Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion from October 2 to November 6

  • 2011

Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion

From October 02 to 09, 2011


As they move forward in their daily lives they find that their ability to discern the truth has grown by leaps and bounds. They no longer hold in self doubt, thinking they might be in illusion. Now they are on the road with their Divine destiny and everything around them will reflect this back. Accept and allow the Universe to support you as you continue on your Path. Have faith and trust that everything you need will be provided when and how you need it. Everything you need for your next step will appear beautifully before you in the perfect, divine time.

They have earned everything by right. They have worked many, many lives to get to this point. Be confident and embrace this new condition. Relax in this and provide the care you richly deserve. Stay focused on your heart and keep making this part of your physical Being the most important focal point of concentration. BE love in all your thoughts, words, deeds and actions. Feel yourself loving unconditionally, everyone and everything you come into contact with and continually bless everything that manifests before you, because what you bring to the World in which you live will now be returned to you in the greatest magnitude of blessing. .

Make conversations with the Superior realms a routine part of your day and we say this in a literal sense. Talk to us, tell us about your hopes, dreams and earthly concerns. Ask for our help with your current challenges, then look for our answers in response. Our answers come in many forms, through the transfer of thought, through images, words, thoughts, impulses, through the word that is spoken to you by others. Learn to observe all your life around you and you will begin to notice the daily miracles that manifest to all of you. The life around him is full of infinite possibilities; all that is required is that they believe that this is possible and open to them.

Many cycles of evolution of the Earth and the soul are coming to an end and a World of wonder and novelty is now on the horizon. We know that they are tired, sometimes, when the thoughts and emotions that they believe have long dominated and transmuted come back in cycles again, and that they feel well ready for something fresh and new. This period will soon be left behind and the old patterns and programs of the old paradigms of the Earth will gently reside from your memory and instead, there will be new templates of behavior and expression, which you are even creating now.

It is time to deepen within you and begin to understand and know yourself completely, so that you accept just as you are entirely, so that you love yourself unconditionally, to affirm your completeness and perfection. They have done the work and there is more work ahead. Know that now the support from the Higher realms, which has been available to you, is easier to access and understand. Look for us in your daily work, because we are with you always. We arrive as glares of light on the periphery of your vision. You have seen this many times.

Continue to walk your Path with the highest honor, honesty and integrity, because it is through your example that those around you will begin to seek the answers of a better path for themselves. They will seek to emulate what they perceive and admire in you. They will want to possess the incomparable pearl that you possess. Your Light and the Light of all the Lightworkers in the world will be eagerly sought because they will be magnetically attracted to you like moths to a flame. You have everything you need within you, Beloved. Shine and shine brightly!

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion

From October 09 to 16, 2011


As the intense energies penetrate the Earth's atmosphere, much of what has stubbornly resisted this great Love that floods the Earth will begin to dissipate in all areas of their lives. There will come a sense of liberation from everything that was previously complicated within your minds and you will see yourself empowered in everything you do and in everything you are. A greater clarity of purpose, and desires of the heart, will insufflate your Being and much of what prevented you from moving forward will leave your experience.

Many tests have been successfully overcome and overcoming everything there is a greater knowledge that what has been endured was exactly what the Soul and the Higher Self chose as the experiences they needed to live to bring them to this present moment. Everyone stands on the shore of a new beginning, that of living life with a greater emphasis on the most sublime experience. You will feel a desire to experience simple pleasures that are readily available for you to participate at any time and all that is required is awareness awareness (= valuation).

To the extent that changes continue to occur in every facet of life, as they know it on Earth, and within their Beings, there will be a greater flow of life that had not previously been understood. There will be greater depth of thought and reverence for all the life that surrounds them. Many external distractions that occupied their time and focus will naturally move away when the realizations that come into their lives must be lived, enjoyed and experienced in each moment directly, being fully present in their consciousness rather than simply being an observer of them.

A greater appreciation of Nature will bring much relief to the stress that invades your physical beings and their energy fields. In this environment, new energies and the codes contained in them can be assimilated and integrated with greater ease and grace, because to remain in Nature is to revere the Planet in which they live, move and have their Being. There is a relationship of symbiotic exchange between you and this is something that will be more apparent to you.

This is a period of reflection that is operating within you, of deep connection within the core of your Being and of tuning in more to your own rhythms of life. A state of relaxation and stillness will facilitate a greater awareness of the presence of your Higher Self and what your Presence wishes you to understand. Open up to these gifts that are leaking into Earth's atmosphere while remaining in a state of reverence and gratitude for this great opportunity. Awareness is required on your part that these gifts are available to you and your desire to assimilate them within your Beings. Make this your intention, not in Nature, and Nature in response will help you receive them.

Until next week.

I AM Hilari n

Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilari n

October 16-23, 2011


The focus for the coming days is to continue to be grounded, alert and calm. Let the energies flow through you to the Earth's core and back to the Great Central Sun in a continuous and benevolent flow. Allow yourself to release any remnant that still remains to be cleaned, to the extent that it emerges to the surface, remembering that regardless of how they have arisen, it only means that you are leaving and moving away from you. Try not to return to the circuit of these old energies again, just pretend that you are ready with that and when you feel complete, ask Mother Earth to take those energies, transmute them and use them where she needs them most.

The Awakened continue to gather in large numbers in each city, town and towns around the World. There is a surge of momentum that has not yet reached its peak and these meetings will continue until those in power are forced to begin making the changes to the system that are demanded of them. Gone are the days of those in a position of power that paid no attention to their people. A new day, in the ways of governing the affairs of the country and citizenship, is emerging on the horizon of possibilities. The Awakened will not give in their demands for justice for everything that has kept the good people in each country chained to impossible control systems.

It is a time of grace now for you, Beloved, who have worked incessantly through many, many lives to bring the current events to a successful conclusion to achieve the Ascension of the Earth and everything about it. As they continue to experience the liberation of everything that no longer serves their Ascension Path, they will be supported in their daily lives in wonderfully synchronized ways. Ask for what they need and then observe how that will be answered in quick and wonderful ways. Your Angels look forward to serving you in any way that can help you move through this stage. Remember, they love you unconditionally and do not hold judgments about anything you are experiencing. It is simply an experience, one that you chose for yourself, in order to learn specific lessons or gain knowledge and skills even before you reincarnated.

As you go through these experiences, know that there are millions of others who are also experiencing their own particular tests and challenges for their own spiritual education and learning and, therefore, in their own kingdom, they are not really alone. Do not be discouraged when the road seems dark, just persevere. By putting one foot in front of the other, miracles can be achieved. Adhere to your daily disciplines as best you can, get plenty of rest and relaxation and spend as much time as possible outside, in Nature, among the family of trees so that they provide support and healing when possible.

Find the means within yourself to get rid of any apparent chaos that arises and maintain those powerful visions of a better World for all on your beautiful Planet. Focus daily on your heart chakra and feel that the pulse of your love reaches everyone's hearts on, in and around the Planet. It is your love united in Oneness that will change this World. Let everything you think, say and do reflect this.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion

October 23-30, 2011


As the Cosmic energies grow in intensity, many people on the Planet begin to wake up from their sleep and for many it is a rather uncomfortable process. It is not easy, as each of you knows, to face the true reality of life on Earth, which has passed as life, and arrive at the understanding of how much was not known before. As long as this continues to occur, there will be feelings of anger at the beginning that, in turn, will galvanize many towards action to change the world towards a better home for all.

Protests continue to grow in every town across the face of the Planet. The good people of the Earth defend their rights as citizens of the World and in the Universe. As members of our Light Brigade Family team, you are asked to keep calm and peace in each of your thoughts, words and deeds. We understand that each of you goes through the final stages of cleansing and purification and that there will be moments when you purge everything that is no longer aligned with your Higher Self and your greatest good.

We see, Dear Ones, that many of you maintain a tension in your solar plexus, and this is the weight of the grid of human consciousness that is manifesting at this time. It is difficult to completely transmute this collective energy at any given time because it is always in a state of flux. Attempting to remain calm will help create it in the outer expression. You are Radiant Beings and your ability to reach beyond your homes in ever-widening circles helps maintain a balance of the compound energies that are being built.

Put simply, love is the answer to every challenge they face. He is essential in every situation to which they are challenged in their daily lives. A conscious choice on your part is required, because choosing love is an empowerment action and an intention that has a wide scope in its effects. Loving others when they hurt them empowers not only those who choose to love, but all those around them, and that radiates into the field of collective consciousness to heal and bless all Humanity.

Such is the power of their Beings, and how they affect their World around and their Planet Earth, that they are asked to maintain their highest resolution and forgive themselves for each momentary relapse when they clean up everything that no longer serves them. Greater Light now encompasses and envelops Earth and its World is full of Light, if only they could see it. The energy field of the Earth is growing and expanding as we work in synergy with Her to safely ascend to the higher dimensions with all its inhabitants over Her.

Have faith and believe in your power to continue making a positive difference in everyone's progress to embody greater amounts of Light. Slowly, gradually this Light has expanded; So far this Light sustains every Being in its World. Every day more miracles occur in the hearts of Humanity and in all the realms of the Earth, so there is greater collaboration and empathy between you. The feeling will continue to grow as Humanity begins to integrate more Light into its physical bodies. The more Light is absorbed in all cells in the physical form, the less density is manifested.

It is important to affirm the Light every day and align to your highest and greatest good and to the source of All That Is. Continue to walk your Path with determination, resolution and feelings of joy, because miracles really abound!

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

Senate Message from Ascended Master Hilarion

From October 30 to November 06, 2011


Many changes are occurring internally during these times. Your cells are being changed to facilitate the transformation of their bodies into a less dense physical body. This will be a long process, going into 2012 and beyond. It all depends on the progression and enlistment of each individual as they continue on their spiritual paths of experience on Earth. Some of you will be transformed really quickly and will be the example molds of those who enter this process at a later time.

Each of you has assumed the task of transforming your physical beings at all levels, although many of you do not really know what this will entail. In any case, you have chosen Ascension in your physical bodies and, therefore, the changes within you continue to occur. During these times, the discharge of new energies continues to spiral through you, creating a higher internal frequency, which in turn activates the sleeping strands of RNA / DNA, which set in motion a profound change.

Know that you are always supported and assisted by your Family of Light. We monitor each one and make the necessary adjustments so that their transformation is carried out with the greatest comfort, grace, ease and protection. Many of you have made adjustments to your daily diets and have voluntarily given up many foods and substances that do not lead you to the integrity, vitality and health of your elementary body. Know that these choices are brought before you in the highest dimensions and everything is explained to you, in such a way, that the right decisions are taken so that internal changes occur with greater grace and in complete security.

We work together in society and equality, because we are here to serve you in these times. We have been with you for our own choice to remain with the evolution on Earth and to be of help to bring to the Earth and each being and everything on and within it through the monumental transformation of the Ascension process towards the greatest dimensions of Being. It is our humble and greatest joy to be with you during these times and to observe with wonder and amazement the incredible and progressive advances that Humanity has been making, more than anything in the past six months.

Much of what once was on Earth is changing rapidly and, throughout the entire Planet, good people are choosing to assume their position for a better way of life, act, do and Be. Through peaceful means, there is a tacit understanding on the part of many that all they have to do is make their decisions and persevere in their determination to create a positive change for the benefit of everything on your planet. This trend will continue in 2012 and will create many benevolent changes in the quality of life of the citizens of the World.

Seen from our perspectives, there is a definite movement towards the Light since everything that is needed is provided, implying that they are always guided by their Higher Self to move in the direction that is for their best and highest good. . Your Higher Beings are very active at this time, preparing for greater assimilation with you as changes from one dimension to the other occur in the days to come . They trust that they are in the right place and that they are on their right path, that everything is fine and everything is perfect, because that's the way it is!

Until next week.

I AM Hilari n

2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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