Message from Master Ritzua: The transforming will. By Fernanda Abundes

  • 2016

Grateful for the call and happy to be here

In the wise man's notes he always wanted to find the fabulous day where he could be happy and on that day he wanted to find everything he thought he had lost.

And it is that the wise then, consider at the end of time that they have lost something much more important than everything else and that is time . Many times expectations become what is invested but not resolved in the present. The future is not as necessary as it often causes the present to escape, something that is tangible. And it is not tangible because it is palpated with the hands, simply because it exists just at the moment when everything that is supposed to exist in tomorrow is being thought.

Tomorrow is a coin in the air that can fall in the precise way that you as wise consider that it should fall, but the most important thing is not to decipher on which side the coin will fall, always understanding that the side that falls will be the way exact to continue with everything they deserve. All that they deserve is everything that happens even when suddenly they are considered to be unfortunate or unlikely events in the happiness of beings, they happen to really teach that the most complex things or even those that seem to have no specific solution, they are those that precisely strengthen the virtues of men and the wise. Those problems where you find yourself in despair, in the desolation of a more tangible answer and then find that time is still running and many times the answers do not arrive in the same way, you will also find that above the definitions of waiting and of hope, there is something that is determined as the will to transform and that transforming will is not located in the past and much less in the future. We could say then that in the past there are the pillars that will be strong enough to be able to support all those lessons learned from the future, but that future does not refer to tomorrow, but refers to today.

The future and the past are contained in a present, since you learn and continue to learn what you have already learned and are waiting for that which is present that is not expected but reality.

To the extent that one lives the second, then one lives in the eternity of the minute that becomes the hour of the days and days of the months, as well as the years and the great story that a sage will represent. Time is something that advances and does not return in the life of a human being but can be transformed into consciousness in order to determine when you truly begin to exist.

Some wise people believe that existence begins when they then shout at the life they have come, some consider it a cry of struggle, a cry of strength, the strength of having arrived in this world without knowing anything, apparently, with all that it is taken as a blank future, that may be good or that could also be bad. It is considered that they arrive crying like a shout of joy towards life warning everyone else that the time has come to begin; many others consider that when awareness begins about understanding what is good and bad, then life begins. But life really begins when something ends and when something ends it is a situation where the cycle becomes perfect.

The beginning of life also represents the death of some realities and not death in the sense understood in what you consider to be the death of the human body, because that is only a transformation of the existence of the current being. Death begins and also ends in the perfect cycle of human beings, when something ends is because it starts something much deeper. The depth of all those circumstances that take place in life is that what you can live, will find the necessary meaning. And not necessary for those who define it outside but in what will be the true story of your life.

Is wisdom a concept? Is wisdom a gift? Wisdom really is a state, a way of life, to understand it from the moment that each being wants to accept it, wisdom is not received as such, it is only accepted, a characteristic that exists, simply shines, do the stars always think about what moment they start to shine? they are only stars, they always shine; they will stop shining and the human being will still see them shine. It is that figure of time that is little understandable for human beings but that nevertheless represents day to day; When you often visualize something as existing, it has ended in other times, in other worlds. It is then that time is relative but extremely important to understand in the minds of human beings that moment by moment there is the necessary value to become aware.

And that is when you will analyze at this moment if you have already come to life, if you are arriving or are about to make the decision to arrive, with awareness, shouting to the universe that you have come to start a great story, but especially with death of those ideas that suddenly delay the true meaning of living.

The part of life is also a gift and a quality, learning to live life is a situation that is complex for the intelligent but that is a real pleasure for the wise. Delight in the dawn as much as enjoy that the night has arrived; and then there are no opposites simply realities that complement each other perfectly, there are no good or bad, there are situations with different points of view, there are no hidden factors of those that shine, just situations that can shine at the right time and it is that then the stars enjoy the darkness as much as the sun enjoys that the moon has arrived and then everything that seems opposite is the perfect complement. Just like you when suddenly the sadness has knocked on your door, you may consider that it is the perfect complement to the happiness that comes soon to your life.

And in the reality of time enjoying what today is to be reborn to life, here always ...

Grateful for the call and happy to be here.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes (Puebla, Mexico)

Published by Geny Castell editor of the

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