Message from Manuel the son of Jes sy Mar a Magdalena by Agesta

  • 2016

Dear Sister, Dear Brother, that you stop now to read this Message, I speak to you: I know that you are living a difficult situation and that sometimes you do not know what to do with your life. You have made a great effort and your search has been intense. However in you there are doubts, bewilderment and dissatisfaction.

You feel like a stranger on this earth, you attract unpleasant situations and people despite your efforts to be positive. Your existence is full of contradictions and you have the feeling of being wrong in your daily choices. Some people's attitudes disappoint you because your behavior is noble and correct. I know you suffer, you are sensitive, and you love justice. You know what your dreams are, but you have no idea how to achieve them. You love God and the Beings of Light, however difficult things happen to you.

You ask yourself: Why do these events happen to me with all these helps? Why does God allow these painful experiences? Why is it so hard for me to live? So I could continue with your questions that are many.

Now, as if those who are reading me, I speak to you now.

Some of you have asked for money for years and the response has been so amazing that now your prayer is: God, I didn't think you would send me so much money, please me Give me earthly angels to help me handle these Divine gifts . Send me financial advisors to help me.

Among you there are some who hit bottom and yet God brought you out of despair and opened your eyes showing you a new and different reality.

Others were freed from guilt, fear, and false beliefs, giving them freedom. Feeling free is an indescribable blessing.

Also among you there are some who miraculously recovered their health without the intervention of human doctors or medications.

Others have found their Soulmate and their Planet of origin . This is exciting.

God is faithful and answers the prayers in unexpected and wonderful ways.

I am the answer to your prayers and your questions. Rejoice because the Divine Mercy made me appear in this time, in this now. With me you will defeat the murderers of the invisible world that ruined your life and your dreams. Rest in me and celebrate your victory. Call me with Sacred Code 644, and every time you see a Rainbow you will know that this is my signal to you.

I am Manuel, the son of Jesus and Maria Magdalena, Sara's brother.

AUTHOR: José Gabriel Agesta


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