Message from the Divine Mother: Imagine the world you want to live in!

  • 2019

Su alo! Create it! And it will be yours.

I AM the Divine Mother and I want to tell you that I am very proud! Your father and I are extremely proud! You have come and volunteered for this great experience of Gaia's journey from darkness to light, and the goals have been achieved. You have worked tirelessly with all the kingdoms of Gaia, your galactic family and the Company of Heaven, to perform this immense task together.

This great experience or project is the most important of all those that have been promoted. Many, many souls have worked on this project for millennia! Do you know what that means? They are more than you can count, to begin with (laughs). Yes, I feel very happy tonight giving you this message to share with your Lightworking allies.

Energies to help you in your transformation

I have been sending you my Tsunami of love for several years and the intensity of the waves of love continues to grow, where your body has fit beautifully. This process has been slow and deliberate, so that you do not overload the circuits of your body and do not make it block in electronic terms.

In addition to my waves of love, the Pleiades and other members of their galactic families send their own energy, specifically transferred from the sun.

Increasingly your frequencies will increase until you cannot enter your small body in 3D and each body receives them and reacts differently. Understand that we are benevolent with the intention of helping you in your 5D transformation . You can feel these energies as pressure on your crown chakra, upset stomach, hyper energy or fatigue.

Be patient and gentle with yourself while supporting these intense energies, dear heart. Walk, drink plenty of clean water, eat when you're hungry and rest when you're tired. Oh, and relax, inhale and exhale. Visualize, center, share and share. Join your hearts and your hands, Craftsmen of Light. Continue with your daily and group meditations and in this measure you will be more powerful as you join.

Your new land

Focus on what you want to see in your life. Imagine the world you want to live in! Dream it! Believe it! Believe it and it will be all yours. Your New Earth you've imagined and talked about is nothing more than a great platform ready to create yourself and there. It's like a big clay ball for a potter or an empty canvas for a painter.

Visualize it, imagine it and it will manifest for you because your 5D building blocks will be fully active for the event. 5D is created by you. Understand it

You are so close, dear son. You are in the tippy tippy tippy top, ready to explode. All you need is a little help and that's what I'm doing . Push it to the end, push it forward and up, dear son!

Fear is nothing, time is nothing. FOCUS ONLY ON WHAT YOU WANT Think like a bustling child when you see something he likes! A puppy, a kitten or a tricycle. Then you will fly and take off, leaving this 3D world behind forever. And your joy will elevate others too, did you know? Don't you like to see a baby or a child laugh?

It's contagious! Start laughing and laughing at yourself Yes! A child's laugh is one of our highest creations.

Feel my energy, dear son. Feel my love in these words . Because they are powerful, cheerful and will help you in the smallest details of your life. Let it in, absorb and fill your heart with my unconditional love. Use it to feel stronger and supported by everything you do, you can ask me for help. I will always be there for you.

Once again, I am extremely proud of you and everyone, dear son and I send you my love, my gratitude and my congratulations.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Dancing Dolphin

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