Message from Master Kuthumi: "Your awareness in the current vibration

  • 2013

With enormous Love my energies flow out to greet you and connect me deeply with your energies. We are all existing in a new vibration of energy, a new phase of Ascension; Whether you are on Earth or in the internal planes, a change has occurred within you and around you.

A change of vibration, consciousness and radiance of your Light has manifested; Because of the choice you made within your Being to truly experience the next phase of Ascension, within your Being it is prominent that it is appropriate to consciously choose to radiate the results of the change into your reality. Now is the time to experience the changes that have occurred within your being.

A beautiful and magnificent energy has been deployed and is unfolding from within, as a result of your devotion, your dedication to spiritual practices; and because of the decisions you are making right now. You have all accepted higher vibrations of Light and consciousness that nourish your pleased bodies, consciences and Souls. Whether or not you feel the change within yourself, it is appropriate to spend time choosing to experience the blissful Light that has manifested and is manifesting within your Being. Allow it to unfold while radiating your Light without borders or limitations, choosing to experience wealth which has manifested itself in this sacred time that we have all experienced.

In truth, this new phase of Ascension with greater expansion, sensitivity, abundant volumes of Love and wisdom; and a greater sense of inner contentment, will only begin to weave and become truly evident in your reality, when with all your heart you choose to experience it in your physical reality and in all the many levels of your being.

Then you will notice your reality altering in beautiful ways, but this will be because you have chosen to allow your energies to flow freely, which creates the most beautiful energy patterns in your reality, which results in your complete incorporation and experience of this New Age; and really everything you've been waiting for. With your choice, you will manifest spaces, people and circumstances to help you experience the richness of vibration of Love and Light within. A space in which you can consciously develop as a Being of Light and the vibration of the Creator.

In order for the new vibration to unfold from within your being, it is appropriate to choose to develop your confidence and your faith in your inner guidance and intuition. There is no need for you to think with your mind, to think about issues or situations to gain greater understanding; Now is the time to allow your heart and soul to guide you, to truly think for yourself. As a being who has recently fully opened up to accept the powerful energies of activation of December 2012, you have also expanded to connect more fully with your truth, that is, with a greater aspect of your Soul.

Your Soul, in all its beauty, has taken a step forward to guide you in your reality, as long as you allow yourself to become aware of the eternal presence of your Soul. You are connected with a greater extension of your Soul; consequently with a greater extension of All That is the Creator.

You have the ability to be permanently guided consciously by your Soul and the Creator, who express from your Being truths, energies and sacred vibrations that are intertwined in the great plan that is unfolding for everyone on Earth, devised by the Soul of the Creator.

As a Creator Soul, you are performing a large part of this Divine Plan; then each action of yours contributes to the Divine Plan of each Soul on Earth. It is with this comprehensive understanding that you realize the importance of comprehensively following the guidance of your heart and your intuition at this time. You can no longer think or create essentially with the mind, you can no longer influence your reality with desires and actions that have no support; there is a need for everything to flow from within your Being, from your heart.

In truth, at this moment you are being given a breath of pure freedom. You no longer need to push or force your reality, or fight against the world; instead, you allow yourself to flow with and as the Divine flow of the Creator and of your true Self, thus surrendering that with pure intentions everything can manifest and manifest for you with enormous ease while a beautiful story of connection, Love and Truth is unfold before you. In truth, I'm talking about resistance. There is no need to oppose your reality or yourself.

Resistance can be explained how to try too hard, want something too much, try to force something, which will manifest itself much more easily if you just let go, put the intention in your being, in your reality and in the Universe; and you exist as an opening space, Love and Peace, following the subtle guidance that is present to support you in every step you take on Earth. Allow yourself to connect with the river that always flows like an eternal waterfall through and from your Being.

You may also notice that your intentions and creations manifest with greater speed in this New Energy, which allows you to truly understand when you have chosen to follow your intuition; and when you have chosen to follow your mind or desires without support, for you will see extremely quickly the consequences of your choice. With patience, your ability to determine the truth choices that will serve you and others will become very apparent when you enter the flow of the Creator's loving vibration.

Everything unfolds with enormous beauty when you allow yourself to see the beauty and truth that have always been present in and around you.

I am aware of the presence of Christ Consciousness by activating within all of us to help us manifest the vibration of Love on Earth, whether we exist on Earth or internally. I, Master Kuthumi, am very aware that many Masters and Souls that have a strong presence of the Christ Consciousness on the inner planes, are approaching the Earth to support the Christ activations that are happening and will continue to occur in the coming years. .

It is necessary that you incorporate the full realization that all those figures of veneration, devotion or respect that inspire many on Earth, all have Christ Consciousness; and in their lives on Earth they brought to Humanity part of the Christ Consciousness for the complete acceptance and incorporation of all as Christ Consciousness.

Lord Krishna presents himself with a very special service for you.

Lord Krishna asks you to summon him in meditation and simply breathe in his presence the loving Christic vibration.

If you are ready, Lord Krishna wants to help you deliver all the suffering energy you may have in your being, in order to increase your energy vibration and purify your Light.

Simply say:

"With the blessings of the Creator and the consent of my Soul, I ask Lord Krishna to lovingly release and disperse all the suffering that I cling to and that remains within my physical body, my being, my vibration and my consciousness" .

Simply allow Lord Krishna to work with your energies, anchoring the energy of pure joy, instead of the vibration of suffering to which you have clung.

Lord Krishna gives you this service to activate and manifest the vibration of the Christ Consciousness, the active energy of Love, from within your Being. With the liberation of all suffering, you are also cleaning and healing the vibration of suffering of the consciousness and the vibration of Humanity and the Earth, which is a beautiful service for you, for everyone and for the Creator.

With the presence of unity forming and manifesting on Earth and among all beings, there is a greater opportunity for accelerated healing and the greatest awakening of all. When you focus personally on your growth, on the expansion of your heart and so on, this will be reflected back to you from your reality.

What you achieve in your natural process of awakening will influence more than ever before in the expansion and development of others on Earth, as well as Mother Earth. For example, when you focus on expanding your Heart Chakra, simultaneously and naturally you are expanding the Earth Heart Chakra, since we are all one.

This has always happened. When we grew up and expanded on the internal planes, Earth and Humanity began to reflect the same. Now we are acting like your mirror as you expand to become more than your current realization; and in an incorporation of the Creator's Truth.

The Blessings of the Light and the Creative Vibrations are poured out upon you.

Master Kuthumi


Channeled by Natalie Glasson January 8, 2013

Translated: Jairo Rodr guez R.

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