Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion from August 15 to 22

  • 2010

Beloved Lightworkers,

Many changes are now taking place in and around you. The dimensions begin to approach each other and the veils that have kept you blinded are rising and you will notice that your perceptions become more accurate and that your intuition always leads you through the Path that you established before you came to the Earth plane. Look around and notice how everything feels the Oneness of all that is. Those of you who have been doing your inner work begin to feel a greater Lightness of Being and begin to experience more and more moments of joy and joy, for no obvious reason than to feel very good.

Our Scribe has now started a stable flow of 'gratitude' thinking and is self-training to be in deep gratitude at all times. There have been and there are still many challenges in your daily life and in the lives of each of the members of your beloved family who have been and are still on trial. As in the lives of each one of you, our Scribe has had to walk the paths of this World and experience many of the challenges that beset Humanity. Many alleged injustices have occurred without an obvious objective and yet she has been able to maintain the essentials - and that is - that Love is the greatest force in the Universe. Each of you is also deeply connected with yourself, in the center of your Being, and you are emerging stronger and brighter than ever. We know that it has not been easy, but it was necessary and there will come a time when everything will be completely clear to you.

Have faith in your Higher Self and your Great I AM Presence and trust that each one is being guided to be in the right place at the right time, doing exactly the right thing. Everything is as it should be and the deepest objective of many of these tests and attempts will become apparent in retrospect, because that is how the learning process on Earth occurs. These times of change require them to be adaptable, flexible and able to change plans right away; It is also important that they are able to bend and move like a Willow, while at the same time incorporating the qualities of an erect and majestic Oak, whose roots penetrate deeply into Mother Earth. Enter your roots in the center of Mother Earth and take some time each day to connect to it in any way that works best for you. The feeling of Oneness is now the next step on your Way to Ascension.

Each of you will begin to express yourself with a greater capacity than ever before and your words will carry the essence of the great Being that you really are. Don't sell yourself for less, Beloved, because you really are the Light in this World and what you say, think and do has a huge impact on the Mass Consciousness of this Planet. When they see themselves expressing thoughts, words and feelings that are not of the Higher vibrations, understand that this is the cleaning process that is happening and try to have a sense of humor about it, so that they have the ability to laugh at you and forgive yourself for any apparent transgression. Understand also, Dear Ones, that the more you decree the Light, the greater the resistance of those parts of you that have carried with you in this and other lives as well, and which are ready to be transmuted and brought to the Light. That is why it is important to PERSISTIRATE in your daily disciplines, since daily practice makes this process much easier.

Do not look so much at what is being expressed on the World stage, instead focus on your own 'garden' to ensure an abundant harvest of all the good you want and deserve, since this is what will manifest; This is as true as the night follows the day. Always honor your beings and your needs and listen to what your body and Soul wish to convey to you. This process is ongoing and it really becomes easier and more graceful as they work through it. Love yourself and be patient with each other. Everything is fine and everyone is doing an excellent job! We are so deeply grateful to work with you during these exciting times, those that even now have a far-reaching effect on everyone and everything on their Beloved Planet Earth.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

© 2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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