Message Lady Nala: Let yourself be guided by the frequency of sounds, colors and smells

  • 2018

Your body is formed by a very luminous energy , more than matter . Imagine that your body is physical, instead of being a light, it is already something that prevents you from extending your energy. So I invite you to realize that you are no longer your body, but that it is only a part . It always starts with: I am not just the body .

Space and time are not dimensions, it is a new teaching that I give you, for many, space and time are very strong vibrations .

Sound, color and smells are a particular frequency.

But in fact, if everything is frequency and vibration, do you think time can escape that? Escape from being more than just a frequency and a vibration? You know it so much that you have often symbolized time with a metronome, a vibration and a space, and you count its vibrations, but only part of its vibrations.

You decided to call a fragment of this time: a second, but a second is a vibrating time. If you start to put your mind on the idea of ​​acceleration, you will start communicating with time and you will become a great seer, since nothing it would prevent you from going in the past or future, you would eliminate the dimension.

If you close your eyes and see a ticking clock or whatever time represents and if you accelerate it in your mind, that clock or timer will disappear . When it disappears from your consciousness, it is because your consciousness is already open in time. When you stop visualizing to be, you are no longer at that time, you are in a different vibratory aspect.

You may not be interested in what I am saying, but I tell you to have fun with this exercise, start from 5 minutes forward or 5 minutes ago. With a little exercise and the more you stay in that space, the more you can move in time .

And now let's see how you move in space, that is, in dimensions. When you move in time, what you will see backward or forward will be the result of your past choices and future choices. To change your time and destiny, you also need to change the space, a space where you would have made other decisions, perhaps in the past.

When you have accepted this life and everything that has happened to you, when you manage to join with all your time, then you can change space, since you find peace, fulfillment in you, and that peace is an empty space that allows you new options. So by placing yourself in a space of peace, out of time, you begin to bring you the energy and emotional vibration of what you want to feel.

Bring the light to this space, as if an external source illuminates the emotional scene you just created, in that space and space. A light that comes from a bright source, so bright that you will only see white and when it is finished, when you open your eyes, you will already be in the same space.

But for this to work you must forgive . That is, you do not need to have real continuity with your past to live today, leave that continuity to create a new being, a new person, a new way of being and acting, because it is this new way of being, the one you want to reveal the character that you really are, an entity that decides a new beginning, embody yourself again, in the same body, but as a second birth in different circumstances.

This phenomenon has been called transmigration

For some, the transmigration is moving from one body to another body, however you can do a transmigration in the same body, leave this body, leave the time and organize another space where you will create A new emotional field.

When you love that moment, you will vibrate faster. It's like I'm coming to you. It contracts with you and the more you contract, everything seems to go quickly and slowly at the same time. Time really disappears, it condenses in the same space. So when you love yourself deeply, it is an authorization you give yourself to change your time, your space and live other things. That is why forgiveness is one of the keys to progress and progress.

As long as you think you have tasks and karmas to deal with, you will put them in front of you as if they were true, but remember that it is only history. It's you who writes your story because the survivor and the winner of your story is you .

It is up to you to choose how to write it, describe it, build it and how to imagine the experiences of the past. When you start translating what you have experienced in the past, it is up to you to decide whether or not to accept it . If it helps you to move on, fine, but if it prevents you from going to forgiveness or creating guilt, abandon that. You do not have to be guilty, to be guilty is to avoid having another life, it is to find a good way of not having the right to change and continue in that game. The law of free will says that you always have a choice.

But today you have given your free will to circumstances, to the world, even to your objects . It is to them that you have given them power to stop giving free will to objects or other people? You have laws and I am not asking you not to respect them, but to understand that within you you can create a space where these laws are not the same, where these laws change. Because everything is possible for those who understand this, and your new generation will not accept what you accept today.

Let her rebel because she is the generation that will live in a healthy land

There are also cosmic laws, universal laws, galactic laws that prevent this type of work in the human mind. So, if your galactic brothers intervened, it is not to save the planet, it is to prevent other human brothers from taking over you.

Leave the idea that someone can hurt you, everything that develops before you is just a gift offered by the Universe, pure joy, pure love, it can't hurt you, it doesn't exist, it's me. This is another axis to change space and time, but it is the one you use every day without knowing it.

So, one of the laws that I am also trying to express, is to tell you that when you create spaces and times, you are not obligated to talk to your brothers and sisters . Save that little one, because otherwise his own creation will avoid yours. If they are convinced that it is not possible, they will prevent you from creating the possibility, they will block you and you will be preventing yourself from creating new circumstances, simply because others have said that it was not possible. Then, sometimes use the secret, an internal personal plan, which you will only reveal to those who are positive or who agree with your vision and see that it will be much more magical and possible.

I let you write your own story, in any case, today we will have transcended time and space, so I appreciate it.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Sylvain Didelot

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