Message Muriel: You are all children of light and day, not night or darkness

  • 2018

Blessings to all of you children of the Light,

I appear before you during this period of increase not only of the Light, but also of the Consciousness, with the purpose of giving you a great gift that comes directly from the Divine Source and is that it is already time to fully claim their essence and their birthright, deep inside. And when you can appreciate that the light of Compassion and Divine Passion shines within you, you can also see how it shines within those around you.

This is because each of you are children of the Light

They are living the New Earth, so it is time for them to live and welcome that reality offered by the fifth dimension .

In this dimension they must become aware of the true essence not only of Unconditional Acceptance, but also of Love, that is, they must accept themselves and those around them as authentic children of the Light, in order to truly see beauty and the perfection of human beings. Likewise, in this way, they can welcome every living being that exists from Love and harmony.

Regardless of whether the Universe they inhabit is pleasant, careful and / or loving, in which they have the opportunity to explore and everything turns at a perfect pace, they must know, beloved children of light, that the message that I bring you in this This is due to the fact that they have reached a point in their evolution where they are really ready to put aside the three-dimensional perspective that they have about themselves as "imperfect" and "injured" beings and accept that they are really beings of Completely perfect light.

From the moment that Atlantis sank, the human psyche has been responsible for transmitting, from generation to generation, the trace of imperfection and guilt . In the most remote part of the membrane of their DNA there is a feeling of fear and shame, generated as a result of what they did with the purpose of “hurting” during their existential period in Atlantis, which in turn produced the destruction from two continents:

These two continents are Lemuria and Atlantis

And they still play that same pattern, not only in their social interactions, but also in their belief systems. You focus on what is wrong, that is, on your problems, mistakes and / or shadows and in that way, you allow that membrane to remain part of you. However, and as you go further to the Paradise Energy Matrix, my beloved ones will have the opportunity to feel how they return to Love and experience a glorious acceptance of what they really are.

You can feel how you have that pre-Atlantean connection again and that you lost, with the great Unconditional Love that comes directly from the central Heart of all that exists. However, to prepare for this reality, you must be ready, dear children of light, to allow understanding and acceptance to enter into you and fill you with your Light and perfection.

The secret to be able to achieve it consists in compassion; they must consciously accept where they have been and the mistakes they have made and then be able to free themselves. Do not allow yourself to fall into that state and do not try to deepen it, just accept it so that when you reach the 5th dimension, you can experience the increase of your divine energy .

Beloved, remember that you are living a blessed period.

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