Message of the Archangel Gabriel: Your location is always a goal

  • 2018

As the earth and in the same way its people continue to make great progress through their individual and connected ascension journeys, in other words, you are more likely to find yourself in geographical places. Chaffs that are completely different from those you could have ever imagined. Some people may feel, after a long time has passed, feel trapped in a place just as it is then that they eventually experience the need to move to another city, another region to a country. It's different.

On the other hand, others may be attracted to certain areas that they may visit or even suddenly they may find themselves in a place where they would never have imagined being able to be, and there are many reasons for this .

There are human beings who are equally known as enlightened and had remained in a place to help planet Earth. And it was at that precise moment that he anchored the light in a specific area as if it were part of a service contract. For some of you, this contract has already been terminated and it is because of this reason that the door is opened for you so that you can go somewhere else.

You can return as a future self so you can activate the crystals when the time comes

On the other hand, others may suddenly be very attracted to an area to be able to start new service contracts in more specific areas, bringing in this case new services that have the possibility of being able to increase the vibration of the area or simply by using their own energy to thus be able to support planetary networks. Even the new area could offer you the exact energy you need so that you can move in this direction towards growth as well as the expansion of the next phase of your own lighting journey .

Some of you have had the opportunity to be attracted to certain places, in turn to be able to serve the reactivation of crystals that you yourself have placed on planet earth so that in this way you can keep safe in past lives. This is a particularly deep aspect that is happening on your planet. You had so much faith in humanity that at some point you thought about that possibility of being able to return as a future self so that you could thus activate the crystals when the time came.

This is as if you had the ease that climbing would happen

This is something, an aid for all the souls that are involved in these actions and who also have the opportunity to create a change of energy because each human being who has this type of service contract has a corresponding germ crystal inside that also activates.

Still others take the modesty of being able to venture into areas that have not had the opportunity to visit during this life to be able to make their own recovery of the soul, in this case showing where they have fragmented into other expressions of life as well as where these fragments have been recovered, so that in this way you can perform a healing that is very deep while being powerful for yourself.

So you must trust, dear friends! If you find yourself in a place that is totally unexpected, it is because there is a purpose behind all this . And if they need you somewhere, you'll see yourself magically swept. Everything is going very well for both your planet and your soul.


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