Message from Archangel Camael channeled by Evangelina Marassi on July 24, 2015

  • 2016

I would like to explain to you, daughter, how fear affects another aspect. Fear makes humans very vulnerable to the negative and / or malignant energies of other humans and disembodied beings. As I mentioned to you, the fear infused by religions, political fractions, etc., generates in the solar plexus of humans a large gap that, on the one hand, allows the theft of vital energy. by other beings, and on the other, it opens the way to the entrance of lower vibrations, that is, of negative energy. With this I want to state that fear is a great manipulator and allows on the part of humans known as energetic vampires or disembodied entities of the astral bass, a very important take away from the vitality of that person who feels fear.

Fear is one of the best tools used by religions, which work with black magic and dark beings, to vampirize the vital energy of human beings who are their victims. When one of these, called spells or spells, addresses a particular being, the beings of the astral bass manipulate or obsess their victims making them feel fear (of anything), and when it arises, they absorb the vital energy of being human, getting more and more into his aura. On many occasions these vampirized people feel tired without reason, sore in specific places of their body and can even get sick and die physically if the work of black magic is very powerful and is not registered in time.

In most of these cases, victims and perpetrators are ignorant of the dark energies that are handled and how harmful they can be. The brighter the person is, the harder it will be for these beings of the astral bass to vampirize the victim, but if a lot of time passes, they manage to suggest it until fear arises so they can stick to the aura and energy of the vampirized.

I count all this, not to scare them, but to make them aware, because it is increasingly common. Many people, angry, bewildered, envious and dark turn to these spells to "take revenge" on some human who has generated a real or imaginary prejudice.

On other occasions, those beings that are in the plane between lives, not being of light, need to be nourished by someone to exist, and by chance they find some human being, vulnerable to sustain themselves. The beings of light ignorant of these energies and children are their favorite targets because they are what they can obtain the most from sustenance.

If in any way, any of you suspect that you may be a victim of one of these spells or of any of these negative entities, resort without fear to a being who works with light to be able to detach from them. If you turn to a person who, in turn, works with beings of the astral bass, you will get the work of black magic, but you will be vampirized in some other way. On the contrary, if they resort to a being of light (we usually call them affectionately white magicians, not because of their skin color, but because of their ability to break these psychic attacks and send negative entities to other planes and seal them back), The cut will be final.

I dare to talk about this, first because it is increasingly common and will continue to increase, but because my daughter and all of you also need to have more information about it, to be able to seek the right help in each case, and to That those beings who work with light and with their guides and teachers, seek to learn ways to break these spells and help humans, who will need these practices, as I repeat, the number of cases worldwide will multiply, since the dark side has to be maintained in some way and they will want to hit the human more and more strongly, by means of puppets (more manipulable humans or with their dark side more developed).

All this has a great root in fear, if we manage to face fear, they will be more impervious to these harmful energies, and on the other hand, they will be able to detect them more easily.

Thank you very much for your attention.

I look forward to your calls to be able to take away all your fears so that you can enjoy true divine freedom. I remain at your disposal from my deepest love towards you. He loves them, his friend Archangel Camael.

AUTHOR: Evangelina Marassi


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