Weekly Message from the Ascended Master Hilarion: On their way to enlightenment they have made many stops and starts

  • 2016


On their way to enlightenment they have made many stops and starts. While they have painfully climbed the mountain until they reach the top, they have had to take many winding roads, spiral roads, but eventually they have reached the top . This is in sight for many of you; It is now within reach. All that is required is that they persist, that they continue in their efforts to maintain their Light, to be in their Light. Holding on to Light means that you always remain true to yourself. No matter what you intend to distract attention in the outside world, within you know who they are. And this is what you always have to trust as a first priority. Are important. Your well-being is important. There are many there who need your attention, but they need to pay attention to themselves first.

Because you have walked the path less traveled, you have been those who have cleared the route for others. Imagine yourself with a machete cutting thickets through a thick jungle; This is what they have been doing with their lives while they have walked into the unknown, not knowing what to expect, but still, moving forward. You signed up for this, dear ones, and here you are, almost in the final stretch . The ascension of the Earth is in process, the awakening of humanity is now in full progress. It is not pleasant for those who are just waking up - you remember how it is. It is uncomfortable for them, who wonder if they are losing their sanity, how is it that no one else can see how they see, think what they think, go beyond limited concepts, find answers to questions that still have no form inside of your conscience?

It is a difficult path, but because you have traveled that path that you now travel, it becomes much easier. Because in this time now, with the arrival and establishment of the Internet, the answers are available. Using their discernment and corroborating within the space of the heart, they can find the answers to what they seek. This is very important and is something that is happening now. There are many in their path who will try to steal their thunder (NT: expression used when someone steals the merits of another), so to speak; You always know when this happens because of the feeling you have of manipulation and exploitation. However, they know how to defend against these. They know that they must get out of any type of interference and continue along their path. Always, it is a choice: what path to take? Do not get involved in those games. Those are the parasitic games of life that others play because they don't want to make the effort themselves. Shake it, move, move on.

The gold ring is almost within reach, do not be distracted by the world around you. Those who seek ego reinforcement, those who seek answers to frivolous questions, will not find the answers. You do not have to provide those answers, you simply have to honor yourself, know and follow your own path, your own star. What do we understand by the star? We refer to your own soul star , your greatest orientation and direction of energy from the Source that will never let you down, which is always there for you. Follow this guide always, in every way.

This is the time now for similar minds to connect and it's a joy! The establishment of connections are meaningful and healing for those who participate in this. It feels great when you talk to someone who understands exactly what you are talking about. This has been rare in their lives; This has been a long-awaited dream that has never been realized. Talking with others and being fully accepted and understood is a rare sensation, but now, those of you who have traveled this path are meeting others of the same mentality and connected go to each other to encourage and support each other, with respect; assisting each other in ways that are meaningful to each other.

We advise you to enjoy these connections. Some may last a lifetime, others may serve a temporary purpose, however, they are important in their lives at this time. See the synchronicities fluen with these when presented to you! They can only bring you well; It can only bring you more stability, more foundation, more joy in your lives. Enjoy these moments, enjoy these connections. Much has happened in the internal planes, because what is in your experience at this time is already predetermined. These connections are here to give answers, to give assistance are a kind of shortcut for those roads that everyone must travel. Give thanks for each other's contribution and simply allow the connection. It will be good, it will be correct, it will lead to openings that would not have been possible without them.

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AUTHOR: M. Swetlisoff

SEEN AT: www.therainbowscribe.com

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