Weekly Message from the Ascended Master Hilarion: Greater peace invades his whole being

  • 2016


Greater peace invades his whole being while they dispose of their hungry internal ghosts to be buried in their final resting place. The many years of intensely feeling the opposite poles of duality in their solar plexus chakras now diminish. They experience then the joy and the wonderful possibilities that are entering their fields of perception. They are beginning to feel a renewed passion to complete unfinished projects while contemplating and visualizing new ones. Your new beginnings have finally arrived! Take the moment!

Love in all its facets unfolds its wings and opens new doors. Many pieces of the puzzle now come together and start to make sense. As these new revelations are processed, internal healing occurs, which is welcome and experienced. On their foreheads they bear the mark of the Enlightened One, which is not seen by the human eye, but easily seen by the wise men who have guided their spiritual paths and paths. They celebrate their victories that are well deserved. Take the time to savor these moments when you are presented and drink thoroughly in the well of abundance that lies within you.

Life is developing for you in all its splendor. What wonders await you in every corner? The entire universe is at your command - get up and greet your destiny! The world waits for the gifts they bring to bless and heal others and their beloved planet. When they realize how deeply they are loved and always have been, they feel a joy without limits, like a warm blanket that surrounds and envelops them. This is the new beginning that they have sought for a long time and that before was so difficult to reach; It is a new beginning of renewal and hope and now only waiting to be claimed.

It's time for them to fly free! It is time to shine your radiant Light so that others can discern their own! Shine in your brilliance and sustain yourself in your own potential - the only thing that has hindered you has been your own old limited perceptions. The door is now open to move beyond them on a new horizon. Follow their hearts and the thrusts of spirit, because they lead you to your highest good and greatest joy. Make joy feel your daily focus, do whatever it takes to get that feeling from within, because joy is the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth and you are the conduits.

Blessed are the lovers of peace, because they are the ones who will inherit the new world that has dawned. Yes, there is much in the world that still needs improvement, however, here they are, making changes and reaching them. The changes that need to be made occur inside and extend outward. What they have done and achieved shines as a beacon of hope and possibilities for those who come behind. They are loved without measure by those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear their message. Be peace now in all its forms!

Until next week…


AUTHOR: M. Swetlisoff

SEEN AT: www.therainbowscribe.com


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