Message of Archangel Chamuel: Put Your Faith in God

  • 2014

Being merciful to others shows that they are being driven by a higher power, a higher call to be compassionate in their behavior and ways of being, words and actions. Mercy has always been more involved than mere sympathy; While sympathy is felt as a pity, mercy, on the other hand, is pure love in action, dear ones. The depth of empathy begins to move deep inside and creates a need, a longing that is pure and good for you to motivate you to do something, anything to help. Part of being empathetic is to wish to bring relief and comfort to the serious needs of those who need it, of whom you are aware, whether these dear beings are right in your own community or far away. Those who overflow with the gift of mercy often help those who have emotional, physical, financial or spiritual challenges or difficulties.

There are many churches in the city that show mercy by meeting the critical needs within their own community. Some churches do this in the form of soup kitchens, food collections, gifts for children, help for those with very low incomes, etc. Many churches and their ministries share and give mercifully to their members and help connect God's love with those inside and outside the church walls.

Mercy is necessary for many things and places. She can help ease a person's concern, but it is important to realize that mercy does not act alone. Mercy is accompanied by unconditional love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness. Many times, when you rescue someone from their despair through their genuine kindness, they allow you to do better for themselves to improve their lives.

Sometimes you get frustrated when you try to help someone because they may not see immediately what the problem or issue is. Or maybe they feel underestimated when they see changes happening fast enough. Sometimes loved ones who have the gift of mercy get too involved in the need to help ease other people's burdens and end up exhausted themselves. We have witnessed many dear beings with the gift of mercy becoming vainly proud of their merciful work and becoming hypocrites. Spending time away or with the family helps them to regroup and rebalance their energy, bringing peace and calm back to their lives.

Even if you don't have the gift of mercy, there is a lot of work you can do for others and for yourself that shows that God is working through you. When you recover from difficult situations or challenges, you may find yourself seeking God's forgiveness. When they receive His forgiveness, then they can share this gift with others in the form of works, words and loving choices.

We know that when someone harms them, it is very easy to fight back and get bitter with the person who has offended them. However, when they become bitter they are actually harming themselves more than the other person who has offended them simply because this creates a deeper bond with hate and negativity. If they continue in the direction of hate and bitterness they will end up experiencing the destructive magnitudes of hate and bitterness until they make the conscious decision to walk in the path of freedom and forgiveness.

No, it is not easy to forgive, my dear ones, but forgiveness is always possible through the gift of God's Grace. . . learning to understand that there are other ways, other healthier ways of responding to the offense and one of those ways is having a heart that forgives. When you think of forgiveness, think about how much you have forgiven and God for things that you have not even been aware of, He has forgiven you. Remember that He is merciful to all His Children and loves each one of you very much. He knows that you have much to learn and much to overcome. He does not punish. He gives Love. The mind is the one that creates emotional discomforts and worries your feelings creating great unnecessary suffering and punishment. He does not question his motives, but he will guide them to question their own motives and determine if their actions are from the heart. If God can forgive them for all their evils that they have committed, is it not possible then to forgive others for their offensive ways and behaviors?

People hold so many resentments because they are unable to let go and forgive. When you receive God's mercy, His Love and Kindness, these gifts should be enough to motivate you to forgive others, my dear ones. To forgive is to be able to extend a hand to others in the same capacity that God has shown you when you forgave all your karmic debts that you could not pay. When there are resentments, there are still choices, and one of them is to let go of resentment to free yourself from action and allow forgiveness to enter your being and love being shared through your actions.

It is hard to remember that while they are at the mercy of someone who is malicious and is offending them in some way, it is God who is actually working through this individual. He is trying to show you that this other person is suffering from some kind of torment or pain for his own things, showing them that through them it is possible to forgive their works. If they focus only on the offender, they will have difficulty avoiding the firm grip of bitterness. However, if you can see the situation as something you can learn from, that can be applied positively to your life to further develop your own character and allow yourself to open up to new opportunities and possibilities; then the meaning of the damage caused by the offender is drastically reduced and his response to this individual becomes the main focus of concern. If you look back at the Golden Son of God, Jesus, the Christ, you will see that he demonstrated the greatest example of forgiveness ... He is the One Who Forgives Freely. In the midst of his own suffering, he was not angry or bitter. He prayed for the forgiveness of those who had mistreated and crucified him to die on the cross. He chose to love instead of hate. He chose to trust and listen to God, His Heavenly Father, instead of becoming vengeful. Love has always triumphed over hate. Sometimes it takes a while, but with a constant demonstration of goodwill towards others, Love can overcome any obstacle.

Dear ones, it is important that when someone offends you you respond with faith, faith in God for this turn of events, giving thanks for the opportunity to show compassion and goodwill, as well as for growth and development that they will achieve thanks to that experience. It is important to be able to thank for everything in your life, not only for the good things you may receive, and sometimes give, but for the hardships and those who offend you as well. Everything comes their way to teach them and guide them further along their path of self-discovery, recognizing that each dear being is worthy of love, forgiveness, mercy and gratitude.

Do you know the difference between loss and amnesty? Both are very different. Forgiveness is a personal choice taken in order to release the evil that someone has committed against you, while the amnesty is a legal sanction. It is more than possible to forgive someone who has offended you, where you no longer hold any animosity towards them, but you cannot release this person from any crime you may have committed unless you have the legal authority to do so.

We have seen many families, especially the parents of children who have been killed or abused at the hands of others, go deep in their hearts and find the courage and strength to forgive the offender. What this forgiveness does for the family is to allow God to come to her and raise her, help her remove the negative energy from her actions, aligning who is in question before God to its repair Yes, the person who commits the infraction is still guilty of his crimes and would continue to be responsible for his works, but the family that forgave her can then heal and move on, and often this demonstration helps the offender show remorse for his works. Trust that God is fair in every situation, my dear ones, regardless of the smallness or enormity of the situation. They do not come; trust and let God work in His mysterious ways and everything will be fine.

If someone has committed something against you, ask God to direct you, my dear ones. Ask him how He wants you to show His love to this person. Find a way that allows you to behave lovingly, a way that counteracts any darkness, the disturbing threat of an emotional outburst. Although they have to invest some of their own energy by praying, raising by affirmative words, doing charitable and service works, or even giving small and well thought out gifts.

Overcome your offensive ways with kindness and goodwill. No matter if the damage they have done to them is intentional or not, forgiveness will provide them with the ability to worry about the person who has offended them after the fact. Forgiveness allows them to open their hearts and cooperate more with the work of God in this person. Forgiveness allows your genuine and unconditional love for this person to help you grow, bring positive changes to your life and mature mentally and emotionally.

Life has many moments of suffering and many of them can be overcome with the powers of mercy, gratitude, forgiveness, love and compassion with themselves and with anyone who offends them. Without knowing the suffering, you would never know what it means to have genuine pleasure. You can rejoice at any difficult time that causes you to suffer because of the inner knowledge of the good work that God desires you to accomplish through experience. Just think about how much more knowledge you would gain and how much more knowledge will become wisdom that can be used in future situations. My dear ones, each trial and tribulation is an opportunity to grow more in maturity and be filled with a greater and greater understanding of the ways and works of God that always overflow with a pure Divine Love.

... via Julie Miller

received by Julie Miller
September 1, 2014

Message of Archangel Chamuel: Put Your Faith in God

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