Message from Archangel Zaquiel: Go through life dancing like a being full of love, not like a victim

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 Very often people think they should do everything themselves when that is not the case. 2 You choose to dance throughout your life 3 Dance and have that dance bring you happiness 4 The blame dancer can see that others are doing things wrong or that he is doing it wrong 5 Of course, there are many different dances and each one of them is unique

There are many types of blessings that are granted to all at every moment of our life . It is also important that you know that you are a being full of love and loved by others. The celestial beings are in charge of offering you unlimited love and therefore it is not necessary that you do something specific or strive to earn it, they love you from the moment you were born until the end of your days and in your reincarnation.

Very often people think they should do everything themselves when that is not the case.

It is as if they believe he has a long sentence for fulfilling the rest of his life of responsibilities. The truth is that during your life, while it is true that you have to fulfill certain duties, divine beings are responsible for many of the things that appear in them are done.

The letters of your life are already drawn and you are alone when it comes to receiving unconditional love for you. Perhaps you believe that your life is a complement of responsibilities because you have forgotten that the divinity has planned your path and that since then it has taken care of you every step you take, besides that it has given you all the love that its mercy can offer you.

Remember that every step you take, even though many of them may seem obstacles, only directs you to a path of good and an eternity of glory and unconditional love. In fact, these steps are called dances and you perform a different step or a dance throughout your life and it is that as you go on your way you decide to experiment and choose many new things and these are the dances that you usually do not know that you have chosen

Your mind has a very bright talent incredible and you decide many aspects in your life that will only make it more prosperous, being these aspects that you choose the so-called steps and are the ones that are slowly shaping your dance and it is that in life you can Choose how to dance.

You choose to dance throughout your life

If you dance throughout your life as a simple victim, then you will find that there will be many complicated steps that may only make you unhappy and that is when someone is professional in dancing as if it were the v Last of the misfortunes of his life, then from the beginning to the end of his life for the whole he will be against. Every time you do something positive, he will see the negative side and tell you false predictions about how everything will fail. In the same way, the last dancer is in charge of making all of that in his environment seem sad and bleak, in addition to the fact that everything he does in his life sees him as impossible or as an unattainable goal.

It is important to get away from these people who dance as victims because they only seek to give pity to others and to themselves to make life look a sad place and it is that this type of People have similar and routine lives and make these dances come into your life as well. His steps include saying that nothing is changing or that they find themselves trapped in their vicious circle and that the dancer's favorite step of despair is to say that there is no hope for him in any of them. No aspect even in the simplest of life.

Dance and may that dance lead you to happiness

The dancer of despair believes that he has no opportunity in any of the situations to which he presents himself and thinks that before beginning everything is already lost . His day-to-day steps think that they are already unsuccessful and that everything will go wrong and that everything will go wrong in the end in any aspect of his life and is that another of the dances that many people usually choose is the guilt dance .

This dance is very interesting since all of us usually have a bit of it throughout our lives. The important thing is to realize and what steps we are taking so that the dance is taking place and avoid them at all costs or try to change and improve them. The steps taken by a person who performs the guilt dance is to believe that everything he does is wrong, regardless of whether others admire his work or what he is doing. Performing the guilt dance is always feeling like a victim who has ruined all the time or work that has been done either individually or in a team and that is also the guilt dancer is responsible for making others Look as guilty of the situations that are happening.

The blame dancer can see that others are doing things wrong or that he is doing it wrong

However, falling into the guilt dance is something very simple and many times it is impossible to avoid and it is that the guilt dance can attack us at the moment we do something wrong but the way to avoid the steps to get to this dance is to move forward without pause when something goes wrong. The important thing is to know that mistakes are not obstacles or delays, but learning so that at the moment we have the opportunity again everything goes perfectly and we do not commit them again.

Of course, there are many different dances and each one of them is unique

In general there are two types of dances that you can follow: the first type of dance is that of overcoming and that of insight which allows you to face in the most positive way any situation that occurs in your life. In addition this type of dance makes everything look much easier than the previous one and that everything seems possible because it really is and that in order for you to take the steps towards the perfect dance path you must remember that divine beings are always with you. Accompanying that they are providing all their support and unconditional love from above.

The second type of dance is that of negativity and pessimism, so if you do the negative dance steps, you will only be able to attract more bad things into your life. What you should do is know how to notice what are the steps you are taking to dance about evil and avoid or cope with them in the best possible way. Remember that what is about your life is not a condemnation of infinite responsibilities that will only make you unhappy and that your life is a compilation of good moments and especially the love that divinity offers you in infinite amounts, so you must decide how to dance, because the dance you choose will lead you to happiness or misery. Start dancing towards the happiness and love of God and set aside all those steps that are only making you feel dull and incapable.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento

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