hearts, for your unwavering dedication, no matter what transpires in your personal lives. You are really becoming multidimensional Beings and performing multiple tasks of which many of you are not yet aware, but be sure that your Great I AM Presences are greatly and intensely involved in every aspect of this work.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

© 2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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