Message of the body of light - Part 2

  • 2016

I AM your Body of Light here to give you another message. They have learned that " it is not the body that makes the Soul, but the Soul that makes the body ." If you know this, you know that you are "good enough" to free your habits and addictions from your three-dimensional life.

In fact, they know that they are "good enough" to return to their Being of the Body of Light, who I am . Returning to the Body of Light is not a process of learning, work, sacrifice and discipline. These concepts are the perspective of the ego / being.

The process of becoming the Body of Light is only visible to your Soul / BEING. This higher vision allows them to always love each other unconditionally. Unconditional Love is a vital point because you "create" your Body of Light with your thoughts, feelings and intentions.

When I say, "create your Body of Light, " I mean that you create the reality in which you can return to it. When this happens, you and Gaia can ascend as ONE towards the fifth dimension and beyond.

From the perspective of your Soul / BE, your terrestrial container is the external skeleton, and YOU are the body within it. On the other hand, from the perspective of your ego / being, YOU are outside your body, and the bones inside you are your skeletons.

Your ego / being is gradually becoming aware of your transformation, but you are too busy handling the mundane, the 3D world, to pay close attention. Also, since everything related to the Spirit happens from the inside out, its renewal will begin inside its terrestrial container.

In fact, the "remodeling" will actually begin within your bone marrow. Many cultures have revered bones as the sacred remnants of their ancestors. They were not being superstitious, since the bone marrow is the last place where DNA can be found, even if the remains of the body have returned to "dust."

Therefore, the best place is there for your Soul to start changing your DNA . Once they transmute their eight cells into the Atma of their Higher Heart, their Soul / BE becomes the captain of their earthly container.

Dear Ground Anchor Point, I have come to you today because I want to give you an experience of how it feels to BE, your Body of Light. First of all, I must say that I can fully understand why you, my human shell, have asked you in this land of limitations.

Fortunately, I, your Light Body, did not completely leave the Higher Planes, since I bilocated towards these lower dimensions. Thus, I still exist in those high dimensions and push from the component of myself while I wait inside of you for our moment of ascension.

Let me take you on a journey to our superior reality. In order to participate in this trip please;

- Put your focus on your mind and repeat, "I AM THE BODY OF LIGHT"

- Then place your focus on your heart and FEEL the most complete FREEDOM you can imagine.

- Finally, gather your thoughts and feelings towards your soul's intention to be the Body of Light

- Now close your eyes and feel me, your Light Body, inside your physical shell.

FEEL how my light turns and shines. FEEL how your skin forms a protection for me, and how, in return, I protect you with my advanced knowledge, instincts and guidance. WE are partners now, human body, and body of Light.

Again, the Spirit moves from within. Thus, your experience of being the Body of Light begins within you. Start by connecting with me, which I am serving as your multidimensional portal deep inside your terrestrial container. This portal is located within the Heart Chakra. Therefore, I ask you to focus on your heart.

See my veil within your physical form. Do you see me spinning around and around, impatient to express myself in your physical world? No, I am not as impatient as your ego / being would be. Instead, I am impatient in the fact that my energy is constantly pushing you to move beyond the confines of time and space.

I, your Body of Light, wish to free you from those restrictions so that you can live in the NOW of the higher worlds like me. I ask you now to surrender to the gentle pressure, which I am giving you from within.

You have probably felt this pressure as stress, nervousness, depression or even illness. Do not! It is simply me, your Body of Light, pushing you to remember the Freedom of NOW.

Allow all sequence thought to float from your consciousness and all concepts of time and space to leave your reality. Only you are HERE and NOW with me, your Body of Light.

Don't worry, your ego will remind you when you have something that you should do in a certain time, and in a certain place. For now, just BE me, you / our Body of Light.

Together we share the same heart and the same door to the higher dimensions. Together we can bilocate to the elevated worlds. Venos moving through the door, just as water flows from a drain, except that some of your water, your ego, the guardian of our physical world, remains behind s of our land container.

We are now moving through a long vortex of moving energy.

Then, suddenly, we are there.

Where are we?

We are on all sides!

From all sides, which of the many higher worlds do you want to visit? Perhaps we can practice experiencing more of a reality within the NOW ONE. While you are without form in the NOW of ALL SIDES, sit in Arcturus, while ALSO in your Home World, while ALSO in the New Star called EARTH.

You are the Body of Light there, in charge of a certain area. Of course, you are a leader, because you are "in charge." It is for this reason that you are among the first to transform into the Body of Light. The courage it takes to take this transition without help or understanding from your 3D world prepares you more than anything for your leadership.

See all these realities as if they were many TV screens in a control room . The difference is that you not only see and hear these worlds, but also experience them WITHIN yours.

Feel all the monitors inside you, all running in the same NOW. You can place most of your attention on one or two monitors at the same time, but all of them are ALWAYS accessible to you all the time.

You find that when you raise your brain waves to Delta or higher you can experience ALL these realities at the same time of NOW . You can experience multiple realities with the higher brain waves, because these waves take you to your Quantum Being.

Your Quantum Being is not governed by time and space, since both are illusions limited to the third and fourth dimensions. From this Being, you are a “wave”, a signal, of energy that is connected to ALL the reality of ALL NOW . When you want a direct experience, you place your “attention” on something, somewhere, or on someone. Then you become a "particle, " an element of that experience.

Now move into the future of Gaia, and look like your Body of Light in your daily life. You see that everything in this reality of the Earth is also Body of Light. I say "your reality of the Earth" because there will be many vibrations on Earth. In some realities of the Earth there will be no Bodies of Light, and there will be all the pessimism that has been predicted.

In other worlds, there will be some drama, but there will also be safe islands of light. Then there is also the reality that you have chosen. This is the reality in which the Planetary Ascension has been successfully completed . Gaia has become a pentadimensional star, and you are one of the many elements of this New Earth Star.

In the reality of the Earth Star, your body is made of Light, since it is a penta / dimensional hexa reality. Because they are going down and anchoring their multidimensional BE towards Gaia, they are becoming the Planet. Therefore, you can experience the Earth Star anywhere in the HERE continnum and NOW.

Do you want to be in Gaia in the Great Transition?

Do you want to move to the Earth Star when it is complete?

Or do you want to experience both realities simultaneously?

You are your Body of Light. Thus, you can be in many places, and experience many forms, in the same NOW. The transition to ascension, the creation of a new world and the completed process of ascension is why they have incarnated on Earth again and again and again….

Until you have become accustomed to the diffuse focus of the consciousness of your Multidimensional BEING, you may need the experience of only one or two realities within any given NOW. Eventually, you will be able to maintain unlimited amount of realities in your consciousness.

However, this will not be until they have been fully delivered to the Now Flow of the ONE. when they have done that, they will have released the illusion of "time . " Without the burden of time, they will not have stress or feeling overwhelmed. Everything you "do" or "experience" will be absolutely perfect.

Everything you "believe" will be perfect. In fact, once you can see your physical world through me, your inner Body of Light, all your life on Earth will be absolutely perfect. Your life will be perfect, because YOU WILL (in effect, you already are) PERFECT. There will be no more worries about being "good enough" as you will be PERFECT.

Your Light Body is NOW, HERE, inside your skeleton . Feel my pressure, pushing against the confined wall of your earth container. Feel my need to turn to your external world, to express my / our BEING in every minute of each reality, especially your / our present terrestrial reality of the Planetary Ascension.

Once again, close your eyes and feel me, your Light Body, inside your physical shell.

FEEL how my movement turns and shines.

FEEL how your skin forms a protection and how, in return, I protect you with my advanced knowledge, instincts and guidance.

WE ARE partners now, human body and body of Light.

You are ready to return to your world of Earth so that you can recalibrate your earth container and integrate everything you have remembered from your Being of the Body of Light.

With your Light Body active inside your earth container, you walk along a glass path like a transformed person.

Each step triggers a burst of color and a beautiful tone with your passage.

You are going Home NOW within your true expression of the BODY OF LIGHT.


AUTHOR: Suzanne Lie


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