Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion: There are signs everywhere that changes are underway by Marlene Sewtlisoff

  • 2016


You are the ones who hold the highest frequency that is available on the planet and this requires the constancy of staying true to yourself, no matter what situations you are in life. As representatives of the Divine, it is your responsibility to be the role models that show the way, to be the incorruptibles that persevere in your spiritual path now, when all the known signs along the way have changed. They are walking in an unknown territory in faith and courage and creating new reality as it progresses and that is good. The higher realms applaud and support you when you walk this path, and never do it alone.

As the world around you unfolds the endings that are taking place, you remain unconditionally in your determination to see things until the final result, which is the highest result for the greatest good of all in the ascension process . Keep in good spirits, always be the ones who lift the spirits of those around them, so that during the changes that occur, and the changes occur in all areas of human existence, remain a ray of light and hope as long as They point the way forward. The people of the world at this time are hungry for good news, they yearn to feel peace in their hearts, minds and souls, they sigh to find a solid foundation on which to set their feet and walk firmly on a planet that is in metamorphosis and regeneration.

There are signs everywhere that the changes are underway, there is nothing more to observe nature and its kingdoms to begin to understand that this regeneration is happening, not only in the macro-cosmic planes, but also in the microscopic levels, in the smaller details, and expand out. Animals are adapting to the changes that occur through an innate understanding that they must merge in their efforts to survive, grow and prosper. Some species of birds and wildlife are coming together to create a new species, more adaptable to the new conditions that are developing now. Take the time to be outdoors, to see and observe these mutations that are occurring. You will find many of these changes.

For humanity, who see how through the lens of their media, it seems as if the world is about to fall into chaos; However, life continues to keep pace with the times. There is a great capacity for recovery in the human soul, because he has seen a lot in his stay through many lives and experiences, and he has the capacity, the deep knowledge and the internal resources available inside him to persevere resolutely in moving forward. It is up to all people to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground and raise their spirits as they move through the internal and external changes that are occurring, at all levels in these times. It is through their attitude towards the events in their world and how they respond to them, that they benefit, develop the ability to let go and eliminate things that are no longer productive or conducive to their growth and well-being .

As they are guided through their innate wisdom, they open themselves to a greater understanding of the wonders and mysteries of the unlimited universe in which they live, and of the glory they are as they create a new set that is greater than the sum of All its parts. Claim your right to do or be what you want. Your options are unlimited and only require you to look for them. Stretch the potential that lies within you and move in harmony with your inner direction with sustained faith and determination. Everything is fine and everything is perfect.

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AUTHOR: Marlene Swetlishoff

SEEN AT: www.therainbowscribe.com

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