Message from Archangel Zaquiel: Fears are treasures

  • 2018

Peace to all of you, dear beings of Light,

This time we come to talk about the acceptance of fear, since the unity of your being, beloved children, begins by accepting your fears and that is that today, a large part of you has chosen not to think about your fears and have preferred to set them aside and recognize them only when they appear before you. It can be said that it is not the preferred game of human beings, to touch those energies that are within; But we have a surprise for you and that is that these fears are waiting for you, since they are energies that require the help and love that you can give them .

They are energies that no longer wish to be separated from you

You must understand that those fears, those energies, reject the current of Life that is in each of you, that current of communication that allows you to connect with the rest of the dimensions. They are energies that function as hidden doors that are really effective, but you already know that, don't you?

Today, we want to invite you to observe your fears in a different way and to recognize that they represent a completely natural part of your being. These fears work with the purpose of preventing their ascension, because due to duality, they possess enough power to do so. On many occasions they act causing a great feeling of heaviness that does not allow them to get up, so many wonder:

What should they do? They are ready right?

Ready to be part of the planetary ascent and ascent of humanity, to finally experience their spiritual ascent. Well, in these cases what they must do to be lightened for the ascent, is to release the ballast that limits them and prevents further progress, which is composed of small fears, which have been generated within them throughout Their lives on Earth. The look we ask you to develop in the face of these fears, is an unconditional and completely brave look of love . We ask you to become adventurous able to face your greatest fears and take possession of them as if they were treasures.

So, now instead of talking about fears, talk about treasures

They will want to know why; simple, fears are really about treasures that involve powerful living energies within you, conscious energies that are constantly acting to generate changes in your lives, which when properly channeled, give you the opportunity to live great learning experiences within the dimension in which they live.

Understanding this will help them to become better and higher beings than they are today, that is, fully awake beings who have full faith in their divine intuition and, know that the way is to fully trust in Love.

In this opportunity. We ask the Divinity to guide you to act as true Masters, when faced with the great energetic vibrations generated by fears, that is, that treasure that is inside each one of you, which when recognized and accepted will give them the opportunity to create great changes within their world . Recognizing these treasures for what they really are and loving them unconditionally, allowing them to enter their hearts, will help you to continue advancing on your earthly journey until you reach the divine ascension of your Spiritual Being, since they consist of vibrations that are part of you and in the way they manifest within this dimension, and to free themselves they should only say:

  • It is enough, I recognize and accept my fears
  • I open my heart to you completely and offer you my unconditional love
  • These fears are my treasure, they are part of who I really am
  • I recognize them and allow myself to free myself from them

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