Message Mother Mileila: Beloved brothers seek the happiness of all, live the unity of a people

  • 2017

Beloved beings of the Earth, we are here with the purpose of telling you about the events that take place again and again within your planet; which often makes them worry about those things they live and experience daily.

We will explain the events that occur in some of the countries that make up your planet, which usually consist of rebellion and violence . But rebellion before what ? Well, we will tell you the following and that is that people find themselves experiencing a rebellion however, they also experience a "rebellion" against those things that produce the disappearance of the meaning of earthly power .

People are tired of fighting and rebel against everyone and everything

Observe what happens in Spain, for example; an event without leaving behind, a return to the past, a rejection by staying under the power of someone else. The independence of a certain area within a country in relation to the rest of the country and the entire continent to which it belongs, we could say that it is a withdrawal, an aspiration not to remain open to the improvisation of the reality that is currently evident within European land

Europe was created with the purpose of unifying the different countries that comprise it ; This union had and still has the purpose of achieving peace and giving each country the opportunity to live without anxiety for what those around it can attract. Leaving aside what they were before, when countries constantly worried about whether the neighboring country would end up going along with them to war, so it was just Europe, who made such a unification of serenity and peace possible in the past, so that peace must be established again in this continent, since it is necessary to install them in the rest of the countries of this planet and only in that way is it possible to achieve it.

In the United States they began this pacification process several years ago and Europe followed; It is at times like these, when it is possible to appreciate that the need for pacification really responds to a huge desire to calm down. Progressively, each of you will appreciate how that pacification will be extended until you reach Asia and Africa ; However, for this to be possible, there needs to be more honest rulers who are at the head of these countries, since corruption has never been and will not be synonymous with "Peace."

Corruption only brings hunger and sadness to countries, causing most people and people to live in misery

In France, strikes have taken place and as a result there were problems; there was separation between the individuals in the country, those who were on strike and those who were somehow affected by those strikes. It is essential to understand that there is currently an urgent need to be respectful of those around and through strikes a certain part of the people is affected, so how could they think they live in a country where there is peace ? In order to live within a country where there is peace, it is necessary to respect each one of those who live there, not to take them as prisoners, as occurs in opportunities when using different attack systems.

Beloved brothers, we understand that you all want to be happy, but you should not act by being guided by selfish happiness, but by seeking the happiness of all.

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