Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilari n: The events in the world remain unabated. by Marlene Swetlishoff

  • 2016


Events in the world remain unabated. There is a greater intensity in everything that happens for the recognition of the conscience of humanity. Everyone is driven to connect to a greater level of understanding of themselves and the people around them, to discern what is truly important in everyone's life. There is still much that has to fall so that the shackles that have tied each individual to remain at a lower density are removed and no longer have their effect. The Great Awakening of the inhabitants of the Earth has begun in earnest.

Find your neighbors and reconnect with them. People look for meaning in their lives and it could be one of you who can serve as the catalyst that opens the understanding they need to move forward. Planet light workers are being raised once more to a higher level, and this can be a difficult time, as they are processing this energy of more frequency. It is high within your human operating systems. Know that you have the ability to assimilate these energies with balance and balance. They must let go of any expectation of how things should be. Open yourself to new adventures.

In truth, you are the hosts of your own Divine Essence that infiltrates more deeply into your physical vehicle to integrate with you. Their intention to align and connect to this loving force can be very useful in terms of becoming more of the potential they have within themselves. It is important to find the humorous side in the situations that happen to them, since it is good humor that helps them illuminate and expand their knowledge of all aspects of their reality. The options that are before you are practically unlimited and it is your decision to use the new freedom that you have discovered and that has remained dormant within you.

As your body, mind and spirit align with the higher aspects of your being, regeneration occurs and you are trained to move towards a future that is ready with potential. They are being given a new opportunity to expand and express their being in new forms of creative manifestation as they successfully navigate the new doors that are being opened to them. Remember, you are the makers and therefore you must surpass the present by adopting the measures that are required at all times.

When all the energies within you are in balance, you open to new realms of consciousness and confidently follow your evolution and inner direction with faith and determination. All the pieces come together to create a new fabric of the gold filaments of his life. The true magic of the inner spirit is yours to manifest as you find the balance between inner reality and the outside world. Expect the unexpected and know that something new, unexpected and exciting can happen to you. Look for the miracles that occur in your life, since there are many of them stored for you.

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AUTHOR: Marlene Swetlishoff

SEEN AT: www.therainbowscribe.com

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