Message from the Ascended Master Jeshuah and the Cosmic Christ, from my I AM, (I CHRIST) - Mammitah Christ Channel - February 11, 2011

  • 2011


Welcome to all, to all of you, those present here, welcome to all there are, then you will listen and since time does not exist it is a mental idea and a mental state, welcome to all that you are behind the camera and those who are here. I am Mammitah, my land name is Rosa Maria, the one my parents gave me whom I honor and thank, my name of spirit and service is Mammitah, it means love without conditions in service, in activity. Today is February 11, 2011. We meet again for a connection with the Divine Master Jesus Christ and also receive the Cosmic Christ who is on the upper levels but also have a link, a personal connection in our Divine Self. Everyone inside us is Christ, and this is what Jesus Christ or Jesus, Joshua wanted to teach us. He has always taught us, when he came, in all his reincarnation not only as Jesus but also now from the higher planes he continues to teach us, he continues to show us that we have the power and Glory of God in us. We keep our eyes closed we go to the heart ... We keep breathing, we breathe calmly, we let the breath take control because she is wise, she will be linked to the nature, the nature of our physical body, our spiritual bodies, the nature of Mother Earth and all the creation.

I greet you all from My I Am Mammitah, name of my spirit in service, united with My Higher Self, my Higher Self, the Master Jesus, Joshua and the Christ, Cosmic Christ. We go to the heart with consciousness and wait until we feel one or two or three very strong beats that stand out. Do not fear, there is no physical pathology, it is the connection.

In blessed Love, I ask on behalf of all of us the divine presence of the seven cosmic rays, of their Masters and Guides for the purpose of learning, healing and healing, of opening the heart and mind, of the expansion of our be spiritual for the good of humanity and the good of the earth. I invoke the divine presence of all the Angels of Light, Love, Healing and Healing. Of all levels of the Kingdom of God in light, in harmony and in peace.

I welcome your superior being and your divine self. And in love I ask permission to unite all in one being. We wait until we feel this love, this connection and this peace.

I welcome, as they ask for, the Doctors of Heaven surrounding each of us both here in the room and where you are listening, your home, wherever you are. If you give permission inside, with the thought, a medical team is positioned. They come from the upper levels, they are doctors from Heaven, the chiefs of service, the spiritual leaders, the teachers and guides, the chief doctors are: Mother Mary who is a divine mother and the Archangel Raphael. Inside we greet you and allow you to flood us with the cosmic green light that is healing and truth. Truth to generate at all times our day to day all love and all wisdom.

We stay in silence, connected to the heart and allow everything that has to happen to happen. Inside we give permission with these words "I thank and give my permission to the entities of light that come to me to help me grow as a spiritual being and human being." We wait because they help us keep the energy harmoniously to receive the Master Jesus and activate our Christ Self, the Christ I. We open our arms to everyone who arrives, on all planes, on the physical plane here on Earth, now in the living room and in your homes and on the spiritual planes in which we are connected. We keep breathing calmly. We thank inside and with thought to our physical parents, the earthly parents, who gave us life on this plane, through which we have been able to come to Earth once again, to fulfill the Divine Plan, to learn from God and to teach God to everyone else.

No matter how your life has been, no matter the relationships with your father and your mother, no matter any suffering, everything has been projected from the spirit to the Soul, from the Soul to the mind and from the mind to the being Physical and everything is a Perfect Plan. All the people who have participated in our lives are the perfect ones, the ones that were called and in mutual agreement we have given each other service. We all learn, in gratitude to the parents is divine wisdom, the inner strength to move forward, the knowledge of the truth, the exercise of the spirit. We allow the arriving Angelic beings, who are technicians and doctors from Heaven and also our Guardian Angels to get closer and closer. You will feel at some point that someone physically touches your body, you will feel that something is close to your hair or your skin, it is a light touch like a caress of love of welcome and gratitude of these beings towards us.

Archangel Raphael:

  • Thanks to everyone here, thanks to all of you who are in conscience, I present myself before you with great love, respect and thanks, I am Archangel Raphael, I present myself with all love, I thank you all for all this time I have been working with the Brotherhood medical team for all humanity. Most of you have worked well and have heard the calls and requests throughout this month. The result has been, in some cases, for the most part, a great well-being, a complete connection with all the context that you have in your environment, with everything you have to do on a physical, psychic or spiritual level. There are new agreements, based on absolute truth. The cosmic entity, the Green Ray, is also generating gratitude and so I transmit it to you and I ask you again that for a while until further notice you invoke day by day both the healing green light, the ray of God's truth, and the request so that we doctors and technicians specializing in all physical and psychic and spiritual diseases put hands into action to help you and your environment. I also summon you to make requests for the planet and for humanity. There is an agreement between Masters and Guides, in all the brotherhood, cosmic brothers, your brothers after all, there is an agreement to serve you, to help you for the ascension event. The ascension reminds you again that it was already activated a long time ago and you are living the last moment, the moment of awakening completely. For this it is necessary that you abandon every form of ego, every format of ego, the ego is nothing more than any thought or action that generates outer and not inner life. The outer life is based on selfishness, on the need, on the desire, the inner life is based on the opening, as a contradiction in the mind, every time you go inside of you, every time you are silent you are more united to all creation, more open and more exposed to receive the divine light and to generate and expand it from you. I encourage you all to continue invoking this healing green light every day since the awakening, it will always come, it will always be accompanied by the violet light that is the cosmic ray that has been activating the great awakening on Earth for some time. These rays always work together, because it is about healing, healing and transformation to abandon all ideas and false forms of life. This generates in your society, both in you, in your family system, in the day to day, in your labor system, in your relationships, at personal, family, political, social and world level, it generates the Truth, the Truth is a Cosmic entity generated by God, it is the voice of God, it is not a voice that is heard in the ear or in the mind, it is a voice that is felt through the heart chakra. So the Green Ray, the green light, is now the one who commands, during this time until further notice the last step of the ascent. In a perfect way, so some people are waking up, as you see some people naturally and autonomously feeling it in their hearts as a vital necessity they finally want an inner peace and a world peace. I ask all of you, present and not present in physical but in the consciousness and in the spirit that you join in groups, that at the same time when you are in intimacy and loneliness you continue with this work of request of the Green Ray and the Violet ray together for yourselves and for humanity. I am Rafael, I encourage you, I will be present with the entire heavenly court. Fear not, you all have the divine right to ask. I love you deeply, you are admired beings for all of us because it is well known that this plane is very difficult emotionally, it requires great physical and psychic condition, it requires a stable mind, something extremely difficult to achieve in your life because you have been for a long time forgotten who you are. We will always come to remind you of the real beings that you are all. We feel a great love and a great respect for you, there is nothing you do not do that is not blessed, any act, any mistake, any departure from the entity of God, from the absolute Truth that you are and we are all is seen and admired from We with love and respect. It is sustained knowing that it is a matter of time that you fully awaken to the truth. Fear not, every mistake brings you closer to success, you should not punish yourself, nor punish anyone who makes a mistake, it is about activating the true Divine forgiveness that comes from consciousness and wisdom, from seeing and knowing totally and absolutely that all the steps you are taking are correct. But it is true that not all humanity is right now in the same vibration, it is true that there are large social and world groups that are vibrating negatively, it is true that there is a part of the nation In human that is now generating pain and suffering, but I also assure you, and here I represent all the entities of light and with the permission of the divine master Jesus and of Christ it is true that it is a matter of In time, the advice and guidance of all of us is that you remain silent, you learn to meditate, and anyone who knows how to meditate and connect in the authentic with the heart and with the interior, with the divine source, with the silence that explains everything, you must also feel in your heart the call to service. This does not come from the mind, it is a necessity because it is a call from the Great Spirit, from God, from Divinity, from the essence that is everything. Thus, everyone who already has the grace and the gift of learning to meditate and connect must teach his sisters and brothers because the only way to change this world that you created yourself, It is to listen inside and not to follow absolutely any advice or guidance that comes from outside. This will be explained in more depth by the Divine Master who is approaching, we are waiting for my angels and brothers and angels and doctors from heaven to balance your fields, freeing and purifying your energy. a, generating love and harmony in your mind. You should not worry about not understanding any of the concepts that we explain here today. The higher mind understands well, the heart understands everything because it belongs to him, as wisdom and perfect love are transmitted. So it is that in a few minutes and in a few hours everything will come to your consciousness in your own language. The Entity of God is present in all of you, I observe that you are luminous beings that come with open hearts and to listen, in respect and humility. Humility is greatness, at the same time because it comes from the soul and the spirit, because it is knowledge and knowing that everything is the same and that there is no hierarchy of power but there is a power of love that is totally the inheritance of all of you, therefore it is also the inheritance of all of us. I am Rafael and I bless you, I personally take care of everyone, you are feeling changes in your body, these changes are sometimes not pleasant, we already warned that the digestive system would be altered for a while. This will last approximately until spring in some of you, but at the same time communications failures are being generated, some are checking that in your communications systems there are failures, there are mismatches in time. Calm down your mind, connect with the heart everything is sustained by the light that is struggling with the mental darkness and with the darkness of the deep dark beings that are in the cosmos and that is in the creation n, they are beings who know that they must stop activating their activity, their work here on the planet and are struggling to maintain the power that
    They've got. Do not fear because the plan for the planet and for the Earth is one of complete peace and complete love, but now there is a small or great struggle, you must always be constantly in the heart, the only possible way is to go inwards, connect both intimately, individually and in groups, anyone who does not know, just use the prayer, the prayer that is in his soul, the one he has learned from an infant being, since when he was a small being, newly arrived on the planet, the prayer of his parents. Everyone who feels capable of activating personal prayer, I encourage and encourage everyone and speak on behalf of everyone to activate these words of love, these requests, this divine prayer. It is very simple, stay firm in the purpose of being well in spite of the fact that the body and the mind show the opposite, understand and remember that at all times we are assisting you but there are situations in which we cannot interfere because the sacred free will is Above all, it is the first law of God, God wanted us to always be free and that we could choose our life, being eternal and so it is. At any time and in any activity that there are errors, God continues to love us all and this is the message and learning and it is exactly the same as everyone should be able to activate for all, divine forgiveness, unconditional love, unconditional love . I announce that among the medical team that is dealing with the planet Earth, throughout the planet there are great specialists, all have been trained for planetary ascension, especially at the psychological level, because it is the mind that is altering the truth, however never will manage to end it, above all the light is always the winner because it is the truth and it is what God has generated. We all come from the light and it is the light that expands, as well as water and love. I see you shine, you are like gems, you are the gems of creation, all beings from the higher realms, from other realms where we have already learned what responsibility means, admire and help with love and inspiration to all of you, admire your life but there is also a certain sadness because there is still a large part of the Earth that needs support, in every way, in every aspect, support from people, humans and groups that are physically fit, from mental, economic and project and projection force so that these beings who are suffering from hunger and need for love and food finally come out of that poverty. We, the doctors of heaven and the ascended masters, greet you and invite you to feel this love and strength. You will be inspired more and more to get up and activate yourself, to give the service right and left, without looking at who and where, because it is about generating light and more light. It is true that you have to ask for forgiveness when the activity is wrong, but it is in the mind it is not towards any entity that has to forgive you because God is in all of us, forgive yourself every time you make a mistake because this means loving you for Above all, just as God does in all of us. I greet you, I greet you, my medical team confirms that it is yours that you are all prepared to finally listen to the Master. I bless you with all love, and I remind you and I encourage you to ask every day in the morning to wake up or at any time the activity of the green cosmic ray of healing, healing and truth of God. At the same time ask for the violet flame, the violet ray and the Masters who keep it.

Beautiful beings, it is the Age of Enlightenment, there is no going back, there is no going back, the message is of love, it is positive, it is of joy, it is of the future and of hope and this is a present now. The worlds are united, the worlds are one world, time can be seen from different entities, it can be divided and subdivided, we are seeing you already ascended and everything will be fine. It is true that not all humanity will be able to do it at the same time, it will be generated and so it is and so an alternative planet is made with the same image and life of planet Earth but with more capacity to sustain life and generate love so that it is not they make the same mistakes, so respect for sacred free will is maintained. Do not fear beautiful beings, everything is thought, everything is correct. I love you deeply, I love you deeply. I am at your service, I am at your service, I address especially the therapists and doctors, the healthcare staff of the entire planet, not only will you have to maintain the balance in the physical bodies and in the mental bodies, but you must also activate the healing energy for the spirit of the people who are in you who have come to ask for service from your talent. You should not worry, learning is very simple, just connect with the heart and let us act through you, ask us for help constantly, ask for inspiration, we will always arrive in a huge, immense team, with specialists for all areas of health and of healing. It is important to extract the suffering of humanity to allow the acceleration of molecules, of atoms, for perfection and to prepare the entire ascension event. The light comes, the planet is heading towards the light we are holding with nature to the planet itself, to the mother earth that is wisdom, is life and is fertility. Beautiful beings I remind you that the plan is life, everything is summed up in eternal life on all planes. You can choose in which plane to live. This is a reality, it is something we are reminding you of. Activate the studies of the true law of God, of authentic Spirituality. Unite, gather, all that is to work at the service of others is to be inside serving God. I bless you, I bless you and I bless you infinitely. Feel the heart, summon the Ray Ruby Gold, which is the entity that today commands the planet on this side in this place. We await the arrival of the Master, open your hearts. Breathe calmly, the channel through which the Master arrives is the I Christ of Mammitah, with your permission we activate your I Christ, your Higher Self, to receive love, receive communication from the Master and keep it well in the heart, in the mind in the Subconscious, in the energetic bodies, keep gratitude in the heart.


I bless you, I bless you all, I bless you, I am Joshua, I bless you and I receive you with love on this level of existence, you have risen vibrationally, you are all now gathered together with me and my cosmic brothers. On a sixth, sixth dimension level. Feel peace and love in your heart, you are all welcome, you are all well loved, I love you deeply and at all times I am with your own teachers and guides, not only am I, but also your angels, the teachers who in the Earth has helped you to progress spiritually, I greet in the name of love and I thank my brother and teacher and guide the Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary, all the doctors, all the beings here, I thank you for the work that they are doing with your permission, on your part I announce that the work continues outside of this moment will be maintained all the time, no matter if in some other event and connection encounter with you you cannot be present here, they will always be, but every day you must activate the permit because it is your divine right to want to progress faster or slower, because spiritual progress is, therefore you cannot stop suc eder, sometimes it is slow, the mental feeling for you is to go backwards, but this slowness is appropriate to allow time for other events to be crossed, family situations, health or social situations in which you can generate life, in which you can learn. And everything is programmed, at all times we are observing what was the mission, the mission of your soul and your spirit and everything is being totally coordinated at all in the ascension plan, to leave nothing behind and no pending account, of so that your mind can allow to evolve and advance. I love you so much, there is so much love in my heart for you. I will eternally serve you wherever you are, eternally. This was my request and I activate it at every moment, in every encounter, with each channel, with each one of you, I not only channel with the channels, I not only transmit through these channels but I am in all of you, there are no differences, now they are the ones who transmit, but in a short time the connection is and must be personal. I invite you to feel, to feel the love that I bring not only from my heart but also from the heart of all ascended masters, of all guides of all time, of your own family members who have been present here and who to some of you will touch on the right shoulder in greeting mode, do not fear, everyone is in perfect vibration. They emit love and thanks in messages of perfect joy and perfect encounter. I announced and we announced that for a while you would have discomfort at a digestive level, it is important to understand the reasons for all this. Throughout this quarter to complete perhaps this time until spring, you are releasing all mental energy through the plexus, the plexus is responsible for power and glory at the same time is responsible for transmitting and attracting life, connecting to the central Sun of the galaxy, with all the permits and there are many blockages there. The ego is always placed in a dual way, both in the mind and in the plexus farm, therefore it is important that you allow these changes and this need to feed you differently, each of you will feel that the food must change you will gradually abandon every form of animal protein because no animal, no living being should be sacrificed. And in a short time you won't even sacrifice the plants. The world food will be the Light. Until reaching that moment it is simply about feeling inside, allowing, listening and making changes with a true vocation of being connected to the truth, the truth is found both in the atoms and in the cells. I want to remind you that after so long, two years ago, more than two years ago, that I communicate with you through this channel and I want to remind you that all of you, humanity, contain a single gene, the true gene, likewise it is a cell, the mother cell is in all of you, it is the first cell that still lives and exists in your body and is the one that takes control of all matters, but for that it needs the permission of the whole being. At the same time that you address all the teachers and Guides of healing and the cosmic sacred ray and the green color of healing and truth and divine wisdom and the purification of the violet flame, I invite you to that you feel since you see in your mind and heart your own cell that is the physical part and is the material representation in the physical in the plane three and four of your divine being. She is perfect, the coordination is perfect, it contains the entire universe, the whole creation, you still cannot see it microscopically, you have not yet created the devices for it. It can only be seen inside through meditation, connection and request. I invite you to work, you will see how it is, surrounded by a great light, how it gives off life, how it takes control, how the other cells are put to the order and service of this being. All of you and we are light in the beginning, the light has the purpose of God that is diverse, that is creativity, truth, love, expansion, compassion. As the journey takes place, the light takes shape until it reaches the mental form and the physical form, but it is always light and everything is contained in this perfect and wonderful blessed cell, composed of perfect atoms full of light. Maintain every day connection with inner silence and at the same time ask and ask, I have always taught you, like my brothers and sisters, spiritual guides of all times and it is the message of the Age of both Pisces and Aquarius that you must Ask and you can. That it is perfect and it is allowed and we encourage you to ask and in your wisdom that is that of everyone is knowing how to ask with sanity, with coherence. Consistency is nothing more than the simple path, the straight path, tranquility and peace, the wisdom that makes you understand what is best for everyone. You should never be in a hurry to progress, to ascend because it is an inevitable fact but if you have to be diligent in the activities of daily life, in thoughts, in relationships, in your own health and in the health of others. I invite you with all love and so I bless you to return to generate love and love for all humanity, for the planet Earth, for living beings, your brothers because they are brothers living beings animals, plants, entities and spirits of light that animate the Earth, the minerals, all the life that contains your plane, everything is in you and everything is contained in the stem cell, it is life and there is a dark power that knows that it is, it is keeping and guarding it and hiding but I teach you because in me is the truth, I am working for the ray of truth, life and resurrection and I always come in service for all mankind, to resurrect the truth of God, that's right, this is how the dead are raised, the dead are nothing more than an idea and a form of the mind, the mind when it is not connected to the heart and the divine spirit, the mind is dead, because the mind is actually creativity of God, everything else is eg or. Keep in life always with the doors wide open, but it is also true that you must maintain spaces in your life in your dimension of intimacy, sometimes you will feel, for a time, a few minutes, a few hours or a few days the need to enter into connection, in silence and apart from everything you have in the environment. This is going to happen more and m

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