Message from the Council of Light - The Purpose of the Soul

  • 2012

Channeled by Rowynn Gilraine

Translated by Susana Blanco

Greetings from the Council of Light. (Arc Miguel Angel, Rafael Angel, Mother Mary, Mother Kuan Yin, Sananda, Lady Nada, the elder brothers, the Elders and the Angels of the Ang Kingdom Only one of the 13th Dimension)

Now is the time to wake up to your deepest gifts and talents. Now is the time for them to do what they came to do and fulfill their missions from the depths of the soul.

If you are experiencing the breakdown of all current structures in your lives, know that you are not alone. Many light workers are experiencing a series of losses and difficult events. Many light workers are experiencing that things do not work and that things are falling apart in all aspects of their lives. The old structures are falling and the ways of being in the world and in the relationship I don't know. This breakdown has collapsed their current structures of life, but it was a necessary step to call them to wake up to their highest and deepest destiny to hear the call of their soul.

If you are a light worker, you are now being called to provide your worldwide service and personal growth to a higher level of light. Many of you are living in a smaller version of yourself and what is happening now is that your soul is calling you to enter a deeper, higher and brighter version of yourself. Often, the only way to initiate such a profound change is through a series of intense personal challenges and crises.

As a result, many of you are experiencing the call to a new profession through the loss of your jobs and the income to which you were accustomed so far. They are being discovered, and this is what they were needing to discover new ways to make money and be at the service of everyone.

Some of you are finding that your relationships are falling apart, relationships that you felt would be with you for a long time. Perhaps they are discovering that their marriage to their life partner is not what they thought it would be.

Others of you are finding that your body is giving you problems. You are feeling the need to take care of your bodies differently than you had before, with the need to find new equilibria.

Others of you are going through a spiritual awakening. They are having internal visions and experiences that would be called; A spiritual emergency or a dark night.

All these experiences will test their souls and prepare them for the next level of being; a vehicle and a ship of Light in the world.

For most of you, it is a complete transition. All things are being reorganized and the old ways of being are no longer working any longer. This is true for money, career, relationships, family, body health, friends, spiritual practice and connection with the divine.

As all these things are being readjusted and changing, you are in a deep transition as you literally move something strongly into a new life. Many of you find that you are in need of guidance and healing.

In order to navigate successfully in this transition, it is necessary to move to the next level of soul awareness. It is necessary to align with your soul energy and be more aware of your multi-dimensionality. It is necessary to receive clearer guidance. They can really trust us and trust themselves to do what they are being guided.

In essence, you are being asked for help to generate and create a totally new structure, which is the next level for you and for the planet. As you are asked to do this, many doors are closing and you find that you cannot return to your old lives. It just isn't working. Therefore, you are in a place of transition, an intermediate place where you must internally change to a new place of the Inner Being. They are literally needing it to become a deeper and higher version of themselves. And, you are needing to develop new skills and resources to make that transition.

His changing circumstances of life; They are an opportunity to move to a higher level of spirituality and connection. In this transition, they are asked to do a deep cleaning of all past patterns. To become the highest version of yourselves, you have to put aside all the outdated patterns, the patterns of your childhood and the patterns of karma and past lives. It is necessary to release to a much deeper level the things that until now have been unconscious and have not been the celebration of the return home because they had not been manifesting or vibrating at this higher level of the light that is now required.

To go to the next level, more light must come on and on. And, as more light comes in, more darkness is illuminated. This darkness has to be released from your system and your planet. All heavier and denser models have to go. For many of you, your external reality is changing, but you have not yet released your internal models, your inner darkness. This can temporarily create a place of deep transition that manifests itself in reality as a dark night that many of you find terrifying and disconcerting.

When this happens, we remind you to trust the process and make it happen; the work of healing the soul more deeply. It will help them transition to the next level. Connect more deeply with your souls, your guides, and the plan of who you are and what this means you need to do. Allow the guidance and healing of the beings of light who work with you to help you manifest the new life you have been called to create.


Make the internal changes, connect with the new plan and change your internal reality; from the inside out, so that in reality they can be in complete alignment with a better future and become the beings that have to be to manifest their new lives.

Discover the new vision of your lives and eliminate the patterns that block being completely in vibrational resonance with that new life. Let go of the past, let go all the time and set aside; Fear, challenges, darkness, karma, negative beliefs, limiting and false experiences, traumas, and patterns that keep your body within your ego structure that will prevent you from entering the new vibration of what They really are.

Connect with your infinite self and with your future being and work in consortium with the beings of light who have always worked with you and have always supported you. Work with your own souls and with your collective group soul, the teachers who guide you to your soul group, to your own higher self and your multi-dimensional being. Commit yourself to that route and move on with all the action steps that lead you to your new realities. As you take these steps, you know that you will succeed and you will create a life that is full of light for you and for all those who serve.

We bless you and love you. Know that we are with you always. Namaste

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