Message from the Master Jesus: "The Golden Christ Light emanates now from the heavens

  • 2010

I, like Jesus the Christ;

I, like Jesus of Nazareth;

I, like Jesus Sananda,

the one to all in My heart,

Because we are all one.

This is the Christ Portal of One

in the Sacred Triad of Unity

of all that is.

Today you will begin to live life in Unity,

feeling that being one

you can love yourself and so you will love the whole Earth,

you will consciously love all your children in unity

And all his kingdoms.

Humanity will be filled with Love

just because you represent the Love within you.

If you live in Unity

you can Co-create Christ Consciousness,

if you expand Christ Consciousness in Unity

you will be expanding it in all beings,

because in Unity we are all One

and the Christ Consciousness in Unity will expand throughout the Earth,

in the New Land of Love, in the expanded Human,

the Divine Human.

If you know you are a Sacred Spark of God

and you recognize that unity within you,

you will recognize the Sacred Spark of God expanding

in all beings

and the New Humanity will be created.

You are a representative of the New Christ Humanity

And you have it inside you.

Vibrate in every moment of your existence

with the New Humanity

and you will create that Consciousness of God within you,

feel her, rejoice with her

and you can expand it.

Be aware of your words,

of your facts and the sequence of your life

and don't look back

just look forward

and create from now on the New Humanity

which is the Consciousness of Love and Union,

Christ consciousness.

Don't look for me outside of you

look for me inside of you

because there I am

in living rejoicing

inside your heart,

where the Trina Flame resides

there is the Divine Spark of God.

You are a unique living being,

you are a living Christ being,

you are a being of Light if you want it that way,

manifest it.

Your free will allows you to be one more human

or an expanded human.

And if you choose to expand, this New Humanity will expand throughout humanity.

We are One in unity with God

and I along with my beloved Lady Nada and my mother Mariam María

from the highest vibration of Mi

Today the Christ Portal has been opened.

Close your eyes ...

see the Christ Portal open from the heavens

emanated Golden Christ Light

To all mankind.

The Light descends and fills the entire Planet Earth,

every living being rejoices in the Christic Essence of this Portal,

Every Divine Being rejoices in the Christ Love of this Portal,

and you have to rejoice

for this great step of Light that you have taken today.

Today you have come to activate more

the Light of the Christ that you have within you.

Look at the Portal and see how the Light comes that will descend during

36 hours to the entire Planet Earth, to all its kingdoms and to all humanity.

I will descend in you,

because a great Seed of Light,

because you activate the spark of God within you,

and by activating it, you expand it throughout humanity.

Be aware that this vibration heals, heals,

harmonizes and activates the Divinity in all

and for 36 hours this vibration will go down to the planet

and in you.

Today I bless you my son,

I bless all beings of the Light through you,

I bless all humanity.

I bless the One in Consciousness

and I bless myself, because in Unity I bless you all.

I, like Jesus the Christ;

I, like Jesus of Nazareth;

I, like Jesus Sananda,

I bless you in Common Union,

because you are a Sacred Spark of God,

a seed of light

that carries the Light of God within itself.

In Love and Christ Consciousness and in Unity

We are One in God,

I love them

And I will always love them.

The Beatitudes will descend on you

and in all the Seeds of the Light.

========== 0000000000 ===========

(Message received on 10/10/10 on the Christ Portal, channeled by Cristina Di Martino -

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