Special message from Kuthumi (for Lightworkers) Channeled by Michelle Eloff

I am Kuthumi and I come upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each one of you at this time and to bring you the blessings of harmony, truth, balance and joy. Greetings, dear.

And it is with great pleasure and joy in our hearts that we can meet with each one of you on this day while holding you firmly in the heart of Christ and secure in the hands of God.

Dear ones, we rejoice in the knowledge that everyone present has gathered to be within the light of the birth of a deep new wave of consciousness that will be reaching each of you in the next twelve to eighteen weeks. During this period of time those of you who have gathered around the world will now begin to form connections with people around the world and these connections that are formulated are intended to ensure that certain transmissions are transmitted simultaneously, and at the time of receiving the transmission arouses another level of energy. This ignition clears a path that takes you to another level of your personal destiny and it is then that you will experience many of the changes you have worked for many months and perhaps for some of you for many years.

An event is taking place that will cause a change in the timelines as you see them and yes, it will manifest as time seems to go even faster. The closer they get to the moment of 2012, the faster their time will move as it is the end of time so to speak, a specific timeline. This does not mean that the world comes to an end; it is the end of an era, and the birth of a new consciousness is what emerges and motivates and inspires each of you to continue on the path of awakening and becoming the authentic ones; those who stand within the truth of all that is true and that familiar thread is what unites you all, not tying you as prisoners, but connecting you as a family of light.

The reason why I have chosen this particular moment to address all of you is because it is a very, very important time in the spiritual history of the Earth. It is the time when certain sophisticated mechanisms can be used to reach all of you and tell you that this is your time. You have been calling those who are souls with purpose, those whose purpose is to change the tide, to create a new path, they have been crying out for them and guess what! You are a part of them in a way, therefore, if it is your call, if you are inspired and motivated, go ahead and do what you came to do.

Part of this challenge will be to trust what they feel inspired to do and this in itself is an initiation. Learning to trust yourself is one of the most important experiences of your life, because when you trust yourself and believe in yourself with every fiber of your being, you are completely aligned with the consciousness of God, because then you are a pure and clear channel of that light and for that light and clarity is phenomenal. Now, we could say that because you are in a human body that is impossible to achieve, however there are aspects of you that are not bound by the human body, but still influence the body human that can reach those levels of clear awareness and filter it through you. Therefore, the more you know yourself, the more you believe in yourself and trust in yourself, it is easier for you to receive that transmission. And they merge with that part of you either their higher self or whatever they want to call it, but they will merge and receive the transmissions and all you have to do is believe and trust yourself.

Now there are going to be many other changes, dear ones. I, Kuthumi, have completed the additional year that I had to work with many of my channels on the Earth plane. Within the next seven days I am moving away for a period of time, it is my turn to submit to new initiations and this time of my retirement is a very important moment because that is when the Goddesses will leave To take advantage of pure raw energy and the power of the Doors of Fire. It is the combination of the energy of Mary Magdalene, that of Mother Mary and all the sacred Goddesses of the solar lineage of fire.

This will open a path through the lower consciousness of humanity, that is to say the collective consciousness, the penetration of this belt of density will undergo the Initiations of Fire, just as Many of you have done it. These changes will reveal to you what is true and what is not. The challenge in this is what to do at that moment to face the truth la follow or remain in the comfort zone of the old, of what is familiar? I say this for a reason, dear ones, because there are going to be changes that you will face that will make your life take a complete turn and not necessarily going to be a traumatic event in you. Terms of bad things happening to them. Are they ready for the life they have been promised? Are you ready to truly put into practice what you have been working with energy for all this time?

When the Goddesses work with you throughout my retirement period, I will continue to report with you from time to time, so to speak. I have to take this time to carry out many other aspects of wisdom and love that humanity is ready to receive, and as I am prepared you will be, but that I will leave in the very safe and very capable hands of the Goddesses.

St. Germain will be moving with me during this time of retreat and it is during this period that the Fire Energies ascend to a new level of their intensity. Therefore, the Fire Element of Mother Earth will also rise to a higher level of its frequency and its vibration and the other elements will also follow.

Working through the Fire Element is, in fact, working with the most volatile and most difficult element to contain, therefore by truly mastering your own Fire Element, the other three elements will be much easier.

During the next six weeks, thirteen new portals will be activated towards your higher self. This is for each and every one of those who now listen to my voice - these portals penetrate areas of your brain that have not yet been consciously used; this in a way will be accelerating the rate at which these parts of your brain can develop that are specifically linked to what are considered perceptions of the sixth sense; however, you go beyond the sixth and raise your senses to the level of twelve. This will take time, it is not something that will happen in a day or two weeks. The most important thing is that they listen to themselves. These portals will help you develop the self-confidence and faith in yourself that I talked about a few minutes ago, so use this for your greatest benefit.

As each of these energies is activated within the physical body of each of you, a similar tendency is activated in the body of Mother Earth, and therefore, she becomes more sensitive to the lighter part of nature. of humanity For many, many ages, she has kept many of her own energies safe within the core of her being, just as human beings have done. Now that we open these deeper levels of awareness and awareness of the self and that which is beyond the self, new paradigms are manifested, not because they have never existed before and are something new, it is simply their ability to perceive something that has existed more beyond their past level of consciousness, and now this new level of consciousness reveals a world of completely different opportunities, different ways of experiencing life. This in turn translates into a change in perception, therefore, they will be facing these challenges and situations in completely different ways.

Many of you have learned to withdraw from the small dramas of your physical reality, which in itself is a great cause for celebration. The moment they are able to withdraw from that drama, they are able to move on to the higher perspective of their life, and in doing so, connect with the finer frequencies of the communication systems, the transmissions that are rarely recognized by those they are trapped within the mundane meanness of daily life.

Therefore, we ask each of you now to close your eyes and imagine your energy connecting with each of the brothers and sisters throughout the world who have met with us at this moment in time.

As these light wires are connected, a beautiful reconnection tapestry and new connections are produced.

Imagine all these threads as bright radiant lights of different colors that symbolize the different energies of all of you combining and weaving and creating a powerfully strong tapestry of love, truth and empowerment.

Feel your body softens and your energy becomes liquid. Open your crown chakra to receive the Universal Energy, that infinite source of love that comes to you anytime you need it or want it. Allow it to flow through all your chakras and your body becomes softer and more liquid.

Now imagine your liquid energy going in any direction you want, establishing links with the souls of this particular group, the souls that you know from another time, souls that know about this time and powerful connections and light and the passionate flame of the truth is lit within the core of your heart, within the center of the sacred tapestry, and I want you to inhale the flame through your nose and exhale it while pushing the energy towards your base chakra.

Allow as you breathe the flame into the body of Mother Earth and as you exhale take it out of Mother Earth, have it rise through your spine and exhale out through your crown.

As the light of this flame cascades over you, your energy disconnects you from everything that has been bothering you today, any problems that distract you, and now I want you to imagine your liquid self of light merging and becoming one with the Father. Mother God and they also become liquid, and these liquid energies dance together in a sacred movement creating exquisite geometric patterns, each with a rubric, a message and a power.

And the powers of these shapes and geometric figures pulse in the atoms of all the liquid mixed with each other and this in turn flows into the body of Mother Earth and also flows into the ocean of inhibited, ignorant and fearful consciousness density of The humanity; and fire burns through the veils of that world, offering all who are ready the opportunity to see its light, to recover the flame of passion; that torch of light that takes them in the direction of their truth and destiny.

While I am still within this fluid space, I, Kuthumi, come and place a golden and yellow flame within your heart chakra - the symbol of my wisdom and my love and the love I have for each of you, my love for the Father / Mother God and my love of service to serve and help free the souls of all worlds.

These flames will keep you telepathically connected to the realms I will be in for a while. They might feel distant at times, but these flames now become one with this liquid, filling them with the love and wisdom from which they were created, the love and wisdom that they have earned and that they must use in order to ensure that the direction in The one that they are heading is that of their true destiny.

Dear ones, this is a time for Lightworkers to come together to form communities, as is being done through the technology of their modern world. It is not always necessary or possible for Lightworkers to live together physically in a geographic location; in this way they can accelerate the pace at which they join lights and join forces of their power to improve and to co-create within the new world.

Mother Earth is approaching her time of great changes; However, the change is more on the surface of your body than inside your body. From the timeline from approximately 2018 to 2020 the internal changes of your body will begin, therefore, use these times of change to prepare for what will come and that they do by joining the forces of light, sharing that for what They have more skill or knowledge, advice, ideas. Serve one another, and in doing so, you are serving God and the Goddess and the self.

When they see each other as students and teachers at the same time, they will understand why the journey of life is so fascinating. If you can look at yourself through the eyes of another, without judgment or criticism, and only observe what it is, you begin to notice aspects of yourself that you did not recognize before, and this is where you begin to truly see and understand that you they choose what attracts them and much of that will change now, by that I mean what attracts them.

Now Lord Metatron, Lord Maitreya and Lord Melchizedek will be holding the energies of the tetrahedron star on the body of Mother Earth for the next eighteen weeks; this will ensure that all these new energies that are coming as a result of external changes, the changes that are occurring within the upper worlds, automatically require changes within the lower worlds; therefore, if there is a change in Heaven there is one on Earth and vice versa.

Dear ones, accept your life, accept yourselves, stop now, thank in this moment all that you are experiencing and have experienced. It is not always possible for you to see the purpose behind what is being developed, but when you accept it, when you take it and face it, you are no longer running, then you start dancing, you start moving with the flow of what you are looking for. your attention. Face life, take ownership of it, find out what the game plan is, find out what are the key tools needed to play the game on Earth. How do they work with nature? How do you combine all those energies of the elements of the Planets, of love, of all the kingdoms that share life with you? How do you gather everything inside of you? How do they use it? Where is the dance? Where is the synchronicity and the flow?

You see, when you stop running and look at what is in front of you, you really look at it, you lose your power to instill fear in you, because you have taken the first important step to stop and look at fear face to face. You will see that something changes within you and the support or direction or clarity that you have been suddenly asking for is there. You may not notice immediately, you may not even know how it happened or when it happened, but suddenly you see life differently and that is why each of you is working. Many of you have already achieved much of that and now it is certainly not the time to give up.

While they are still in this fluid state, they have asked me for the Light Councils to speak to all the Lightworkers and remind them that if they are to become a force of light, a powerful wave of change, then they need to work together with each other. Do not compete with each other, stop criticizing each other, stop rejecting each other, come together, join your powers, join your forces, and then yes, they will really be a force to have consider. But when the Lightworkers threaten each other, I regret to say so, then what is of darkness or negativity has gotten yours with you. Work together wisely and you'll see what I mean.

Dear ones, before I finish my transmission I also want to recognize that we are very aware of all the effort that each of you has put into your personal healing and in helping others and in meeting, and we want this to continue multiplying all the time. Have faith, things are changing, they will improve, they only trust the process of their life and their heart.

Now take a deep breath, start bringing your energy back to your physical body, bring your consciousness back to the physical. Allow the liquid energy to remain within and around you.

By doing this, the energies that Mr. Maitreya, Mr. Metatr n, and Mr. Melquizedek are activating, are now activated in and around their field of energy This tetrahedron star automatically connects with what will be around the body of Mother Earth during this period of time.

There will be much more activity, much more activity of electromagnetic energy. Many of you will find that your dream states are much busier and during this period you will find that it is much easier to communicate with your guides., who will be experiencing this surge of energy firsthand and will notice the difference it makes.

I trust that each of you will continue to grow within the light of your true self and power. We trust that each and every one of you will continue to spread the light of the truth no matter what that truth is if the truth contains the essence of the light and the love of the divinity of Father / Mother God, so it is true no matter what words are used, and it is to achieve this harmonious frequency of threads of light weaving through each of their souls that we want them to support each other.

The harmony in your life is what you feel harmonious, the balance within your life is what you do and experience how to be balanced and abundance is also relative as defined positively or negatively. ; Therefore, look at what harmony, balance and abundance mean to you and then act accordingly.

Dear ones, my heart surrounds each and every one of you, and although there will be a period of time in which you will not hear my voice, you will always feel my presence.

Celebrate this moment of experiencing the Goddesses as they will, since it is the first time in the spiritual history of the Earth that the Goddesses can present themselves in this way and deliver as they would so great number of human beings with their hearts open. As each one of you becomes the catalysts of divine change and helps anchor on Earth that for which humanity is ready, you will be richly rewarded in the form of self-knowledge, tools for self -empowerment; Ways to discover your authentic path to uniqueness.

May the love of Father / Mother God inspire you at every moment of your day and night.

May the connections that each of you have with the others and what you have made with each other flow in harmony in a balanced way, sharing abundantly with each and every one of you.

Trust in the many invisible arms that support each of you, knowing that there is no time when you are alone, since we are all one and we are with you always in every way, and know that everything is and will continue to be fine. in the world.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai

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Kuthumi's special message

(for Lightworkers)
Channeled by Michelle Eloff
April 26, 2009, in South Africa

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