Message from Master Hilarion: The Return of the Garden of Eden

  • 2018

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl, January 15, 2018

Return to the Garden of Eden

Beloved humans,

Begin today to cut off all connections with the Old Testament, which was skillfully linked to the New Testament. The statements and messages of both books are at opposite ends, and it is time to remove the internal blockages that the Old Testament has caused in you and still causes.

The greatest of all blockages, which prevents them from recognizing their divine being and their creative spirit, is "original sin."

Created to disconnect them from the divine, this blockade - which was also genetically anchored - served the destructive powers of darkness as a means to keep them at bay, to stop them.

So the centuries passed, keeping them away from who they are. This time is over now, because the awakening of humanity includes the return to the Garden of Eden .

The time has come to restore the kingdom of God's peace within you .

Divinity is your birthright, not sin. Light is your nature, not darkness. And your salvation is in God.

Do not let yourself be dragged into conflicts, wars and discussions, which in the end keep you in the downward spiral of destructive energies . The valley of the tears of humanity is wide and long, and we must leave it behind now.

Erase genetic programming!

Leave behind all the programming of traditional religious groups and question each of the dogmas that were instilled in them, in childhood and in many previous lives. This poison must, can and must leave your body system now. These blocks have anchors as deep as the human genetic code, and they still create new misunderstandings and keep their fears alive - that's what this message is about: a life free from fear.

Every conceivable fear dissolves as soon as they realize their true nature and their eternal origin . Then, no sin will have more power over you, and even the "original sin" will be removed from the core of your being.

But what was or is this "original sin"?

The "Original Sin" Is ...

... a code that the archons implanted in human beings - with the aim of keeping humanity away from their divine nature and the awareness of possessing that divine nature.

That was the only way that beings who are potentially far inferior to you could rule them. The magnitude of this deception is hardly understandable to an unconscious human being.

But I speak to you, to those human beings who want to wake up and who, again and again, face the traps of their own blockages and obstacles that make them fail.

It is time for you to face this “original programming” in yourself and turn it off, deactivate it and take it out of your system. To do so, it is necessary to recognize it and then have it removed by divine light in a transformative session.

Can anyone do that? Yes, anyone who understands the urgency and wants to be released from their deep fears that have sometimes been so repressed that they go unnoticed.

Eliminate your connection with "original sin"! Enter silent meditation, invite the divine light to be present, and redeem your being from the stain of "original sin."

The fact that something is not noticed does not mean that it does not exist - and if no religion is followed, it does not mean that satanic religions have no influence on one.

This force is very old, and is transmitted from life to life until one day human beings realize that they can and want to leave it.

Essentially, a conscious act of elimination is required, and that is why this problem needs to be noticed first.

Now the time has come when this fear code can be erased. Depart from the power of darkness and enter the light.

I am with you, and the whole band of heavenly forces accompanies you in this process of salvation.

Divinity is your birthright, not sin.

Light is your nature, not darkness. And the salvation is in God.

With an endless love,

Master Hilari n

TRANSLATION: Carolina, editor of the great White Brotherhood family. English edition with translations of crystalflow

SOURCE: Jahn J Kassl (2018) Hilarion: The Return of the Garden of Eden. 01/16/2018. Love Has Won

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